College Information
for Seniors
Senior Quiz
• How many credits are required to graduate from
Are graduation requirements the same as
admission requirements for the 3 State
How much time should you give your counselor
to write a letter of recommendation?
What do you need to fill out for your counselor
to write a letter of recommendation?
Review Transcripts
• Please review your transcripts.
– If there are any errors or classes missing that
you think you took, please highlight them and
include an explanation. If you have
corrections, please hand your transcript back
to me.
Counselor Assignments
• Ms. Evans –
• Ms. Mapp• Ms. Cota• Ms. Barcanic• Ms. Dale-
9-12 A-E
9-12 F-L
9-12 M-P JTED
Pre IB & 11/12 IB
9/12 Q-Z
• SAT- Check the web for dates and or the
Jr/Senior handbook
• ACT- Check the web for dates and or the
Jr/Senior handbook
• ASVAB- Nov 13 , if you are interested in
this test, please come and sign up in the
counseling office.
• All 3 schools take either.
• SAT is more of an aptitude test, testing
reasoning and verbal abilities.
– New test guidelines go into affect fall 2015
– You do get penalized some for guessing, so if you are
going to guess, guess wisely.
• The ACT is an achievement test, measuring
what a student has learned in school.
– You do not get penalized for guessing. SO GUESS!
• If you need to take the AIMS or retake a
portion of the test in order to “meet,” you
should be notified during the week of Oct.
20th where you will be testing.
• If you are not notified and know that you
need to test, please see Mrs. Hutcherson
in Admin.
Junior/Senior Handbook
• This years updated Jr/Sr handbook is
posted on the counseling website
• We do have a limited number of hard
copies in the office if you want to come by
and get one.
• Handbook includes: scholarships/financial
aid/testing/college planning,choosing a
career and more
Graduate From CDO
• 22 credits to graduate.
4 years of Math
3 years of Science
4 years of English
1 year of US/AZ History
1 year of World History
1 year Econ/American Gov
1.5 Pe
1 year fine art or CTE/JTED
5.5 elective credits
In-State College Requirements
• WATCH OUT!!!!! They are different than
CDO graduation requirements.
• You need 2 years of a foreign language
and a fine art!
• The term used is “16 core credits”
Post-High School Options
• University
• Community College
• Trade School
• Military
• Work
College Fairs
• National College Fair- September 28th
Phoenix convention center
• Tucson College Night- September 30th
6:60-8:30 pm at the TCC
• Christian College Fair- October 23rd 6-8
pm at Pusch Ridge Christian
College Reps Visiting CDO
• Many college representatives will visit CDO
this year.
• How do you know when they will be here?
– Listen to announcements in the morning.
– You can view the calendar posted in window
of the counseling office.
– Parent Newsletter
– Check our web page
Starting College Applications
• CDO High School Counselors have the ability to
fill out the common application information
• To order transcripts you will need to fill out the
transcript request form in the counseling dept.
– The cost is $1 dollar to be paid in the bookstore.
Bring your receipt to counseling and attach to your
request form.
College Application Cont.
• Letters of Recommendation
– Please fill out informational sheet found online
at our web page.
– Please give your counselor at least 2 weeks
Paying for College
• The counseling office posts numerous
scholarships on the “Scholarship Board” on
our web page.
• Check our web page for “scholarship links”
and other important information
• Use the Jr/Senior handbook
Paying for College Cont.
• We will have a Financial Aid Night
November 19 at 6:00 in the cafe. You and
your parent or guardian should attend.
Internet/Email Smarts
When applying to college or to a job, make
sure that you have a professional email
– Professional Ex.-
– Not
Be Careful What You Post!
– Be careful what you post on social networks
and online.
• People have lost jobs because of Facebook!
– “In just the past few weeks, an emergency dispatcher
was fired in Wisconsin for revealing drug use; a waitress
got canned for complaining about customers and the
Pittsburgh Pirate's mascot was dumped for bashing the
team on Facebook.” Source:
• Even if your facebook page is locked your profile
picture will still show up.
• Every student must have a documented
post high school plan (graduation
• Use the AzCIS website to gather
information and formulate your plan.
• Each student must complete an ECAP card
and must have an active AZCIS account
• See handout for AzCIS log in information
• Math, Science and Social studies teachers
will take one day for AZCIS interaction in
the lab. You are encouraged to access
your account independently to get the
most out of the resource

Senior College Information - Amphitheater Public Schools