Grade 12 Meeting
November, 2013
Selkirk Secondary Grad Info
 This powerpoint presentation, and a graduation
timeline can be found under “Grad Zone” on Selkirk’s
website. Make sure you periodically check in to see
important grad information!
Post Secondary Programs
CERTIFICATE PROGRAM – weeks to months
Ex. Dental Assistant, Practical Nursing, Home Support Worker
DIPLOMA PROGRAM – often two years in duration
 Ex. Civil & Mechanical Engineering Technology; Human Kinetics, Water Quality
APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAMS – length of program varies
 Ex. Electrician, Plumber, Welder
BACHELOR DEGREES – generally 4 years long
Examples of Bachelor Degrees:
Bachelor or Science: take courses in areas such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry etc…
could lead into Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy
Bachelor of Arts (Humanities),: takes courses in areas such as Psychology, Sociology, English, History etc…
could lead into careers such as: Education, Social Worker, Lawyer
Bachelor of Fine Arts: take courses in areas such as Music, Art, Drama etc…
Could lead into careers such as: Musician, Teacher, Actor etc…
Other Bachelor Degrees can be more specific Eg. Engineering, Nursing, Commerce (Business)
Post Secondary Plans
 Most university deadlines for early admissions are February 28.
 Check the admission requirements to ensure that you’ve met
the requirements.
 Apply to more than one school, to keep your options open.
 Click on their “Apply Now” page, or go directly to ApplyBC’s
 There’s an excellent tutorial video, if you click on the top
right tutorial link. You’ll need a credit card for the
application fee.
How do Universities Get My Grades?
 Official School Transcripts may be requested at the office
(Mrs. Migneault). Not all schools require this
 Make sure you check the Universities’ application
procedure. Every institution has different procedures for
sending and receiving transcripts.
 Familiarize yourself with university websites.
 For early admission, some schools ask for self-reporting of
grades for classes in session (ex. UVIC, UBC)
 P.S.I. (Post Secondary Institution) forms must be filled in
correctly for official transcripts to be sent from the
Ministry to your chosen schools. This can be done now!
PSI Transcript Forms
 Post Secondary Institutes (PSI’s) require a copy of your
official transcript in order to process your application to
their school. The Ministry of Education provides you with
an opportunity to have your transcripts automatically sent
to the institutions of your choice for NO FEE.
 Students access the online form by logging into the
Student Secure Web (SSW) site: and
click the “Post Secondary Institutions Selections” menu
option. See next page for a screenshot of the site.
Admission Averages
Only specific courses are included…these vary by program and institution
It is your responsibility to research, determine, and meet specific requirements
for programs you are applying for. Google the school you are interested in and
add “admission averages 2011”
Here are some examples from 2011:
University of Victoria: 67% for most faculties; Business 80%; Engineering. 70%
Simon Fraser : Arts 82%, Science 80%, Business 80%
U.B.C. Vancouver : Science 90%, Arts 87%, Engineering 85%
U.B.C. Okanagan : Arts, Science, Management, Engineering mid to high 70
Nursing mid to high 80, Fine Arts 67% + Portfolio
University of Calgary: Sciences 75%; Engineering 80%; Business 77%;
 For external scholarships, there are some excellent
websites that students can access:
British Columbia Student Awards
and Scholarships
 There are a variety of awards and scholarships
available through the Ministry of Education. An
outline of the awards are noted below, and detailed
descriptions can be found at: Handbook of
Scholarships and Awards:
Passport to Education
 To offset the cost of future tuition fees, Grade 10 and 11
students can earn $250 each school year, based on
academic and non-academic achievements. Grade 12
students can earn a $500 Passport stamp.
 For more information: see Chapter 6
Graduation Program Examinations
 The Graduation Program Examinations Scholarships
rewards graduating students in BC for academic
excellence in their provincial examinations from
Grades 10 to 12. These $1,000 awards and $2,500 (to the
top 20 students only) awards can be redeemed when a
student enters a designated post-secondary
 For more information: see Chapter 6
Dogwood District/Authority
Awards Program
 These $1,000 scholarships are awarded to graduating
students who meet the criteria determined by the local
District Scholarship Committee, which requires a student
to demonstrate superior achievement in any of the
following areas:
Fine Arts (Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Music)
Applied Skills (Business Ed, Technology Ed, Home
Physical Activity (not limited to Physical Education)
Second Languages (including Aboriginal Languages) with
IRPs or External Assessments, including AP and IB courses
Selkirk Secondary
Internal Scholarships
 A number of scholarships (generously provided by our
community!) are handed out at the Graduation
 On April 25, 2014, students will be given application
forms. Information regarding the awards will be
posted on the Selkirk website, under “Grad Zone”.
Many of these awards are based on service
affiliation/extra-curricular activity/volunteer work as
well as marks. Everyone is encouraged to apply!

Selkirk Secondary School