The Seven Sacraments of the
Coptic Orthodox Church
The Sacrament of Chrismation
• The Sacrament of
Chrismation / Myron / Holy
Anointment / Holy Seal /
Confirmation, is a Holy
Sacrament, with which we
get the seal of the Holy
• The word MYRON is a
Greek word means
Ointment or Fragrant
Did the Apostles get anointed?
• On The Pentecost the
Apostles were anointed for
their divine mission, to
continue the preaching,
healing and sanctifying the
ministry of Christ in the
• On the Pentecost day, the
Holy Spirit dwelled in the
Apostles filling them with the
power and the wisdom of
God enabling them to preach
Christianity in different
locations to different people
with different languages.
• What happened to Jesus
Christ at Epiphany and to the
Apostles at Pentecost takes
place in the life of each
member of the body of Christ
(Believers) immediately
following Baptism through
the Sacrament of
Chrismation. Baptism and
Chrismation are not
separated in Our Coptic
Orthodox Church, because
one is baptism with water
and the other is baptism by
Spirit. Jesus said: “Unless
one is born of water and
the Spirit, he can not enter
the kingdom of God” (John
What is Chrismation?
• Chrismation is the fulfillment of
Baptism as Pentecost is of
• Chrismation is receiving the Holy
Spirit Who will dwell in us to able
us to live the life of God into
which we are born through
• Chrismation is the Sacrament by
which our bodies are made
temples of the Holy Spirit. The
whole body is anointed, sealed
and sanctified as a temple.
• Chrismation is the sacrament by which we
are ordained into the body of Christ.
• Chrismation is the SEAL of the Holy Spirit:
– The Seal of the Holy Spirit consecrates your
body organs and sense organs; they are sealed
/ dedicated to the service of God.
– The Seal of the Holy Spirit is the signature of
God upon His new creation.
– The Seal of the Holy Spirit denotes that this
creation is owned and guaranteed by God.
– The Seal of the Holy Spirit is the imprint of the
One Who owns us.
• Every anointed person
has been sealed with the
Seal of the Holy Spirit to
denote that he is the
property of God, elected
and chosen by Him as His
personal belonging. From
the moment we receive
the Seal of the Holy Spirit,
we do not belong any
more to ourselves but to
Dwelling of the Holy Spirit:
• Our fathers the Apostles
granted this Sacrament by
Laying Hands after Baptism,
we find it in the book of Acts
when St. Peter and St. john
laid hands on the people
whom were baptized, so they
received the Holy Spirit (Acts
• It was not possible for the
Apostles to wander all
countries to lay hands on the
baptized, so they established
anointment by MYRON as an
alternative for laying hands for
the Holy Spirit.
Holy Myron
• The Myron
consists of pure
olive oil mixed
with precious
perfumes and
spices from
which God
ordered the
great prophet
Moses to make
the holy
ointment, the
recipe is given in
the book of
Exodus chapter
• The first who made
the Myron were the
Apostles as they kept
certain oils which
were made by
women to anoint the
body of Our Lord
Jesus Christ, but He
had risen. When St.
Mark came to Egypt
he brought some with
• The first Coptic Pope
to make the Myron
was Pope Athanasius,
Pope # 20
• Our late Pope Cyril
6th Pope # 116
(1959-1971) made
the Holy Myron
• Our beloved Pope
Shenouda the 3rd
(Pope # 117) has
made it several
times to meet the
need of the Coptic
churches worldwide.
• Trough the years the Coptic Popes make
Myron as the Church grows across the
world and there is need for more Myron, it
is been made ~ 30 times until now.
The Anointment by Myron:
• After the baptism, the mother of the child
dries him/her, and then the priest starts to
anoint the child by the Myron in SIX
groups with total of 36 places of the
child’s body as follow:
Group No. 1:
Top Head (1)
Nostrils (2)
Mouth (1)
Right Ear (1)
Right Eye (1)
Left Eye (1)
Left Ear (1)
• The Priest says:
“In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the
Holy Spirit. The Anointment of grace of the Holy
Spirit, Amen.”
Group No. 2:
The Heart (1)
The Navel (1)
The Back (1)
The Lower Back (1)
• The Priest says:
“An Anointment as a token for the kingdom of
heaven, Amen.”
Group No. 3:
The Right Shoulder joint
The Right Underarm (1)
The Right Elbow (1)
The Right Inner Elbow (1)
The Right Palm (1)
The Right back of the Wrist
• The Priest says:
“An Anointment for the community of eternal life, Amen.”
Group No. 4:
The Left Shoulder joint
The Left Underarm (1)
The Left Elbow (1)
The Left Inner Elbow (1)
The Left Palm (1)
The top of the Left Palm
• The Priest says:
“A Holy Anointment of Our God Christ and imperishable seal
Group No. 5:
The Right Hip joint (1)
The Inside of the
Right Hip (1)
The Right Knee (1)
The Inside (back) of
the Right Knee (1)
The Right Ankle Joint
Above the Right Ankle
• The Priest says:
“Perfection of the grace of the Holy Spirit,
Group No. 6:
The Left Hip joint (1)
The Inside of the Left
Hip (1)
The Left Knee (1)
The Inside (back) of
the Left Knee (1)
The Left Ankle Joint
Above the Left Ankle
The Priest says:
“I anoint you (Name) by a Holy Anointment In the
Name of the father and of the Son and of the
Holy Spirit, Amen.”
• The 36 Anointments include all joints and
senses of the Human Body to bless them,
sealed them and protect them
• The child is anointed by Myron only once
in his/her life.

+ The Seven Sacraments of the Coptic Orthodox Church