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What is migration?
Aisling Boyhan
Racism Towards Migrants
“Racism is something that people can
transcend through friendship.”
“Of all the doctoral degrees awarded in 1990, just 3.5% went to black
men and women” www.rohan.sdsu.edu/~rgibson/RACESTAT.htm
Aisling Boyhan
• Integrating with migrants broadens our ethnical and
cultural horizons.
• Integration begins at junior school level. It should
involve teachers, parents, and students engaging
with each other.
• Valuing our immigrants and treating them with
dignity will bridge the gap of resentment. A “them
and us” attitude to foreign migrants will be
• By opening up language classes for newcomers in
local unused parish halls we can help immigrants
learn the language and adapt to the traditions of the
host country. We can also learn about the immigrants
and their own customs. This will ease the settling
period and create a mutual relationship between
many ignorant Irish people
Aisling Boyhanand the immigrants.
How can we integrate with migrants?
Aisling Boyhan
Aisling Boyhan
Unsafe Countries
Unsafe Countries
Chad 11/21/2012
Congo, Democratic Republic of the 11/21/2012
Honduras 11/21/2012
Mexico 11/20/2012
Yemen 11/19/2012
Saudi Arabia 11/19/2012
Niger 11/16/2012
Cote d'Ivoire 11/16/2012
Burundi 11/08/2012
Tunisia 10/19/2012
Colombia 10/03/2012
Pakistan 09/19/2012
Lebanon 09/17/2012
Sudan 09/15/2012
Algeria 09/13/2012
Libya 09/12/2012
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of 09/11/2012
Republic of South Sudan 09/10/2012
Guinea 09/07/2012
Mali 08/29/2012
Syria 08/28/2012
Israel, the West Bank and Gaza 08/10/2012
Iraq 08/09/2012
Central African Republic 07/11/2012
Kenya 07/05/2012
Afghanistan 06/27/2012
Nigeria 06/21/2012
Haiti 06/18/2012
Somalia 06/15/2012
Philippines 06/14/2012
Mauritania 05/24/2012
Iran 04/27/2012
Eritrea 04/18/2012
An unsafe country is any country that
poses a threat to its citizens i.e. Uganda
Sudan etc. All countries on the left have
been deemed unsafe by
Aisling Boyhan
Its not just migrants that are victims of racism,
members of the travelling community are also faced
with ethnic slur words like “tinker” or “knacker”.
One source recalled her experience of seeing three
toddlers being washed in a swimming pool toilet by
their mother whilst she trying to feed a new-born
baby girl. The source said that settled children were
calling the two children tinkers and knackers. In
2012/3, I think it is a disgrace. Their way of life is
culturally different to ours- that’s doesn’t mean that
they are wrong and people should not assume so.
Aisling Boyhan
Scary Statistics…
Between 2000 and 2006 the rate of suicide among Irish Travellers at
3.70:10,000 was over three times that of the total population, peaking in
2005 when it was over five times the national rate. The actual number of
deaths by suicide among Travellers in this period was 74.
Suicide is predominantly a male issue. For the total population, male suicide
is four times as common as female suicide. For Travellers the male suicide
rate is 91%, over nine times as common as female suicide.
52% of those who died by suicide had never married, with a further 15%
being separated or widowed.
Over 65% of Traveller suicides occurred among those aged under 30.
(National figures over the same period showed almost 34% of all suicides
since 2000 occurred among the under 30’s).
The age group most at risk for Travellers is 25-29, which accounts for 26%
of Traveller suicides.
Suicide amongst Travellers aged 40 and over at 12% is relatively infrequent
compared with the total population, where over 46% of all suicides occur
amongst those aged over 40.
80% die by hanging, with poisoning being
second most used method at 9%.
Asylum Seekers and Refugees
A refugee in Irish law is someone who "owing to a well-founded fear of being
persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social
group or political opinion, is outside the country of his or her nationality and is unable
or, owing to such fear, unwilling to avail himself or herself of the protection of that
country......" (section 2 of the Refugee Act 1996, mirroring Article 1 of the 1951
Geneva Convention). The Refugee Act 1996 explicitly states that 'social group' can
include membership of a trade union or a group of people whose defining
characteristic is their belonging to the female or male sex or having a particular sexual
Refugee status is granted if an applicant meets the requirements set out in the above
definition. If granted, this status provides protection against return to the person's
country of origin or residence, and includes the right to family reunification of
immediate family members. A recognised refugee is entitled to work or operate a
business and to access medical, social welfare and education services on the same
basis as Irish citizens. They are also provided with a residence permit by the
Immigration authorities and may apply for a 1951 Convention Travel Document.
-according to www.orac.ie
Aisling Boyhan
On a Positive Note
Cultural Exchange
Immigration can lead to an exchange of values, knowledge, expertise and
perspectives. Because of immigration, people are exposed to diverse languages
and cultures that are different from their own, adding to the richness of any given
The Economy
Whether immigrants make up the brains behind research and technological
development or help meet a country's demand for labour, they are often seen as a
boon to the economy of the recipient nation. Many immigrants represent the most
intelligent, hard-working and ambitious people of their native countries. Allowing
them to bring their talents and skills to another country can be enriching for
immigrants and the recipient nation. In addition, immigrants add to the country's
consumer base, helping the economy.
Fighting Poverty
While some believe that the jobs and wealth of a country are its own private
property, others believe immigration is a key to opening the global market and
spreading wealth into less-developed countries. Thus, immigration can be viewed
as a valuable tool in combating world poverty.
Larger Gene Pool
What comes with an influx of immigrants? Change in physical appearance of a
nation, Less risk of genetic diseases like Down Syndrome and XXY Syndrome.
This Is a huge positive effect as less money will be spent on pre and aftercare of
such patients leading to an all the more efficient Health Service.
Positive Image
A welcoming nation that allows for reasonable immigration and treats immigrants
fairly will more likely be known for such virtues and respected throughout the
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Them and Us” - Presentation Secondary School