( 1912 – 1991 )
( Artist, painter, draftsmen )
He presents to Osborne his sketches of the bull in 1956, pushed
back by be considering to be little adapted as symbol of the
1957 – As advertising support of the veteran brandy . Already it
he was at the time fences of highway in format not normal.
Michelin and many mass that form a part of advertising memory of
this Epoch . With the years jurisdiction appearing and bulls for
the whole Spanish geography.
!988 -- “. The general law of highways I order to eliminate any
advertising presence in the highways of the national net out of
the sections urban in a period of an month .For this moment the
bull to turn in a black silhouette after the elimination of his
red text. Osborne " Sherry and Brandy "
1994 –. Is published the Boe of general regulation of highways that
were threatening the permanency of our bull in the landscape. 21
bulls of the Andalucian highways entered the general catalogue of
cultural goods with category of monument.
1997 --On December 31 the supreme court affirms that the
silhouette of the bull to his a Overcoming overtiring sense and
to integrated the landscape.
Today in day after almost 40 years from his creation it is an
element Differing of the Spanish landscape.
It He marks
symbol, totem,
universal image,
with so many
opportunity and
wisdom edited by
the cultural
association opened
Comunidad Valenciana
La Rioja
Castilla la Mancha
Castilla y León
País Vasco
Osborne's bull that we can in all the Spanish highways was
taking realized in artistic matter, of the very different
records that To have touched inside the plastic creation,
ended up by being an acquaintance, generally as the Author
of the bull of the highways.

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