German at St
Richard Gwyn
Catholic High
Who needs to speak a foreign language?
They all speak English anyway!
94% of the world’s population does not
speak English as their first language.
75% do not speak English at all.
Over 300 languages are spoken in London
In Europe pupils normally learn 3 languages
in high school
What is it worth?
Employees offering one modern
foreign language can be paid up to
20% more. The more languages you
speak the more employable you are.
 Employers want staff who can win
business in Europe.
€€€€€€€€€€€€ £££££££ €€€€€€€€€€€€ £££££££
Will my job be safe?
UK graduates in modern foreign languages
have one of the lowest unemployment
 Only one in 10 workers in the UK can speak
a foreign language.
 Do the maths ….. linguists are in demand!
GB -Crying out for
language skills
British Industry has identified a need
for people with better language skills.
 2012 Olympics is only 2 years away –
over 70,000 volunteers needed
Primary School Teachers
From 2012 it is the government’s
intention to introduce Modern Foreign
Languages into primary schools – it has
already happened in England
 If you want to be a primary teacher,
you could get a job much easier with a
What jobs can I do
with a language?
Any job that you can do in English, but with
the opportunity of travel and mixing with
people from foreign countries e.g
journalist, armed forces, travel and
tourism, accounting, law, engineering
Huge demand for specialist language jobs
French and German at
Dedicated, highly experienced staff with
consistently 85-100% pass rate – A*-C
Individual study package reflecting your own
interests and abilities. It’s all about YOU!
Adaptable programme. Higher and Foundation
level offered in all four skills of listening,
speaking, reading and writing.
You pick the skills you are best at for Higher
What’s in the course?
Personal and Social Life
 The Local Community
 The World of Work
 The Wider World
How is it assessed?
1 Reading and 1 Listening paper (each
worth 20% of total mark).
 2 short Speaking exams – around 5
minutes each (30% of total mark).
 2 pieces of Written coursework –
between 100 and 300 words each –
dictionaries and notes allowed (30%
of total mark).
How many can I study?
If you have enjoyed your first
language, and have done well, you will
have been offered the second
language this year. You can study
either or both languages at G.C.S.E.
Do I get the chance to use my
language in Germany?
S.R.G. staff are committed to giving
all pupils the opportunity of using
their languages immersed in the
German environment.
 All pupils have the opportunity to go
on the German Exchange.
Open air concert put on
for us by the orchestra
of our partner school. In
the background the view
from the castle in
Altensteig, Black Forest.
There’s nothing quite like the buzz of chatting to friends
in a foreign country, in their language, while sharing with
them their friendship, their culture, their literature and
their country.
You can only do this if you speak their language!

Who needs to speak a foreign language? They all speak