Rites of Passage in Adolescence.
• Erikson and Marcia were England born natives
doctors who developed the stages of Moral
Development for this presentation we examine at the
Adolescent from 9 to 17 years of age
• Early childhood vs. teen confusion in the stages of
the development process to be discussed.
• An adolescent have a hard time trying make sense of
their own identity. They have trouble with
identifying their with bodies and getting involve
with social circles.
• During this stage of early child development
the adolescence also built a sense of good and
bad behaviors. Some young adults have a
delay in growing up when they progress to
their adulthood. If young adolescent have
trouble with dealing with the stage of
development in life they may experience a
great confusion of deception. During this
process the adolescent built a strong affiliation
with using ideals, interaction with friends.
• In the U.S. young women are surprised with
sweet sixteen birthday parties. The women get
all made up with pretty dresses and the parties
can be formal wear, semi decorated or normal.
Many young women wear colorful eye shadow
and get to ride in nice limousines for their
special day.
• In the Latino society the young girls celebrate
quinceanera this is when the girl turns 16 years
old. Quinceanera is a ceremony that is
beginning to be embraced by the temple where
Latinos live. Latinos are beginning to move
though out the country and the temples in most
cities are empowering this ritual and cultures
close together.
• This meeting is a transition from childhood to
adulthood for a young teenaged girl who is 16
years old. The young girl wears a glamour's
glown and carries a bouquet of pink roses
which is similar to a celebrating sweet sixteen
• Prom nights are celebrations a big part of the
transition stage for young teens in America.
While attending a high school graduation there
is a party with teenage girls and boys dress
professional. The teen girls wear evening dress
or a ball dresses and the boys dress up in nice
• Many African people are traveling toward
finding their African heritage. Over nearly four
decades it has been a celebration for about 360
young African people from the Nigeria region
in America to uplift their roots.
• During social gathering the young men are
given Hispanic names they wore straw hats
which made of fabric from the Asian people of
North Korean. Their names are chosen
according to the qualities and attributes which
each aspires. Hose one of the young men chose
the name Pacheco, which is Latin for “one
who is in control.” Another young gentlemen
Pedro chose the name Bonita which he said
means “Beautiful.”
• I assume that Spanish was chosen as a
language because it is a language that is
written as well as use around Mexico
languages is written language and it’s spoken
all in the U.S..
• According the news report from teenagers in
today society transition in many ways that rites
of passage include:
• Time of the month.
• Moving to a new location.
• Birthday parties.
• License to drive.
• Brand new car.
• finishing school.
• Hanging with their friends.
• According to teenagers of the new
generation the study shows 50% of
guardians did not pay much attention to their
young teens while transitioning meaning
their birthday years, puberty change over
time that went wrong with their teens. These
guardians of the teens experienced high
tolerance with alcohol use, drug abuse,
sexual activity and reckless driving.
• Practicing paying more attention to your
young teen transition is an important role in
their life during their maturation and
development stage of a teen.
• Teens who have care takers that pay more
attention to their rites of passage were also
consider to be reliable drivers.
• They didn’t drive rapidly on the roads.
• They wore seat belts at all times and had not
likely to drive impaired or drive with another
individual that was impaired. 94% of minors
that stay in touch with their care taker feeling
excited on a regular basis 70% compared to
30% of those who recall that their care takers
give them the attention that’s needed.
• Rites of passage or the transition from early
stages of childhood to adult process is a phase
of life that should be aware of and supported
by all individuals that provide care.
• Regardless of any cultural history, socioeconomic pass or religion beliefs rites of
passage should be encourage among us.
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