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IT pain points
» User web browsing is a major threat to businesses’ security today
» High traffic sites (Facebook/YouTube/Twitter) are a hotbed for distributing
malware via shared links
» Phishing scams have become increasingly common on social networking
sites as scammers have become savvier and bolder in their attacks
» Research by IDC shows that up to 40% of employee Internet activity
is non work-related
» 53.5 billion minutes spent on Facebook in May 2011
– Nielsen
» 80% of companies report that employees abuse Internet privileges by
downloading pornography or pirated software
GFI WebMonitor
Real-time web monitoring, web filtering and web security made easy
and affordable!
» Different editions available – to offer network administrators a solution
for their specific web monitoring needs.
□ The WebFilter Edition provides control over what sites users can browse
□ The WebSecurity Edition protects networks from viruses, spyware, phishing
and other malware
The UnifiedProtection Edition addresses all web monitoring needs in one
package (combines the WebFilter and WebSecurity editions)
» GFI WebMonitor is also available as a dedicated plug-in for Microsoft
ISA/TMG Server
Address IT pain points with GFI WebMonitor (1/2)
» Reduce cyberslacking and increase productivity
□ Managing your employees’ web browsing habits
» Maximize available bandwidth
Controlling access to bandwidth heavy sites
Set bandwidth quotas
Enable proxy caching
Streaming media and application control
» Block sites based on categorization of over 280,000,000 URLs in over
77 categories
» Protect yourself against legal liability
Address IT pain points with GFI WebMonitor (2/2)
» Protect your network using a multiple layers of security
Block downloads potentially malicious file types
Scan using multiple antivirus engines (including scanning over HTTPS)
Block known malicious sites or compromised sites
Prevent visits to suspicious sites using web reputation
Protect against socially-engineered phishing attacks
» Ensure comprehensive user browsing security at a low cost and with
minimal effort
WebFilter edition
» Control Internet resource usage through web browsing policies based
on time and bandwidth quotas
» Restrict access to sites according to category, using a web-filtering
database which provides URL coverage across multiple languages and
over 280,000,000 domains
» Proactively block websites identified as current and potential threats
through website reputation, based on website characteristics
» Allow trusted users to browse any category using soft blocking
(warn and allow)
» Control bandwidth by limiting access to streaming media content and
applications such as iTunes, Winamp, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, etc.
WebSecurity edition
» Create multiple user/group/IP-based download control policies to control
what type of files your users can download
» Scan downloaded files with multiple antivirus engines
□ Norman and BitDefender included by default
□ Kaspersky available as an optional third antivirus engine
» Increase real-time security by checking websites against various
auto-updatable engines that detect and protect you from known
malicious websites
» Monitor and block IM clients (MSN Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger,
Gchat/Gtalk and thin client portals, e.g., iloveim.com)
Comprehensive Web Security – Unified Protection
Combines the functionality of each edition and includes other features which
are common to all editions, such as:
» The ability to monitor or block a connection in real time
» The ability to drill down into browsing activity by users, categories,
domains and sites through interactive reports
» User and site bandwidth monitoring features to track download and
upload traffic
» The ability to monitor and block applications’ hidden downloads
» URL/user/IP-based whitelist and blacklist
Product snapshot
Monitors connections and provides statistics
Product snapshot
Web filtering policies based on site categories
Why use GFI WebMonitor?
» Protect the network from dangerous downloads in real time by
managing what type of files users can download
blocking known bad websites and limiting access to suspicious websites
benefitting from multiple antivirus engines
blocking socially engineered phishing websites and preventing data leakage
» Increase productivity and reduce cyberslacking through granular
monitoring and management of employee web browsing habits
» Formulate and enforce an effective Internet Usage Policy
» Maximize available bandwidth by controlling what type of sites can be
visited, setting time and bandwidth thresholds, policies to block streaming
media and through proxy caching
» Help protect against legal liability
What’s new in GFI WebMonitor 2012? (1/3)
Brand new look
» A completely redesigned, smart new look which feels much more
comfortable to use and interact with
Policy screens
» The new version of GFI WebMonitor facilitates the creation of policies
by centralizing them in a single screen
In-built reporting engine
» The completely revamped interface now allows you to create reports
based on the information you require without ever having to leave the
main program
What’s new in GFI WebMonitor 2012? (2/3)
Smart dashboards
» GFI WebMonitor 2012 makes it easy to give permission to certain
carefully selected users outside the IT department to generate and
access reports thanks to the brand new Smart Dashboards:
□ The activity dashboards present an interactive report showing browsing
activity and surfing time.
□ Bandwidth dashboards reveal download and upload volumes to identify
whether certain websites, categories or users are creating download or
upload bottlenecks
□ Real-time traffic Dashboards introduce an interactive display and filtering
of data on real-time connections to give you the ability to drill-down to
categories, websites or users which are causing specific issues.
What’s new in GFI WebMonitor 2012? (3/3)
Search engine monitoring (WebFilter edition)
» Monitoring what users are searching for in major search engines
(Google, Bing, Yahoo!) gives you a good insight into what’s happening
within your company
SQL Server Support
» The new version of GFI WebMonitor makes it possible for you to
receive alerts when specific issues arise
“Trussbilt decided to purchase GFI products because they are designed with
the SMB in mind and the features offered an excellent fit for the company.
With GFI software installed, the company was able to ensure that email
received was free of spam and viruses while giving IT administrators full
control over the use of the Internet within the organization; thereby cutting
down on unnecessary, non work-related Internet browsing and greatly
reducing the risk that inappropriate content could be viewed on company
machines. The growing threat from infected websites and malicious
downloads was also a concern, especially for an organization working in the
security business.”
– Mark Harvey, Trussbilt
“GFI gave us the feature set that we were looking for at the greatest value
by far. It is a cost-effective solution and it has saved us operational time.”
– Mr. Laskowski, Aegisoft
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Product kudos
» Leading companies worldwide use GFI WebMonitor
» Validated for the HP Converged Infrastructure
» Numerous product awards, a few listed below:
Independent product reviews
Business Solutions Award
Best Channel Product 2009 – Five Best Channel Product awards
have been given to GFI’s products. GFI rated exceptionally well in
the Network Security category and very high in terms of ease of
upgrade and VARs’ ability to service the product. The winning
products are:
GFI MailArchiver™, GFI MailEssentials™, GFI EndPointSecurity™,
GFI WebMonitor™ and GFI MAX™, the latest offering from GFI
specifically for VARs, MSPs and IT support companies.
– Business Solutions Magazine
SCM – Four-star Review
GFI WebMonitor for ISA Server receives four stars in a review in
SC Magazine. The product is a comprehensive monitoring tool and
is extremely useful to add features that are missing from Microsoft
ISA Server.
– SC Magazine, 2009
GFI product complements
Best incorporated with:
» GFI MailDefense Suite™
for Exchange/SMTP/Lotus Domino for email security, anti-spam, antiphishing and management: Protects you from email viruses, exploits,
trojans and other threats using multiple antivirus engines
» GFI VIPRE® Antivirus Business
for reliable, fast and efficient workstation malware protection
» GFI LanGuard™
for a complete network security overview with minimal administrative
effort, while also providing remedial action through its patch
management features
GFI WebMonitor helps boost productivity and secures browsing to protect
your network from viruses, spyware, phishing and other malware attacks and
meet regulatory requirements.
GFI WebMonitor provides the solution with three editions:
» The WebFilter Edition includes time and bandwidth-based browsing
control, as well as website categorization, web reputation filtering,
URL filtering and policies to block streaming media
» The WebSecurity Edition includes download control, virus scanning
with multiple antivirus engines, blocking known bad websites,
anti-phishing and IM client control
» The UnifiedProtection Edition combines both WebFilter and
WebSecurity editions
Corporate overview
» Offices located around the globe: USA (North Carolina, California and
Florida), UK (London, Edinburgh and Dundee), Australia, Austria,
Romania, Philippines and Malta
» Hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide
» Trusted by thousands of companies around the world
» GFI products are sold by a global network of thousands of partners
All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.
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