A proposal for creating
informational multimedia
Knols in local languages
for counseling
in Rajasthan, India.
• Raksha is a India based not-for-profit
“Registered society for knowledge
and health activities”.
• Chief Mentor- Dr.Neelesh Bhandari
• Initiate innovative technology enabled
solutions for knowledge in Health.
Rajasthan State Aids Control Society.
• Conducts all AIDS related activities in Rajasthan
• 72 Integrated Counseling and Testing Centers
( 51 District Hospitals, 2 sub district hosp,6 CHCs
and 13 at medical college level).
• 84 more ICTCs to be added shortly.
PROPOSAL• To produce low cost, high quality,
educational multimedia content for
purposes of counseling and training.
Specific Objective• Use newer multimedia technologies to assist in
counseling of clients at any ICTC / related
• Use of video/flash animations/graphics/
PowerPoint to create locally / nationally
relevant intellectual property.
• 20 FAQs regarding HIV answered in 20 knols of
10-12mins each in local languages.
-Technology to assist ICTC staff in counseling
Proposed Interface for counseling video modules
- Powerpoint
- Speaker video
- Animations
- Graphics
- Clinical video, etc
(Adopted from SmarTeach LMS by MEdRC)
Digital content
• Intellectual property thus created can be used
for TV / Computer based counseling.
• Can be used number of times at nationalinternational locations/ forums.
• All content created using original / creative
commons / permitted multimedia. All copyright
regulations will be followed diligently.
How do you measure the impact
of the intervention?
A worrisome trend.
Drop outs at each stage
Posttest counseling
68% clients complete process
Counseled after tests
Number of clients serviced
78% of clients get tested
Pre Test counseling
Pretest counseling
Floating zone
Total number of clients at ICTCs
22% dropouts after stage 1
14% dropouts after stage 2
• All clients who visit the ICTC to get technology
enabled pretest counseling and proceed to get
• Drop out rates in the past and after use of
e-counseling to be measured.
• Any statistically significant change in dropout
rates to be taken as proof.
Advantages of the project• IEC media development
• Demand generation
• Lower drop out rates
Future plans-
Training/ elearning
• Creation of local language modules for training
of counselors and lab technicians touching all
aspects of health and pathology in HIV/AIDS.
• All lectures enhanced by appropriate
• Lectures to be accompanied by MCQ tests to
gauge learner comprehension.
Screenshot of e-learning interface
used for counselor trainings.
• The proposal envisages an international funding
agency / RSACS to provide for / arrange for
funding for this project, to be carried out by
• Estimated time for completion of project
- 3 months
• Estimated time for results to appear
- 3 months after deployment of content.
For detailed project report mail
[email protected]
[email protected]
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