APA, 5th Edition Made Easy
How A Scholarly Paper Should
By Freda Turner, Ph.D.
Updated 11/2002
Font: Courier, Times New Roman, 12 point
Margins, 1.0 all around- ragged right margin
left margin can be l.5 inches if instructor
has requested the paper to be bound.
Everything is double spaced – this includes
quotes and reference page.
Title Page
• Page numbers start with title page by
setting header feature of your software.
Header includes 2 or 3 words from title,
then 5 spaces and page number. See
example of Title Page on next slide.
See example of a title page on the next
Title Page
• Page numbers start with title page by
setting header feature of your software.
Header includes 2 or 3 words from title,
then 5 spaces and page number. See
example of Title Page on next slide.
See example of a title page on the next
Title page
Running head: YOUR TITLE
Appropriate Title
Your name
University of Phoenix
See example on page 306 of APA handbook, 5th edition
Text pages
Title of paper is centered on first page of
All paragraphs are indented 5-7 spaces
Everything is double spaced
Must have at least 2 lines of a paragraph at
the bottom of the page and 2 at the top
of the page.
2 Easy Rules on Quotes
• 1. Short quotes with fewer than 40
words are incorporated into text and
enclosed by quotation marks.
• Example: “Approximately 27% of
the workforce displays poor
emotional intelligence” (Miele, 1993,
p. 276).
(Publication Manual, 2001, p. 118)
Block Quote over 40 words
Miele (1993) found the following:
The ‘placebo effect,’ which had been
verified in previous studies disappeared when
behaviors were studied in this manner.
The behaviors were not exhibited again
even when real drugs were given. (p. 40)
Electronic Quotes
• Documents retrieved from the Internet
should include Internet source, document
title, date retrieved (URL or uniform
resource locator). Remember, properly
cited sources add to the researcher’s
• Electronic Example:
As Myers (2000, para. 5) aptly phrased it,
“positive emotions are great.”
(Cheek & Turner, 1981, p. 332)
(Jones, 1989, chap. 3)
(Myers, 2000, ¶ 5)
(Bow, 2000, Summary section, para.
Reference or References
Reference page follows text and
references must be discussed and
cited in text.
If you have 5 references listed on your
reference page, you must have
citations in the text.
Watch reference indentations!
Double space references.
First line is flush left with remaining
lines of reference indented 5 spaces
Next slide provides an example
Elkind, D. (1978). The child's reality: Three
developmental themes. New York:
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
Issac, G. (1995). Is solar disorder timed?
Adolescents, 30 (118), 273-276.
No Author Reference Citation
Book, no author or editor:
• Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary
(10th ed.). (1993). Springfield, MA:
Note references are flush left with 2nd & 3rd lines indented
No Author, Web Citation
• Title of article. (1987). Retrieved from URL
_____ on 7/7/2002.
Another example:
History of South West Airlines. Retrieved
ProQuest at UOP online on 7/7/2002.
Electronic retrieved material
• Borman, W. C. (2001). Role of supervisor
Journal of Applied Psychology, 78, 443-449.
Retrieved October 23, 2002, from UOP
• OR
ProQuest data.
Jones, G. (2001). Role of reference elements.
Prevention Research, 5, 117-123. Retrieved
Newspaper Article, Electronic
• Hills, P. J. (1999, February 16). In
forecasting their emotions, most
people flunk out. New York Times.
Retrieved November 21, 2000, from
Computer Software Reference
• Miller, M. E. (1993). The Interactive
Tester (Version 4.0) [Computer
software]. Westminter, CA: Psytek
No Author/no Date Example
Alphabetize works with no author by the first word
in the title. Example:
The new health-care lexicon. (1993,
August/September). Health Care Today, 4,
Document title or name of Web page. (n.d.)
Retrieved [date] from [URL]
Same Author Variables (see p.
221) arrange alphabetically by
• Jones, J. R. (2001a). Control….
• Jones, J. R. (2001b). Roles of ….
Same Authors, Different Year of
Publication; list earliest
publication first (see p. 220,
APA, 5 edition).
• Jones, J. R. , & Wright, K. (2000).
• Jones, J. R. , & Wright, K. (2001).
Common Knowledge
Exception to the citation rule: Common
knowledge–commonly known facts (e.g.,
Washington D.C. is the capital of the
U.S.) does not need a citation even if one
had to look up the data.
When in doubt, CITE references and
Adding Emphasis
• If you want to emphasize a word or
words, italicize them. Do not put them in
quotations marks.
• Wrong: He is “politically correct.”
• Correct: He is politically correct.
Information on emphasis added to original
presentation by Bette Keeling, PhD, RN, CNAA
• Table usually presents quantitative data
and if included must be discussed in text
and should be on the same page as
discussed for reader ease.
Everything is double spaced
Number all tables with Arabic numbers
(1,2,3), double space and add a clear title.
Clarify where the copied table originated.
Example that goes above your table:
• Table 1
Analysis of Grade Variance
• Each figure is numbered consecutively in
the order in which they are first mentioned
in the text.
Figures are photographs, drawings or nonquantitative data.
Each figure must have a caption and is
located at the top left.
• Example:
Figure 1. Gender Differences
Order of APA Pages
• Title page with header, title, byline
and school name
• Abstract if required by professor
• Text pages-remember title
• Reference Page/s –get their own
Common APA Felonies
Failure to:
• Double space EVERYTHING
• Remember ragged right edge
• Quotes need 3 things (authors last
name, year of publication and
pg/para number, URL, chapter, etc.)
• References flush left for first line and
never use author’s first name, only
What is new:
Updates on: apastyle.org
APA is easy
Consequences of not citing is
Roots of Plagiarism
• The word “plagiarism”
is derived from a
Latin word for
manstealer, or
kidnapper, and by
extension literary
Plagiarism is using another’s:
• Words/Facts
• Graphs/Charts
• Direct quotes
Alarming 2001 Statistics
Rutgers survey of 4,500 high school students &
2,100 students at 21 colleges illustrates the
74% admitted to some kind of cheating.
90% of students believe that cheaters are either never
caught or have never been appropriately disciplined- US News and World Report poll
(Straw, 2002, para. 1)
How Universities are responding
1. Cornell students- take courses that define
boundaries of academic integrity.
2. Colgate University and Kansas State University
require plagiarism orientation sessions.
3. Trinity College – students sign integrity contract.
4. University of North Carolina: Established a
Police Blotter of cheating incidents.
5. A June 2002 New Jersey Superior Court Judge
University of Phoenix
 University of Phoenix Academic Policy:
Students are subject to disciplinary
actions for “intentionally or knowingly
representing the words or ideas of
another as one's own in an academic
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