Grade Course
Welcome to Melrose High School!
High School Staff
Assistant Principals
Mr. Fogarty
 Mr. Merrill
Guidance Counselors
Mr. Bolduc
Ms. LoGrasso
Mr. Parrillo
Ms. Shackelford
Mr. Buxton
Welcome to High School
High school is a time of learning, growth,
fun, and more responsibility
 High school is a HUGE step toward
becoming an adult
 Teachers and Counselors want to help you
reach your individual goals and be
High School Graduation Requirements
4 Years of English
 4 Years of Math
 4 Years of Science and Technology
 3 Years of Social Studies
 2 Years of Foreign Language
 4 Years of Health/Wellness
 2 Years of Fine/Applied Arts
 24 credits total minimum
 Pass MCAS ELA, Math, and Science
 48 hours of community service
Criteria for Teacher
Each department has their own criteria
Objective criteria are used as well as your effort
and homework habits
Your teachers will recommend you for Honors or
College Prep based on guidelines for each
Teacher recommendations for English, Math,
Science, Social Studies, and Global Language will
be made online in Aspen in early April
We want you to be successful
AP courses for 9th grade
AP Biology
 AP European History
 AP or Advanced Placement courses are
college level courses
 Speak to your teacher and your parents if
 These are difficult courses with a
significant amount of homework and
 Big commitment
Pathways at MHS
“Pathways” are courses that you take in
specific areas that focus on skills you will
need for college and your career
 Pathways help you further develop areas
of interest that you might study in college
 Specific requirements for each including
projects and internships
 Pathways are described in detail in the
Program of Studies available at
Pathways at MHS
Five optional “pathways” of study at MHS
 Global Education in Melrose (GEM)
 Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
 Business Pathway
 Fine Arts Pathway
 Humanities Pathway
Program of Studies
Contains course descriptions of each
course offered in the high school, and
 Contains information on graduation
 Also available online at under high
school link, go to “our school”
9th Grade Electives for 2015-2016
See Elective Sheet
Global Language
If you are taking a language now, your 8th grade
teacher will most likely recommend that you
continue in the same language
 If you have not taken a language, you will sign
up for the first year of a language, and will still
need another elective. The choices for first year
languages are Spanish 1, French 1, and Latin 1.
 You can sign up for a second global language as
your elective, but students that have never
taken a global language are given top priority.
Department Chairs
Mrs. Singer – English
 Ms. Cardella – Math
 Ms. Shea – Science
 Mr. Corrigan – Social Studies
 Ms. Talbot – Foreign Language
 Ms. DiFruscia – Fine and Performing Arts
 Ms. Ruggiero – Health and Wellness
 Ms. Berman – Special Education
Contact the high school guidance office at
781-979-2210, or you can ask the 8th
grade counselor Mr. Bolduc.

8th Grade Course Selection