Using Internet and translation
sites with languages
A few pieces of advice on how to
use the internet correctly.
Una pequeña historia.....
Hola! me llamo María y tengo
veinticinco años. Soy traductora* en
una empresa multinacional.
A los siete años, empezaba a estudiar español en el
colegio primario.
Me llamo
A los once años, empezaba a estudiar español en
el colegio secundario.
A los dieciséis años hice mi GCSE en español
Saqué una A*!!!!
A los dieciocho años hice mi A-Level en español.
Saqué una A!!!!
A los veintidós años hice mi diploma en español
después de cuatro años en la universidad.
Y luego a los veintitrés años hice mi maestría en
•masters in Translation
Y poco después tuve una entrevista* para un
puesto de traductora.
•an interview
...y ahora soy traductora en una empresa
• Professional translators like María have spent around 20
years studying a language so it is very unlikely they will
give you a translation for free. This means you need to
know how to use the free bits of translation sites
Word reference
• is the best internet site for
translation. We advise you to use this if you are trying to say
something in French or Spanish and are sure you can’t write it
correctly yourself. It is also useful for checking your work for
errors. Open wordreference now on the internet.
You will see a list of options here. You can choose to find out what a
Spanish/ French word means.
Or you can choose to find how to say an English word in Spanish/French.
Exercise 1 – Use this menu to find the words for ‘pumpkin’ in French, Spanish and
Italian. Just type the word ‘Pumpkin’ into the correct boxes and look for the word.
Write them down onto your sheet as exercise 1.
Exercise 1a – Now use this menu to find out what these Spanish words mean
Fomentar ______________
Espuma _______________ Pulpo _________________
Write them down onto your sheet as exercise 1a.
Exercise 2 – Types of words
Now you are ready to do exercise 2. You will see that when you type in a word to
translate, you are given a lot of information. Here we have ‘bank’ as two types of
words....A noun (sustantivo) and a verb (verbo)
It’s important you get the correct
one – You might want to say...
I went to the bank
Fui al banco
I wanted to bank my money
Quería ingresar mi dinero
You can see from this that the word ‘winter’ can be a noun, adjective and a verb.
The first – A noun (nombre) – ‘Este invierno ha hecho mucho frío’
This winter has been really cold
Second – An adjective (adjetivo) – ‘Un abrigo invernal’ –
A winter coat
Third – A verb (verbo) ‘Inverné/Pasé el invierno en Madrid’
I wintered in Madrid
Exercise 2a – Find the words in Spanish for the following Nouns
A square (in a city)
Are you sure the words you
have are Nouns? – Like ‘el
niño’ which means ‘the child’
or ‘Torres’ which means
Exercise 2a – Find the adjectives in Spanish for the following Nouns
Summer ______________
Chocolate _____________
Government ____________
sweet _____________________
running (continuous) ___________
and are the words you
found really adjectives
...words like fantástico
that describes me or
terrible that describes
Ronaldo .
Verbs are ‘doing’ words like
‘scoring’ a goal or ‘beating’ Man
U or ‘beating’ them again or
‘laughing’ at them...jejeje
Exercise 2b – Find the words in Spanish for the following verbs
Other types of words
We also have other types of words
Adverbs - Words that describe how you do something (usually / quickly /
stupidly/ fast)
Prepositions – Words that are used to say where things are (on/in/at)
Pronouns – Words used to replace nouns (he/it/them)
Conjunctions – connecting words ( and / but)
Compound words
Just like in a dictionary, there are usually more than one entry under a single
word. Look at the entry for ‘hair’
We have several compound words (made up of two parts) in this entry.
You need to know
that dictionaries &
websites like
will group together
related words under
a single heading.
Now let’s try an exercise to see if
you can find these.
Exercise 3
Find the following compound words
Hair-raising _________________ brown sugar _______________________
Turn pink ___________________ get down(descend) ___________________
Get together (meet up) ___________________________________________
hot-tempered _______________ handkerchief _______________________
If you look at many entries, you will
find phrases as well as words.
These phrases are very useful for
putting into your entries.
So under the entry for ‘as’ we find
phrases like
‘As I said’
‘As usual’
‘As many as’
‘As a rule’
Exercise 4 – Find the Spanish for the following phrases
Laze about _______________
get tired ___________________________
Long run _________________ problem page _________________________
To be as thick as thieves ___________________________________________
As long as ________________ like a bat out of hell _____________________
Mass media _______________ it’s all very well ________________________
Think carefully about which word
you are going to look at.
The example
‘no ver tres en un burro’
There will be hundreds of entries for
‘ver’ so it would be better to look at
Exercise 5 Find out what these phrases mean in English
Tan solo ______________
no ver tres en un burro _______________________
Como si _______________
estar en la flor de la vida ______________________
Planta baja ____________
estar al caer _______________________________
Hipo _________________
cuatro gatos ________________________________
Tener algo en cuenta _________________________________________________
A toda velocidad ____________________________________________________
At the bottom of many entries, you will see a blue section which are forums where
people write in with translation requests.
In here you will find many useful phrases and sentences translated by helpful
Spanish people. Be careful you pick up the correct phrases.
Let’s look at translating this phrase
‘Good try’
As in ‘Good try Ronaldo, but you
missed the goal’
So we can see here that a person from America has asked how to say ‘good try’
And a Spanish speaking person has answered
So ‘Good try’ in Spanish is ‘buen intento’
Sometimes people ask for translations of whole sentences. So if you want to
write a sentence into your essays, you may find what you want here.
Exercise 6
Use the forums to find out how to say these things in Spanish.
1. now we know how you got that C-minus in German, don't we, Sam
2. Game, set and match
Like when Rafa wins
at Tennis. Hola Rafa!
3. You will have to fill in a blank map of Europe with the names of the countries
4. our exit is directly under the sign indicating liverpool 2 miles
Liverpool..mmm I know that
word from somewhere
Using google
Google is the world’s most popular search engine. It has access to millions of
websites in many languages. It can be very useful in Languages to see whether
your Spanish is correct.
For example – In Spanish there are two verbs to be ‘Ser’ and ‘Estar’.
If you wanted to say ‘The men are green with envy’
And you needed to decide between ‘los hombres son verdes de envidia’
‘los hombres están verdes de envidia’
You can use google to find out..... but you should already know it has to be the
2nd example so we’ll try some more interesting ones.
Go to Google now
If you use speech marks
Above the 2 key
And put a phrase in to the
search engine, Google will
tell you every example of
this sentence on the
Let’s use this to find out which football team is most popular:
Real Madrid or Barcelona?........
We’ll type in “Me encanta el Real Madrid” & “Me encanta el Barcelona” in speech
marks and count the number of examples…..
339 examples
for Barcelona
899 examples
for Madrid –
Looks like
Real Madrid
are most
Using google
• Let’s find out if Spanish speaking people
.....1.) Wanted Senator Obama or Mccain to
win the U.S election
• 2.) Prefer red or blue
• 3.) Have fears of snakes or spiders
Obama or Mccain??
NO CONTEST HERE – Obama wins by 1470 hits to 175.
Red or blue
Clearly Spanish-speakers prefer blue.
Fear snakes or spiders
Looks like it’s spiders that give people the heebie-jeebies most of all.
Exercise 7
Decide which of these sentence options are correct by checking on Google which
is the most popular.
1. Mi madre es en la cocina / Mi madre está en la cocina
2. Trabajo para Mcdonalds / Trabajo por Mcdonalds / Trabajo en Mcdonalds
3. Estamos listos para la fiesta / Estamos preparados para la fiesta
4. Mi ordenador no funciona / Mi computadora no funciona
5. Mi perro es enfermo / Mi perro está enfermo
Say for example you wanted to find out how to say – I dented
my car.
First you would go to and find the verb to
dent. (Remember all verbs end in –ar / -er / - ir / -se)
Abolar – to dent
Verbs are very difficult. You can use the verb conjugator on wordreference to write the
correct tenses.
Let’s try to say ‘I will knock down your house’
Firstly we need to find the ‘to knock down’ ..So we write knock into wordreference
Scroll down a bit and you’ll find lots of verbs
that have to do with knocking.
So first we make sure we have a verb.
Next we make sure we have the right type of
knock down. There are 5 entries here. So
we choose the one that has to do with
– Click on echar abajo & jump to next slide
Click on the verb conjugator and
you will see a screen like the one
Here you have all the tenses of the verb
‘to knock down’ you could ever wish for.
Don’t worry about the others for now
• Exercise 8 – Find out the entire present subjunctive
(this is a new tense you’ll learn soon) of ‘ser’ to be
• and the entire conditional tense of ‘gemir’ to whine
using the verb conjugator. (6 words for each box)
We wanted to say ‘I will knock
down your house’
So we’ll find the future tense
J’abattrai ma maison
Exercise 9 . Find the Spanish for the following verbs. You need to make sure you have the
correct tense.
A …We would travel
B…I am
C..I was (imperfect subjunctive)
D…I will open
E… I will moo
F …She has barked
Translate into Spanish
Preparing to send fish to space
I like Green Fish
STOCKHOLM (Reuters) –
Scientists plan to launch 60 tiny fish on a zero gravity rocket ride from above the Arctic
Circle on Monday to try to plumb the secrets of motion sickness.
Tomas Hedqvist, project manager for Sweden’s Esrange Space Centre, said the baby
cichlid fish will head 260 km (160 miles) into the air on an 11-metre (36-foot) two-stage
rocket, where they will experience six minutes of weightlessness.
Experimenters Reinhard Hilbig and Ralf Anken of the University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim
in Germany will train six video cameras on the fish, each of which will be housed in its
own aquarium, to see how they react.
“Fish, when they get motion sick, begin tumbling around, swimming in circles and miss
their balance,” he said, adding that some fish do not suffer from motion sickness and
seem to adapt quickly to a changed environment.
Some of the fish, which were flown from Germany to Sweden’s far north in special
aquariums, will be housed in a slowly turning centrifuge which will offer some gravity
while others will be in a pure zero G state, Hedqvist said

Using Internet and translation sites with languages