Canada’s Voluntary Sector
Emerging from the Margins
Paul Carrick
CAUSE Canada
• There are over 160,000 nonprofit and
voluntary organizations in Canada.
That’s 1 nonprofit for every 197 Canadians!
• Canadian nonprofit and voluntary
organizations report 139 million individual
That’s almost 4 memberships for every Canadian!
• 54% of Canada’s nonprofits rely entirely
on volunteer labour.
• 19 million volunteers contribute more than
2 billion hours/year to Canadian
That’s equivalent to 1 million full-time jobs!
• Canadian nonprofits have annual
revenues of $112 billion.
More than $8 billion of revenues are in the form of individual
• Canadian nonprofits employ over 2 million
56% of these jobs are full-time and 67% are permanent
June 28:
Memorial Day for Canadian Foreign Aid Workers
June 28, 2011: the 10-year anniversary of the unveiling of the
Monument to Canadian Aid Workers in Ottawa
The Monument’s 3 Key Messages:
1) Commemoration of Canada's commitment to international development and
humanitarian assistance…
2) A tribute to all Canadians who die while pursuing the ideals of international
development and humanitarian assistance and acknowledgement of the risk
they face in the course of their work…
3) Special dedication to Tim Stone and Nancy Malloy, who inspired the idea of
the Monument.
Julie Descoteaux
Lesley Ann Wren
Shirley Ray
Stephen Flower
Raya Pearlman
Fr. Joe A. MacDonald
Pat Gleason
Lynn Caroline Dalziel
Charles Topshee
Shirley Case
Jacqueline Kirk
Nicolas Parenteau
Elmer Arias Chinchilla
Stewart Sutherland
Isabelle Pelletier
Jennifer Headley
Sally Miller
François-Jacques Roussin
Scott Mackie
Christopher Klein-Beekman
Jean-Claude Lauzier
Errol Van Huyssteen
Louis Vincent St-Hilaire-Gravel
Vatche Arslanian
John Scoggan
María Jesús Ginés
Dina Awate
Bob & Ruth Chapman
Jean-Pierre Prud'homme
Gordon Reay
Michelle Spencer-Yates
Renee Sabatier
Dan Rowan
Katherine Fleming
Ron Audette
Anthony Wielemaker
Tim Stone
Nancy Malloy
Hendrick Marinus Abma
Chantal Lapaire
Susan Lesjak
Suzanne Séguin-Goertz
Otto Roesch
Jean-Claude Cloutier
Michael Walsh
Peter Kennedy
John Murrant
Yves Masson
Louise Roy
Rebecca Reiss
Patricia Moro
Jill McMaster
Patricia Harland
Dan O'Hanley
Norm Tattersal
Alan Masters
Joan Conway
Rita Wall
Dan Duffy
William Russon
Dr. Maria Rovers
Brian Krempien
Rhena Lee Hymovithch
Jonathan James Fyles
Dr. John Dobson
Mory Lewis
Jennifer Green
Max Bus
Alexander McLelland
Larry Garinger
Willie Arsenault
Marie O'Keefe
Kona Matthews
Carmen Matthews
Marc Radomsky
Heidi Trahmel
Gordon Findlay
Virginia Price
Clément Boulanger
Norman Riley
Chris Oram
Ann Oram
Bryan James
Ed Reid
William George Howard
Margaret Mariner
Alan Kempton
Terrence Farebrother
Micheline Billette
Claire Miller
Cicely Cornelius
Jamie Brooks
Mark Andrew Ondrus
Francine Gregoire
Louise Toupin
Leo Nederveen
Jack William Koster
Harry J.H. Durance

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