games of skill
in Morocco and the Sahara
Document made for the seminars at the
Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales
Programa de Educación Inicial y Primera Infancia
Buenos Aires
October 2010
celebrating children’s creativity
in their self made toys from
a multicultural perspective
Jean-Pierre Rossie
games of physical skill
boys playing a chasing game and girls playing a game of five stones
Anti-Atlas, 2005
Sahrawi girls playing a game of five stones, Tan-Tan, 2005
Sahrawi girls playing a stone throwing game, Tan-Tan, 2005
aiming with a slingshot and running with a toy car, Anti-Atlas, 2009
slingshot, Anti-Atlas, 2006
spinning wheel, Anti-Atlas, 2006
self-made tops and artisanal top
top made with waste material, Anti-Atlas, 2007
tops made with piece of tin can, Anti-Atlas, 2006
throwing plastic top made in China, Sidi Ifni, 2007
rope skipping, Tan-Tan, 2003
skipping in an elastic, Anti-Atlas, 2007
playing marbles, Marrakech, 1992
control one’s breath, Tan-Tan, 2007
playing with the wind, Sidi Ifni, 2006
making a kite out of plastic bags, Sidi Ifni, 2006
playing with water, Sidi Ifni, 2007
acrobatics, Anti-Atlas, 2006
playful fighting, Anti-Atlas, 2006
daring game
speed contest, Tan-Tan, 2008
games of strategy
board game of the Sahrawi girls, Tan-Tan, 2005
game of strategy of the Sahrawi girls, Western Sahara, 2008
sig : a Sahrawi game of strategy, Tan-Tan, 2005
card game of Anti-Atlas boys, Sidi Ifni, 2008
© Jean-Pierre Rossie
Khalija Jariaa has taken the photos of the slides 6, 12, 13-16, 18-24
the other photos were taken by the author

jouets pour jeux d`adresse physique lance-pierres