Applications look and feel like they are running locally
Can be provisioned using MSI files or TS Web Access
RD Gateway
Securely access any RDP host machine over the firewall
Integrates with Network Access Protection
RemoteApp & Desktop Web Access
Provides easy to configure web page to launch RemoteApp programs
Designed for lower complexity configurations
RD Easy Print
Removes need to install any printer drivers on terminal server
100% of printer functionality is available to user
Platform Investments
Improved management via new APIs, WMI & Improved Event Logs
Improved security & reliability, e.g. ability to patch TS without restart
TS RemoteApp™
TS Gateway
RD Gateway
TS Session Broker
RD Connection Broker
TS Web Access
RemoteApp and Desktop
Web Access / Connections
TS Easy Print
RD Easy Print
TS & VDI – an
Full Fidelity
RemoteApp &
Hyper-V support for
virtual desktops
RemoteApp &
True multiple
monitor support
Single discovery,
broker & publishing
RemoteApp &
Desktop & Web
Multimedia Support
& Bi direction audio
SCVMM Support
RD Gateway
2D and 3D remoting
for DirectX 10.1
(DXGI 1.1)
Platform & Management Improvements
New API, Connection Broker Extensibility,,
Powershell Support, Best Practices Analyze, Full MSI support
Virtual Machine
Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop
Connection Broker
RemoteApp & Desktop Connections
RemoteApp & Desktops icons integrated into start menu etc
Icons refreshed & updated automatically
Multimedia Support & Audio Input
Experience rich multimedia redirection
Use VoIP applications and speech recognition.
True multiple monitor support
Use upto 10 monitors of any size or layout with RemoteApp and Desktops
All applications behave like users expect – e.g. PowerPoint
Aero Glass for Remote Desktop Server
Uses have the same new Windows 7 look and feel when using
Remote Desktop Server
RemoteApp™ Language Bar Support
Configure applications that use alternate language settings (e.g.
right to left languages) from the local language bar
TS and VDI – An Integrated Solution
Single broker to connect users to sessions or virtual machines,
out of the box solution for VDI scenarios with Hyper-V
RemoteApp & Desktop Connections
Centrally managed list of applications and desktops (RDS & VDI)
Automatically published, refreshed & integrated with Windows 7
RemoteApp & Desktop Web Access
Integrated with RemoteApp & Desktop Connection management tools
Provides access to applications & desktops from Windows 7, Vista & XP
Integrated Single Sign On.
only a single logon for RemoteApp & Desktop connections
Forms based logon for RemoteApp & Desktop Web Access
Remote Desktop Gateway .
Session & Idle timeouts to enforce policy and authorization refresh
Pluggable authentication and consent signing
Improved Application Compatibility
Improved Microsoft Installer (MSI) compatibility
RDS Powershell Provider
Easily automate and script administrative tasks for remote
desktop scenarios
Use Profile Cache Quota
Removes need to delete profiles at logoff – speeds up logon.
Ensures profiles never overrun disk space; least used profiles deleted
RemoteApp & Desktop Connections Extensibility
Can support discovery of any custom application type
Ensure common UI and location for discovering connections
Connection Broker Extensibility
Orchestration plug-ins – e.g. VM preparation, VM placement
Policy plug-ins – e.g. load balancing, security etc
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R2 Remote Desktop Services Overview