Beyond IMSA:
Where are they now?
Class of 2003
5 Year Reunion
June 21, 2008
Shreyas Bhat
University of Chicago ‘07
After IMSA…
I traveled to/around India and Europe
for a month and a half and recorded
an album with my college rock band.
I am…
Being a certifiable bum. I will start
graduate studies in Theoretical and
Applied Mechanics at Cornell
University this August.
Class of 2003
Matt Born
UIUC ‘06
Currently in Santa Barbara, CA,
working in the software industry plus a
bit of surfing.
Single (ladies, take note).
Class of 2003
Adam Carpenter
B.S. ‘07, George Washington University
M.S. ‘08, Johns Hopkins University
After IMSA…
I majored in Biology as an undergrad, then
completed my Masters in Environmental
Sciences and Policy.
I am…
Working for Battelle Memorial Institute, a
non-profit research and development
organization, at the Arlington, VA field
office. Currently doing environmental
research for federal clients.
Class of 2003
Alicia Chan
Stanford University
I made it through Stanford and am
currently toiling away in a windowless,
grey ‘workstation’ as an analyst for a
business litigation consulting firm.
Unfortunately, my high school
education has not led me to a path that
allows me to be here today.
Until some other time then,
Class of 2003
Samantha Chan
I am…
Still pursuing my Bachelors
degree, currently in Graphic
Design with a minor in
Computer Science.
Class of 2003
Jenny Chen
Illinois Institute of Technology
After IMSA…
I graduated with degrees in Materials
Engineering and Biomedical
“I hope you guys have a blast,
and I wish I was there!”
I am…
Currently in the MD/PhD program at
the Mayo Clinic for neuroscience, in
Rochester, MN, and have just finished
my 2nd year.
Class of 2003
Puni Chennamaneni
Loyola University Chicago
After IMSA…
I went to Loyola University
Chicago where I double-majored
in Biology and Psychology.
I am…
Currently in medical school at
Loyola and have just finished my
first year.
Class of 2003
Sean Colletti
Illinois Institute of Technology
After IMSA…
I graduated with a degree in
electrical engineering.
Engaged to Joey St. Clair,
to be married in May ‘09.
Class of 2003
I am…
Working in construction
management for FH Paschen
in the Chicago area.
Cynthia Dang
B.S. ‘07, UIUC
After IMSA…
I attended UIUC and majored in
Community Health - Health Planning
and Administration.
I am…
Currently pursuing a Master of Science
in Health Systems Management at
Rush University Medical Center.
Class of 2003
Dean Dieker
Olin College ‘07
After IMSA…
I graduated with a degree in
I am…
Currently in Boston, MA, working for
a defense contractor (Textron
Defense Systems). I also volunteer
as an instructor at a Karate Dojo
(Academy of Traditional Karate).
Class of 2003
Michael Donahue
B.S. ‘07, UIUC
I am…
Pursuing Masters degrees in Aerospace
Engineering and Computer Science at
UIUC. Currently spending a summer at
the Air Force Research Labs in Dayton,
OH for research.
“Extends his well wishes to his former
classmates: some more-so than others,
some less-so (you know who you are!)”
Class of 2003
Aaron Doukas
B.S. ‘07, UIUC
After IMSA…
I majored in Computer Science at UIUC.
I am…
Working for in Seattle, WA.
Currently writing software that allows our
various fulfillment centers to operate at
their best to ensure we provide the best
customer experience we can.
Class of 2003
Matt Getz
University of Southern California
After IMSA…
I majored in biochemistry and got my master’s degree in
marine and environmental biology. To complete the master’s
degree, I spent a semester on Catalina Island, about twenty
miles off the California coast, which gave me a fantastic
excuse to snorkel and kayak. In my spare time, I ran four
marathons and worked in a molecular biology lab.
I am…
Starting a fellowship at the
National Institutes of Health in
Washington, DC in August.
Class of 2003
Dan Gulotta
After IMSA…
I graduated from MIT with degrees
in Physics and Mathematics.
I am…
A physics grad student at
Princeton studying string theory.
Class of 2003
Caleb Harper
B.S., Rose-Hulman Institute
of Technology
I am…
A Radar Analyst for the National Air
and Space Intelligence Center, WrightPatterson Air Force Base in Dayton,
Working towards half marathon in
“Student loans own my soul.”
Class of 2003
James Holmes
Depauw University
After IMSA…
Gave up on science. Small town Indiana for
college at DePauw University. Summers in
Germany and Cleveland (you gotta be tough).
I am…
Now in NYC for investment banking.
Class of 2003
Kurt Hohenberger
Purdue University
After IMSA…
I graduated with a degree in
Mechanical Engineering.
I am…
Currently working for Case
New Holland as a Field Test
Engineer. I live in Hinckley,
Illinois and recently got
engaged to Lauren Clinton.
Class of 2003
Sarah Howe
B.A. ‘07, Fairfield University
I am…
Class of 2003
I majored in History, spent a month in China making a
documentary about the lives of women in Chongqing
during World War II, spent four months in France, and
traveled widely in Western Europe.
An Executive Assistant and Office Manager for the
Korea Economic Institute in Washington, D.C. I joined
a kickball team (Jerry Curl and the Activators) and we
play on the National Mall…I enjoy exploring
everything that DC has to offer!
Joyce Hwu
B.S. ‘07, Washington University
in St. Louis
After IMSA…
I received my degree in Biomedical Engineering. I
worked in orthopaedic surgery for a few years and
interned at Sigma-Aldrich, held leadership roles on
campus, and picked up Tango and classical
Chinese dance on the side.
I am…
An actuarial analyst for Progressive Insurance in
Cleveland, OH. I also volunteer at the Cleveland
Animal Protective League in veterinary and
surgical support.
Class of 2003
Jessica Jacobson
B.A. ‘07, Oberlin College
After IMSA…
Since graduating with a degree in
French, I've been living and working in
Annecy, France. I taught English to high
school sophomores all the way up to
Associate degree students.
I am…
Beginning my Masters work at UofI in
French Language Learning in August.
Class of 2003
Tim Johnson
UIUC ‘07
“What’s up guys sorry I
couldn't be there. I'm at
After IMSA…
the Jack Johnson concert
I graduated with a degree in Economics.up at Alpine right now.
Hope you guys are all
I am…
doing well and feel free to
Living at home for the moment helping my
our up on
call mom
me orget
hit me
house ready to sell and then will be moving
to Chicago
if you ever
around the end of summer.
want to get together.
- Tim Johnson
Class of 2003
Ben Jorns
From conducting the Yale Precision Marching
Band in front of 60,000 screaming fans to
running the New Jersey marathon to taking a
trip in zero-g in NASA's Vomit Comet with an
undergraduate research team, I have had
some great experiences in the five years since
we left IMSA. Most recently, I just completed
my first year toward a doctorate in the
aerospace engineering department at
Princeton where I am a member of the Electric
Propulsion and Plasmadynamics Lab.
Class of 2003
Joe Kerley
Knox College
Here are some things I did in the last five
years, in semi-chronological order:
1) Pledged a fraternity
2) Saw my first game at Wrigley Field
3) Sang in Carnegie Hall
4) Took up golf
5) Sang in a professional choir for two years
Class of 2003
6) Dropped several classes in order to inflate my GPA
7) Lived and "studied" in France for three months
8) Traveled to Barcelona, Paris, Prague, Geneva (Switzerland),
Brussels, Amsterdam, New York City, Albuquerque, Minneapolis, and
9) Ate over 30 varieties of cheese
10) Graduated Cum Laude from Knox College with a major in
Mathematics and Minors in Economics, Vocal Music Performance,
and French
Class of 2003
Moved to Chicago
Got a big kid job
Became an uncle
Grew a beard
Skied a black diamond and didn't die
Quit my big kid job
Did some other stuff that wasn't quite as memorable
Class of 2003
Chris Knowlton
After IMSA…
Since Poetry in Motion at IMSA, I have pursued dance
extensively, including various performances in
Cincinnati. Most recently, I performed a solo work in the
UIUC Dance Department's venue for student
choreography. In spring and summer '07, I interned at
Ethicon Endo-Surgery in Cincinnati, OH and will return
for another rotation this fall.
I am…
Currently writing this blurb from Duisburg, Germany,
where I am doing undergraduate research on hip
replacements for three months with the DAAD RISE
Class of 2003
Sneha Kumar
UIUC ‘07
After IMSA…
I graduated a dual degree in
Accountancy and Finance and a
minor in the Hoeft Technology &
Management Program.
I am…
Currently living in downtown Chicago
and working at Deloitte Consulting as
a Business Technology Analyst.
Class of 2003
Jieun Kwak
B.A. ‘07, Cornell University
After IMSA…
I graduated with a degree in Chemistry.
“Jieun is sorry she cannot
I am…attend the reunion but hopes to
of an
next year!”
medical school
for the Fall 2009 school year and will soon
be residing in downtown Chicago.
Class of 2003
Carl Lambert
Washington University
in St. Louis ‘07
After IMSA…
I earned a Bachelor's in Biology.
I am…
(by the grace of God, lol) a second-year
medical student at Rush Medical College
in Chicago. I like to spend my time being
involved with my home church, working
and seeing patients at a clinic this
summer, (still) getting back in shape,
volunteering at Project Brotherhood, and
spending quality time with my family,
friends, and lady love :)!
Class of 2003
Sarah Lambert
B.A., Macalester College
After IMSA…
I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and
Sociology, and worked as an athletic trainer
when I wasn't playing softball myself.
I am…
Currently counseling patients and scheduling
surgeries for an orthopaedic clinic in the Twin
Cities. This fall I'll be getting my Master's at
UMass-Amherst in Sports Management with an
emphasis in community relations at the pro level.
Class of 2003
Julie Lauffenburger
PharmD ‘10, University of Pittsburgh
Pharmacy and traveling have been the main
focus of my last few years of college. I
participated in Semester at Sea, a study abroad
program to 9 mostly-non-Western countries.
This past year I volunteered at a local federallyqualified health center, educating immigrant
and elderly patients on medications. I just got
back from a month in Israel through a
pharmacy exchange program. After finishing
pharmacy school I will either pursue a
pharmacy practice residency or a PhD program
after finishing pharmacy school.
Class of 2003
Brian Link
University of Illinois
After IMSA…
I studied economics and math.
“…but sending best wishes to the
I am…
whole class
of 2003!”University School
of Law in Malibu, CA. I am unable to
attend the Reunion because I am
clerking for the Constitutional Court in
Kampala, Uganda for the summer…
Class of 2003
Nicholas Moryl
After IMSA…
I majored in Economics and History. Rode from New
CT to Seattle,
in summerthis
in the Habitat
“I'm really
sad I'm
for Humanity Bicycle Challenge. Played in the Yale
--my job is such that I'm working most
Precision Marching Band and a band that opened for
-- but I'll
be there
Folds and Ludacris
in 2006.
Wrote at
for the
the Yale
wrote something
for and ran business
side of start-up
one and
dire happens.”
indie music magazine at Yale.
I am…
Currently working in Manhattan for UBS Investment
Bank in the Financial Sponsors and Leveraged Finance
Group. Moving to London next July to work for Silver
Lake Partners, a technology-focused private equity firm.
Class of 2003
Amanda Murphy
After following in the foot steps of the greats, Harry
Potter and William Shatner, Amanda Murphy has
decided to settle down with Richard Yao.
Unfortunately, she took his last piece of gum.
Class of 2003
Sami Narayanan
After IMSA…
I did my Bachelor’s degree
in Biochemistry.
I am…
Finishing up my first year
in the Biochemistry PhD
program at UofI.
Class of 2003
“My IMSA friends and I
have stayed in touch really
well over these 5 years
and I still miss them and all
the good times we had
together. I wish I could
have been there, guys! I
hope you all have a great
time at the Reunion!!”
Gabriella Ode
University of Virginia ‘07
After IMSA…
I graduated with a degree in
Kinesiology/Sports Medicine.
I am…
Back in Chicago and will be
attending Rush Medical College
this fall in pursuit of a future career
as an orthopaedic surgeon.
Class of 2003
Jean Park
Northwestern University
I just my second year at
Northwestern Med. I am
postponing third year and
instead, pursuing research
in sunny California.
Class of 2003
Anna Peralta
University of CA Berkeley
After IMSA…
I graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering.
I am…
Currently on a trip through Europe (Portugal, Spain and
France) before moving into my new condo in Oakland,
CA and starting my new Improvement Engineer
position at Dow Chemical's California plant in August.
Class of 2003
Urvi Purohit
Northwestern University ‘07
After IMSA…
I majored in Biomedical Engineering and
Economics. I spent my free time dancing
and remaining heavily involved in various
leadership activities on campus.
I am…
Working as a healthcare consultant at
Revere Group in Chicago and just got
engaged =)
Class of 2003
Angel Qin
I just finished my first year at Case
Western Reserve University School
of Medicine. I'm doing research
this summer at MD Anderson Cancer
Center in Houston, and I'm thinking
about going into pediatric oncology.
Class of 2003
Kavita Ramakrishnan
University of Southern California
“Kavita told me to say ‘Hi and said that she wished
she could be here to see all of you, too. She’s doing
well and just finished the first year of her Masters in
Public Health degree program at UCLA.’
- Matt Getz
Class of 2003
Mayra Rosas
After IMSA…
Within the past year or so I have been
to California, Georgia, Mexico, looking
forward to many more travel
opportunities. I live on my own in
Cicero, have 3 cats, a rabbit and a
I am…
A Consumer Banking Specialist for
MidAmerica Bank (National City).
Class of 2003
Erica Sim
B.A., University of WI Madison
After IMSA…
I majored in Linguistics and Russian
Languages & Literature.
I am…
In the Linguistics graduate program, still at
UW. I am researching the sociolinguistics
of dialect changes over generations in
Central Illinois. I work at the university's IT
department, doing software repair.
Class of 2003
Philip Stanton
UIUC ‘06
After IMSA…
I got my Bachelor's majoring in Political
I am…
currently the HR Officer for professional
and technical Civil Service classifications.
I wear a tie pretty much all the time, and
think basically everyone here should
move to Champaign to work for UIUC.
Class of 2003
Harrison Stein
B.S. ‘07, CalTech
After IMSA…
I participated in 2 pranks on MIT. In 2006, 20 of
us went to Boston to retrieve our house's
Spanish-American War Cannon. Then in 2007, to
repay MIT for the cannon fiasco we pranked their
newspaper during their freshman weekend.
I am…
A Quantitative Analyst for Tower Research Capital
in New York City. My boss is Mark Gorton who
owns LimeWire and is also Mel Chua's boss!
Class of 2003
Stephanie Sullivan
Drexel University ‘07
After IMSA…
I graduated with a degree in Mechanical
Engineering. I interned with NASA Goddard in
Maryland and participated in NASA’s Reduced
Gravity program at the Johnson Space Center.
I am…
Currently in San Diego representing Drexel
University's Career Development Center as a
cooperative education coordinator. I will be
starting a Master's in Higher Education this fall.
Class of 2003
Chris Szucko
B.S. ‘07 UIUC
After IMSA…
He graduated with a Bachelor’s in
Computer Engineering.
And Now…
After graduation he took a job in
Sugar Grove, IL writing software
for aircraft computers.
And ladies: He's single.
Class of 2003
Amber Thompson
B.S. ‘06, UIUC
After IMSA…
I interned at a Residential Treatment
Center for children with mental illness and
participated in extracurricular ethnic music
groups and drama projects. I worked for a
year at Boys Hope Girls Hope.
I am…
In a research position at UIC's Department
of Psychiatry, studying the use of
psychopharmacology in children.
Class of 2003
Dionte Thompson
B.A. ‘07, Truman State University
I am…
A Customer Account Specialist
for PepsiCo in Chicago, IL.
I will…
Begin working on my M.B.A. in
2009 and relocate for
approximately 2 years to
another state with PepsiCo.
Class of 2003
Lucas Ting
B.S. ‘07, UIUC
I am…
Working at Proctor & Gamble in
Cincinnati, OH. I will pursue an
MS/PhD in bio/mechanical
engineering at the University of
Washington-Seattle this
Class of 2003
Erik Volkman
UIUC ‘06
After IMSA…
I graduated with a degree in Computer
Science. In my free time I bike, cook
delicious vegetarian meals, and work
IMSA's Summer Orientation weekends.
I also spent 6 months living in
Singapore and traveling Southeast Asia.
I am…
Currently pursuing a Master's degree in
Curriculum and Instruction.
Class of 2003
Janet Wang
UIUC ‘07
I am…
An actuarial analyst for
Allstate Insurance in
Northbrook, IL.
Angie Weis
Tulane ‘06
After IMSA…
I studied Finance & Business Law. I took in the
local culture at Tulane and now my favorite
hobbies now include fishing rodeos, crawfish
boils, and laying out at the levee.
I am…
finishing my first year of law school at Duke. After
law school I plan to move back to Chicago, clerk
for a judge, and then start working at a law firm.
Class of 2003
Amy Winans
University of Chicago
After graduating from the University of
Chicago, I've spent the last year playing with
hydrogels and mice. I plan to spend 5.5 years
in California, enjoy the sun and pick up a
Ph.D. in Biophysics.
Class of 2003
Richard Yao
I am engaging in the process of kicking ass and
chewing bubble gum. As of my last report, I am
currently out of gum.
Class of 2003
Michelle Yong
After IMSA…
I double-majored in Economics and
w/ Connie Jung & Andy Sapthavee,
Class of 2001
Class of 2003
I am…
Working in real estate investments
and live in the West Loop. I have 2
beautiful puppies, Panda, my black
chow-chow and Ty, my Pitbull. Just
working and playing, still loving
fashion and music.
Lisa Xia
University of Illinois
After IMSA…
I studied Print & Editorial Journalism. I spent
11 months living in Paris, traveling and
studying French, earning a DFA for business
and commercial French. I also spent some
time at Chicago-based public affairs agency.
I am…
working in the tourism and lifestyle practice
at Edelman Public Relations.
Class of 2003
…and that’s it!
Funny how time flies…
Class of 2003
Best of luck in all your future endeavors!
See you in 2013!
From your Reunion Committee:
Joyce Hwu,
Mel Chua, Phil Stanton & Amber Thompson
Class of 2003

Where are they now?