Robot Love
Compare and Contrast
The Bedford Reader Ch. 7
In a painting and a photo
 Turn to page 223. Read the blue box, look at the
pictures and answer the questions.
 Be ready to share out
The Method
 With Compare/Contrast you can show why you prefer
one thing to another
 Careful and detailed CC can be extremely convincing
 It demonstrates that you know your subject
The Purpose
 1. Showing each side by side does not necessarily find
one better than the other
 2. Sometimes it has the purpose of choosing
between two things
The Process
 Choose subjects that can be easily compared
 When identifying shared and dissimilar features limit
the number
 In a short paper select a single basis of comparison ie.
how day care centers are like and unlike each other in
Russia and the US.
 1. Subject by subject
 1. Jake
 Training
 Technical dexterity
 Playing Style
 2. Jed
 Training
Technical dexterity
Playing style
 2. Point by point
 1.Choice of Material
 Jed: bluegrass
 Jake: jazz
 2. Training
 Jed: studied under Earl
 Jake: studied under Bella
Paragraph Coherence
 Turn to pages 228-9. Write 3 points you learned from
the “Focus” box.
 Turn to page 232. Look at the poster.
 Design a poster with compares and contrasts a story
and a movie you know about or have heard of.
 Flip through pages 233-277
 Decide which article most interests you
 Find someone else in the class who wants to read the
same article
 Read and answer: Q on Meaning, Writing Strategy
and Language
 Do Suggestions for Writing: Critical Writing

Compare and Contrast