Language Education: A Vital
Component of International Education
International Education Summit-Princeton N.J.
The Case for Languages in Connecticut
Christine Brown
Director of Languages, Glastonbury Ct. Public Schools;
The States’ Initiative
Mandated by the State Legislature
Led by an International Education Committee
Chaired by a legislator
Comprised of Language and Social Studies
Includes Representatives from Business and Higher
Reports directly to the Legislature and the
Commissioner of Education
Adapted a Global Education Survey to include
questions on the scope of language programs
Administered Survey to School
Superintendents and District Level Curriculum
Conducted focus groups
Helped to establish an International
Education Committee as a part of the State
Superintendents Association
Work of the Committee
Held a Conference on International Education for
School Superintendents
Created a rubric for evaluating outstanding
international education programs in the state
Established languages and international content
as necessary components of excellent programs
Considered travel and exchange programs as
integral parts of excellent programs
Worked collaboratively with the Hartford World
Affairs Council
Work Cont.
Planned for an educational delegation
to travel to China to establish partner
schools (Delegation Includes Language
and Social Studies Educators as well as
School Superintendents)
Plan to work with the New England
Association for the Accreditation of
Schools and Colleges to create new
International Education Guidelines
2005 Year of Languages Committee
Members of the International Ed. Committee
College President
Business Councils
World Affairs Council
Arts Organizations
Heritage Organizations
Statewide Activities for 2005
State Language Teacher Conference devoted
to YOL ideas and activities
Proclamation from the Governor and the
State Legislature
Displays of students work in the State
Legislative Offices
Collaborative Activities with state cultural and
arts groups
Coverage by local, state and ethnic media
Work with restaurateurs and food and
beverage associations to infuse languages
into existing events
Work with colleges and universities to
sponsor language “tasters” and workshops
Work with entertainers, cultural performing
groups and storytellers to highlight the value
of languages in their work
Work with sports teams and clubs to
celebrate languages, cultures and our
multilingual athletes
Work with CBIA and the World Affairs Council
of Hartford to foster high level corporate
commitment to language learning and
language preservation
Work with Native American Tribes in
Connecticut to forge alliances in language
preservation and reclamation
Work with early childhood educators and
parent groups
Work with Humanitarian Organizations in CT

Language Education: A Vital Component of International