International Office
What is Erasmus?
• Funded by the European Commission.
• The most well-known inter-national student and staff exchange
scheme, having sent well over 2 million students abroad since 1987.
• Aims to foster a greater sense of European identity and ultimately
strengthen Europe as a knowledge-based world economy.
• Participating countries are EU and EEA/EFTA members, Switzerland,
Croatia, Macedonia & Turkey.
What isn’t Erasmus?
• Non-European mobility, eg. Leicester’s Study Abroad programme
• Erasmus Mundus – this is a separate strand of the LLP, but with a
similar name! Nor are we Comenius, Leonardo, Grundtvig, or Transversal.
• Erasmus can’t fund staff Research exchanges.
• Erasmus incoming work placements are not administered by the
Leicester Erasmus Team.
Erasmus Team
• Who are we?
Nalina Pattni, Erasmus Assistant
Laura Nieminen, Erasmus Intern
Cleo Bowen, Erasmus Institutional Coordinator
Natalie Cunningham (Finance & Bilateral Agreements)
• Contact:
– Email:
– Tel: x5142 or x2476
– International Office, 2nd Floor, Astley Clarke Building
(Entrance 1)
Erasmus Departmental
Coordinator’s Role
• Support Erasmus at departmental level
• Encourage and inform students who want to take
part in Erasmus
• Approve students’ module selection
• Allocate outgoing students to partner universities
• Advise on academic/accreditation matters
• Lots more!
Erasmus at Leicester
In 2010-11:
We had 234 (168 FTE) Erasmus students at Leicester
from: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland,
France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland,
Spain, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland.
We sent 154 Leicester students to European
universities (or placements) in:
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany,
Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the
Erasmus at Leicester 2011-2012
• 134 students outgoing
• 257 incoming (187.5 FTE)
• Erasmus Student Feedback shows
– Good experience, language skills,
cultural awareness and independence
rank top.
– Accommodation, communication and
prior information biggest hurdles.
• 2011-12 Erasmus Ambassadors (46 so
far!) – returning students keen to help
with Erasmus promotion across University
• Approx 20 Staff Exchanges
Erasmus Tuition Fees – NEW!
There will never be any tuition fee to the Erasmus Host
University; some fees payable to Leicester.
• Year Abroad Students in 2011/12 (now):
Tuition fees waived by HEFCE.
• Year Abroad Students in 2012/13 and 2013/14:
Tuition fee waiver anticipated* by HEFCE, if not £1,250
fees to University of Leicester. Decision by Jan 2012.
• Year Abroad Students in 2014/15 onwards (starting
under new fee regime):
£1,250 tuition fees to the University of Leicester.
*from draft consultation only
Funding for Language Classes – NEW!
Language Learning in the UK
• Languages@Leicester – 50% subsidy during
year 2 of study at Leicester.
• Students can look for classes locally if not
available at L@L. Will also be subsidised 50% (within reason)
In-Country Language Learning
• Official EILCs (Erasmus Intensive Language Classes) – free of
charge, additional Erasmus grant allocated to participants. Very
competitive, a place not guaranteed.
• ILCs (other Intensive Language Classes) eg. run by host university
– no longer eligible for additional Erasmus grant, tuition fees
reimbursed by Leicester in July before departure. Good value!
Erasmus Student Grants – NEW!
• During the Erasmus period, all participants
(regardless of nationality) are entitled.
• On average, a student spending 9 months (1 year)
abroad in 2010-11 received £2,900 in Erasmus Grant
• The grant is paid in 2 instalments:
– Payment 1 = end October
– Payment 2 = end July
NEW Supplementary funding for specific groups
1) Country-specific: €400 to students going to Cyprus, Greece,
Lithuania, Malta, Poland or Turkey.
2) Widening Participation: €500 to students from low-income
We expect to pay these in 2012
Student Financial Help – NEW!
• Students abroad with financial worries
can still contact the University’s Student
Welfare Team for advice and support.
Hardship Fund
• As of 2011-12, there will now be a
hardship fund specifically for Leicester
students abroad, should they need
financial help during their Erasmus
• This will be assessed and administered
by the Student Welfare Office.
Erasmus Staff Mobility
Two Options:
1. Teaching Mobility for academic/teaching staff
2. Training Mobility for any member of staff
1-6 week exchange
Travel and expenses reimbursed
Apply ASAP and before Christmas 2011!
Details and criteria:
Student & Staff Guidance
• Student Blackboard site, information meetings
and pre-departure sessions.
• Staff Blackboard site.
• New IO Website
• Coordinators’
Handbook – NEW!
Student FAQs
• New ‘plone’ format 
• Areas divided into
• Step-by-step
• Outgoing area focuses
on students who have
not yet committed.
• Dedicated area for
staff mobility (staff
login required).
Any questions?
Upcoming Dates – Incoming Students
12 September
Online registration opens
27-30 September
International Students’ Welcome Programme (ISWP)
27 September
Incoming students start to arrive
3-4 October
Erasmus students module registration (with departments)
by 7 October
Students finalise module selection and receive student
11 October
Last date that Erasmus students (latecomers) can enrol
16 Dec-16 Jan
Student Christmas break
16-27 Jan
Semester I Exams
27 January 2012
End of Erasmus period for Semester I-only students
Upcoming Dates – Outgoing Students
Year of study
Students start Erasmus year abroad
24 September
University Open Day
Week of 3 October
Eligible outgoers 2012-13 should
register for Language courses
8 October
University Open Day
By 15 October
Outgoers 2012-13 should have switched
to 4-year degree
By end October
Students abroad should receive Erasmus
grant payment 1
15 November
Study Abroad & Erasmus Fair
By 30 November
Departmental Notification Forms (201213 outgoers) should be returned to
Erasmus Team

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