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 Applying for Student Finance
 Funding Support
- Loans and Grants
 Tuition Fees
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 Discretionary Funding (L.O.A.F)
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Applying for Student
• How/When to apply
Log into Student Finance Online
– Student Finance England
• Now (EU students, forms available early March)
– Student Finance Scotland
• Mid April
– Student Finance Wales
• from early April
– Student Finance Northern Ireland
• TBC – check website
Applying for Student
Application deadlines:
Student Finance England
Student Finance Scotland
end of June 15
end of June 15
Student Finance Wales
N/A check website
Student Finance N Ireland
end of June 15
• Applications made after the deadlines dates may result in your
funding being delayed
Choose to be income assessed or non-income
Indicate where you will be spending most of year,
for example – Study Abroad or Work Placement
Tick the box if you are an ERASMUS student
Add placement name if known
Paid or unpaid?
Student Registry will inform Student Finance of
your earlier start date
First instalment is generally paid at the start of
August, the second at the start of January and the
final payment at start of April
Don’t forget to re-apply for the 2016/2017
academic year whilst you are abroad
(do this online from January 2016)
(Paid or Unpaid Employment placement)
Non-Erasmus Students
• Reduced Overseas rate of Non-Income
Assessed Maintenance Loan only - £2900
• No Maintenance Grant entitlement
• Income assessed this year and received a
Lancaster/ NSP Bursary? – complete all
sections of PR1
(Study/Employment placement)
Erasmus Students
Entitled to full government income assessed
May receive a small Erasmus non-repayable grant.
To be treated as a contribution to additional costs
for study abroad.
Further details on Erasmus can be found at
(Study/Employment placement - Erasmus)
Maintenance Loan Rate
Main Rate
Assessed (65%)
Assessed (35%)
Maintenance Grant and Loan Rate
£6, 546
Max amount of
loan will be
reduced by £0.50
for every £1 of
grant received
Non-income assessed this
• Usually, no need to re-apply for funding
• Automatically assessed and sent a
Notification of Entitlement letter at end
• Log into Student Finance Online
• Make amendments to course details in order
to receive the correct level of funding for
overseas study/placement
Travel Grant - Overview
• You must be attending an overseas University or college (including
Erasmus+ scheme) for at least 50% of the academic year.
• Up to three return journeys between the UK and the overseas institution
• The cost of a child’s fares between the UK and the overseas institution if it
is necessary for a lone parent who is on a study abroad
• Mandatory Medical Insurance, Visas and Medical Insurance for the
purpose of studying abroad. These are not subject to a disregard and
should be reimbursed in full
• Mileage if you have to travel by car (Mileage is paid at a rate of 29p for the
14/15 academic year
Travel Grant cont.
Automatically sent a form from Student Finance
Income assessed and non-repayable.
The first £303 of travel costs are to be met by the student, any costs
above £303 are reimbursed pound for pound
All are subject to being “reasonable”
You must supply receipts and details of travel.
Reimbursements paid into your bank account
UK/EU Students
Study Placement (non Erasmus)
Study Placement (Erasmus)
Employment Placement (full year)
(non Erasmus)
Employment Placement (full year)
Islands students – rates TBC in Spring 2015
Overseas Students
Study Placement (Band 1)
Study Placement (Band 2)
Study Placement (Band 3)
Employment Placement (Band 1)
Employment Placement (Band 2)
Employment Placement (Band 3)
LU Awards – assessed and awarded
automatically, no need to apply
LU Bursary - £1,000
Consent to share 0845 603 4016
Access Scholarship – based on both A-level
entry or equivalent and continued academic
progress as well as income.
Additional Discretionary
University Funds
Lancaster Opportunity and Access
You must have taken out full loan entitlement
Your income will be means tested (not your
Funding Notification Letter, Rent Contract and 3
months bank statements
Form available at:-
General Advice/Budgeting
Things to consider:
Larger loan, but it has to last longer.
Does your host institution have an obligatory
meal plan? Do you have to pay in advance?
Do you have to pay for obligatory health
insurance through your host institution?
Does your host institution allow payment of rent
by instalments? Do you have to pay a deposit?
Keep all your detailed receipts to give to:
SFE/SFW/SFNI/SAAS. Re-imbursement of costs will
not be made without receipts.
Insurance/Medical Matters
• Covers all your needs
• Student Finance usually cover up to 40%
• Arrange vaccinations
• Dental checks
• Eye tests
• Prescriptions
• Obligatory health insurance
• ATM bank charges
• On-line Banking
• Exchange Rates
• Larger loan
Rates of Exchange (as at 3.2.15)
1 GBP = 13.02 Argentinian pesos (ARS)
1 GBP = 1.88 Canadian dollars (CAD)
1 GBP = 1.32 Euros (EUR)
1 GBP = 22.31 Mexican peso (MXD)
Student Finance England
Student Finance Northern Ireland
Student Finance Wales
Student Awards Agency for Scotland
Currency converter
LU - tuition fees
LU – Lancaster Opportunity and Access Fund
LU – Bursaries and Scholarships awards
LU – funding database
LU Student Based Services Finance
General LU information for outgoing students
Erasmus Grant
Student Funding
Information, Advice and Guidance
Helpline: 01524 (5)94848