Northern California
Middle Grades
Counselor Conference:
Presented by
Penny Edgert
ICC Middle School Grades Initiative
Olive Davis, Director
Young Entrepreneurs At HAAS
U. C. Berkeley
What is College: Making it Happen?
College: Making It Happen is a program designed to
communicate to families and school educators the
importance of early academic and financial planning in
order for middle school children to have choices after
high school graduation.
Originally designed for families and school educators of
sixth to ninth grade students, the materials and
presentations are applicable to parents of students in
other grades as well.
CMIH Sponsorship
• California Education Round Table
Association of Independent College and Universities
California Community Colleges
California Department of Education
California Postsecondary Education Commission
California State University
University of California
• Intersegmental Coordinating Committee (ICC)
– Programmatic arm of the Round Table
– Composed of staff, faculty and student representatives
from all sectors of education
How It Can Be Done:
• Parent Workshops
• Conferences/College Fairs
• Intervention Periods
• After School Clubs/Programs
• Mentoring Programs
Intervention Periods, After School
Clubs and Mentoring Program
• Structure: 50 min to 2 hour sessions, twice per week
- Ice Breaker
- What’s Expected of Students-Code of Conduct
- What do you know? What do you want to learn?
- Program Objectives
Intervention Periods, After School
Clubs and Mentoring Program
• Interactive Discussions : 50 min to 2 hours twice per week
1. Understanding High School requirements (incl. A-G Requirements,
CAHSEE Exit Exam, Grades, etc. )
2. Sharing the High School Experience ( local high school students)
3. Discuss “The Pathways to College” (next slide – 4 systems of higher
education in CA)
4. College: Making it Happen (PowerPoint). Focus on information in each
slide (i.e., Financial Aid, preparation per grade, SAT vs. ACT, etc.)
5. Have student perform activities such as research and discuss a college
from each system, write a personal statement, create a resume, etc.
6. Provide information about Programs and Services to Assist Students in
preparing for college
Pathways to College
High School
2-Year College
4-Year College
4-Year University
UC Berkeley
St. Mary’s College
Cal State East Bay
Mills College
Action Items:
– CSUEB resources
– Office of Early Outreach mission
– Committee members
– Target audience
– Local middle and high schools, University Administrators
– How to request an event
– Roles and Responsibilities
Timeline / planning
– How to prepare for an event
– Agenda
– What to expect
Lessons Learned
– Plan early!
– Use every means possible to promote event(s) and involve parents
– Plan for the unexpected
– Make it interactive and fun for the students
How to ‘make it happen’ on
your campus!
Things to keep in mind:
• Size of the program - Accommodation
• Who’s involved in the planning?
• Advertising
• Age range (Pre-K, elementary, middle &
high school)
• Workshops for parents (Other languages)
How to ‘make it happen’ on
your campus!
More things to keep in mind:
• Hospitality
• Fundraising
• Door Prizes / Incentives
- amusement parks, local teams,
restaurants, guest passes, souvenirs
Discussion Questions
What are your challenges?
Do you have space?
Do you have the institutional support?
What are your needs?
Bilingual services needed?
Evening vs. Weekend event?
Other comments, concerns, ideas
Where can I get more information?
• U.S. Department of
• The College Board:
• Electronic FAFSA :
• FinAid: SmartStudent
• FastWeb
Phone Numbers
• U.S. Dept. of
• FAFSA Processor
• Free Publications
Contact Information
• For more information on existing
programs, visit
• For more tips, contact us:
Olive Davis

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