MDOP 2011 Overview
Daniel Sierra
Account Technology Strategist |
Microsoft Education México
The Windows Optimized Desktop
Enhanced UI and search
Seamless access to data and
applications from anywhere
Rich, consistent, and
scalable user experience for
remote desktops
Data protection – from
desktop to mobile
Policy compliance tools
More secure web browsing
Better administration and
monitoring for data security
More robust enterprise-wide
application virtualization
App and desktop virtualization
Improved control and
Reduced helpdesk costs
Simplified PC management
with cloud services and
enhanced management tools
Richer deployment and
support of desktop
Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack
What you need to know about MDOP 2011
Improve Asset
Microsoft® Asset Inventory
Service (AIS)
& Management
Microsoft Application
Virtualization (App-V)
Reduce Support Costs
Microsoft Enterprise Desktop
Virtualization (MED-V)
Microsoft System Center
Desktop Error Monitoring (DEM)
Microsoft Diagnostics and
Recovery Toolset (DaRT)
Policy Control
Microsoft Advanced Group Policy
Management (AGPM)
MDOP: Continuous Enhancement
MDOP 2008 R1
• DART 6.0
MDOP 2010
• App-V 4.6 (Client)
MDOP 2008 R2
MDOP 2010
• AGPM 3.0
• App-V 4.5
• Localization
MDOP 2007 R1
• SoftGrid 4.1
MDOP 2007 R2
DART 5.0
AGPM 2.5
DEM 3.0
SoftGrid 4.2
MDOP 2007
MDOP 2008
• AIS 1.5
MDOP 2009 R1
• MED-V 1.0
• App V 4.5 CU1
• App-V 4.5 SP2
• MED-V 1.0 SP1
MDOP 2009 R2
AGPM 4.0
DEM 3.5
DART 6.5
App-V 4.5 SP1
• AIS 1.0
On average, two releases a year since launch in 2007.
MDOP 2011
• App-V 4.6 SP1
• MED-V 2.0
Microsoft Application Virtualization
Dynamically streaming software as a centrally managed service
What it Does
o Streams applications to users
o Centralizes permissions
o Eliminates application installation
o Isolates applications
o Provides real-time metering
o Readily accessible applications
o Accelerate Windows deployment
o Reduced application conflict
o Minimize regression testing
o Leverage existing Management systems
“By using App-V, we’’ll be able to
shrink the entire application
deployment timeframe – from
request through delivery – by more
than 80 percent, from 30 days to just
five days.”
Stephen Dula
IT Staff Engineer
Minessota University
Introducing App-V 4.6 SP1
A streamlined and simplified packaging experience helps new users get
started quickly, providing step-by-step guidance for common App-V tasks.
Save passwords for easy sign on. Legacy applications have transparent access
to Windows 7 Documents and Desktop Folders, network printers and USB devices
Built-in best practices and flexible automation support make App-V
packaging a consistent, reproducible process.
Recipient Update Service
Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization
Solves the last mile of application compatibility
What it Does
o Run legacy applications on Windows 7
o Shares host USB, network printers and documents
o Redirect legacy web applications to Internet Explorer 6/7
o Automates first-time virtual workspace setup
o Unblocks Windows 7 migration projects
o Provides a seamless end-user experience
o Allows multiple versions of Internet Explorer to coexist
during migration
o Enables deployment and management with existing
systems such as System Center Configuration Manager
“MED-V helps ensure that we can
move forward with an
enterprisewide rollout of Windows 7
without getting sidetracked by
application compatibility issues.”
Alex Ramos
Senior Manager, IT Operations
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
Introducing MED-V v2.0
Incompatible applications don’t have to slow you down. Enjoy the benefits
of Windows 7 today – handle application compatibility on your own schedule
Save passwords for easy sign on. Legacy applications have transparent access
to Windows 7 My Documents and Desktop Folders, network printers and USB
No dedicated infrastructure required. MED-V integrates with SCCM or existing
management systems for deployment, patching and application delivery.
Recipient Update Service
Microsoft Asset Inventory Service
Translate software inventory into business intelligence
What it Does
o Full software asset inventory scanning
o Centrally hosted database of software titles
o Assigns intelligent naming and categorization to software
“Microsoft Asset Inventory Service is a simple yet
o Robust reporting with export to Excel, XML, PDF
comprehensive solution for managing software
assets from all publishers. And with the licensing
o Ability to manage enterprise assets
o Simplification of compliance and disaster recovery
o Easily administered online service
o Ease of deployment – hosted service, no server
infrastructure required
component for Microsoft products, it provides an
easy, quick way to assess compliance with
Microsoft programs. ”
Jason McGhee
Regional Manager
Universal Management Solutions
Microsoft Diagnostics & Recovery Toolset
Powerful tools to accelerate desktop repair on site and remotely
What it Does
o Recover unbootable PCs
o Access deleted files, manipulate services, reset passwords,
and more
o Detect and remove malware while the PC is offline
“This toolset enables us to restore clients
instantly without rebuilding them - saving
up to six hours per instance.”
o Accelerate TCO savings by minimizing
recovery time
o Recover instead of reloading Windows®
o Make PCs safer to use
David Smith
Technical Support Center,
UMC Health System
Advanced Group Policy Management
Enhancing group policy through change management
What it Does
o Versioning, history, and rollback of Group Policy
o Role-based administration and templates
“Advanced Group Policy Management has been
o Flexible delegation model
like a magic bullet for us. Its automated change
management and workflow-enabled delegation
o Enables Group Policy change management
o Provides granular administrative control
o Reduces risk of widespread failure
capabilities are impressive. I wouldn't be able to
manage GPOs without it.”
Michael Wilcox
MIS Client Services Supervisor
Forsyth County
Desktop Error Monitoring
Proactively manage application and operating system
What it Does
o Agentless crash monitoring
o Crash/hang data captured and stored in central
o Direct access to troubleshooting and resolution
o Accelerate IT responsiveness
o Reduce Windows desktop TCO
o Improve desktop stability & end-user
sample report
Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring
Streamlines management and extends BitLocker value
What it Does
o Out of box reports for reporting on BitLocker status
o Stores recovery keys in encrypted database
o Provides helpdesk with a webpage to easily retrieve
recovery keys
Beta available in March 2011
o Provision BitLocker as part or after your Windows 7
Available in a future version of
o Improve organizational compliance
o Know if a lost/stole machine was encrypted
o Improves key recovery process
o Simplify BitLocker provisioning and deployment
o Standard users can perform basic tasks
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