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IT pain points (1/2)
89+% of all email messages are spam
– Spam and Phishing Landscape, 2010
Spam estimated to cost a total of $130 billion worldwide in 2009, of which
$42 billion is in the US alone
– Ferris Research, 2009
Theft through phishing activities costs US banks and credit card issuers
$2.8 billion annually
– Gartner Group, 2009
IT pain points (2/2)
45% of bank customers who are redirected to a phishing site divulge
their personal credentials
– Trusteer, 2009
97% of organizations have antivirus software installed, yet 50% have been
affected by a virus attack at least once during the previous 12 months –
Crime and Security Institute Survey, 2008. This indicates that using one
AV engine may not be enough to filter viruses, especially new ones
– CSI Survey
Filter all inbound email for spam, viruses, malware
and many other threats! (1/2)
» GFI has packaged its two leading email products – GFI MailEssentials
and GFI MailSecurity – into a single downloadable suite
» This allows you to install either or both of these products as well as save
nearly 30% when purchasing the suite
» GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailSecurity are available at a highly
competitive price on the market!
» Thousands of customers use GFI MailEssentials, a leading server antispam software solution
» Thousands of customers benefit from up to five multiple antivirus engines
with GFI MailSecurity
Filter all inbound email for spam, viruses, malware
and many other threats! (2/2)
» Numerous awards for both GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailSecurity
» High spam detection rate (over 99%) and very low rate of false positives
» A leading multiple software solution with extensive content management
» Up to five antivirus engines providing comprehensive email security
» Support for most industry leading messaging platforms including
Microsoft Exchange 2010, 2007, 2003 and Lotus Domino
Top 3 features
» Advanced anti-spam technology modules including SpamRazer filtering,
IP reputation filtering, greylisting, Bayesian engine and more
» Blocks phishing emails by comparing the content of the scam
with a constantly updated database of phishing URLs
» Allows end users to optionally review their spam through the
spam digest or dedicated folders in their Exchange mailbox
Spam capture and false positives features
Technologies to ensure up to 99%
detection of spam and phishing emails
Technologies to ensure absolute
minimal number of false positives
Auto whitelist
Sender-based whitelist
Directory Harvesting protection
DNS Blocklists (DNSBL)
Recipient-based whitelist
URI DNS Blocklist
Email header analysis
IP whitelist
Email content analysis
Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
Bayesian analysis
New Senders detection
Other features
» Supports SPF – Sender Policy Framework
» Spam quarantining
» Precise, real-time dashboard that provides a visual of the software’s
status and the server’s email flow
» Inbuilt spam reporting that provides a snapshot of email traffic
» Other tools included with GFI MailEssentials:
List server
Email monitoring
POP3 downloading
What’s new in GFI MailEssentials 2010?
» Greylisting is used to detect non-compliant mail systems, such as the
ones used by spammers
» Spam emails can be quarantined
» Email digest allows users to easily review and approve quarantined spam
» User-specific information can be retrieved from Active Directory to
personalize the disclaimer
» Dashboard entries can be filtered; this makes it very easy to locate
logging for a particular email
» Logging for spam or whitelisted emails automatically rotates by day,
week or month
Product snapshot
GFI MailEssentials anti-spam filters
Product snapshot
GFI MailEssentials dashboard – status tab
Product snapshot
GFI MailEssentials dashboard – statistics tab
Product benefits (1/2)
» Two anti-spam engines – Bayesian filtering technology and SpamRazer –
and several other layers of anti-spam protection
» Increases your employees’ productivity by eliminating the need to
manually sort and remove spam from their mailbox
» Protects your users from identity and information theft by blocking
phishing (scam) emails
» Eliminates directory harvesting attacks and detects non-compliant
mail systems
Product benefits (2/2)
» Inbuilt spam reporting that shows how many emails were received
by that individual and how many emails are identified as spam and filtered
» Eliminates ‘offensive’ spam like emails with pornographic content
that may be disturbing or legally contentious
» Protects against spam containing malicious objects such as scripts and
» Excellent pricing!
Available in the following languages:
» Worldwide increase in spam and phishing emails that waste human and
network resources
» Anti-spam and anti-phishing protection at server level through
GFI MailEssentials
» GFI MailEssentials offers a fast set-up and a high spam detection rate
using over 12 anti-spam methods
» Inbuilt spam reporting
Why multiple virus engines?
» No single antivirus engine is always the quickest and the most effective
at reacting to ALL viruses
» No single antivirus engine is considered the best in combating every area
of malware – viruses, malware, spyware and so on
» Multiple antivirus engines ensure:
□ Quicker lead time from virus-to-signature – as you get updates from the
first company to react to a virus
Powerful antivirus technology – maximizing on the strengths of each
antivirus engine
Top features
» Multiple virus engines (Norman Virus Control and BitDefender are
included and Kaspersky, McAfee and AVG AntiVirus are optional)
» GFI Trojan and Executable Scanner that detects unknown malicious
» GFI Email Exploit Engine that safeguards you from future email viruses
and attacks
» User/group-based email content policies (content and attachment
» Norman Sandbox and optional AVG Link Scanner provide enhanced
malware detection
What’s new in GFI MailSecurity 2011?
» Full scan of internal emails
» Norman Sandbox
» Optional AVG Link Scanner
» Dashboard
Note: GFI MailSecurity 2011 does not install on
Windows 2000 and Microsoft Exchange 2000.
GFI MailSecurity Dashboard
Product snapshot
GFI MailSecurity supports multiple virus engines
Product benefits
» Multiple virus engines guarantee a higher detection rate and faster
response to new viruses
» Protects against viruses and all forms of email-based malware
» Unique Trojan and Executable Scanner detects malicious executables
without need for virus updates
» Email Exploit Engine and HTML Sanitizer disable email exploits and
HTML scripts
» Highly competitive pricing
» Everyone has virus protection installed though thousands of companies
are still affected by viruses every year
» Multiple antivirus engines are key to ensuring optimum protection against
all new viruses
» GFI MailSecurity supports up to five antivirus engines and offers other
important security features
» Excellent pricing
Product testimonials
“I can sum up my experiences using GFI MailEssentials for
Exchange/SMTP in one sentence: By installing GFI MailEssentials on the
network I manage for about 85 people, I have instantly become a hero!”
– Paul Morris,Systems Administrator, Delta Dental Plan of Kentucky,
Kentucky, USA
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“We have evaluated and purchased GFI MailSecurity because we found it to
be easier to deploy and maintain. It is very effective against viruses. Its
multiple scan engines are as fast as single scan engine based products
available in the market. It provides great value for money and a high ROI.”
– Shankar, Head Tech. Support, Beehivesystems, India
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Product kudos (1/2)
» Thousands of customers worldwide use GFI MailEssentials
» Validated for the HP Converged Infrastructure
» Apart from being voted MSExchange.Org Readers’ Choice Awards winner
for four years GFI MailEssentials has earned numerous other prestigious
awards which include the following:
Product kudos (2/2)
» Thousands of customers worldwide use GFI MailSecurity
» Validated for the HP Converged Infrastructure
» Numerous product awards, a few listed below:
Corporate overview
» Offices located around the globe: USA (North Carolina, California and
Florida), UK (London and Dundee), Australia, Austria, Romania,
and Malta
» Hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide
» Trusted by thousands of companies around the world
» GFI products are sold by a global network of thousands of partners
All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.
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