Year 9 Presentation
Clare Forder – University of Brighton
What do these people have in common?
David Beckham
What do these people have in common?
Emma Watson
What do these people have in common?
Orlando Bloom
What do these people have in common?
Jennifer Connelly
What do these people have in common?
Andy Murray
All about you…
So, why might it be important for YOU to
learn another language?
• Helps to get you a job/different
• Aids communication/people skills
• Helps you to understand other cultures
• Develops your confidence
• Improves problem-solving skills
Case Studies
Name: Tim
Company: Nissan
Job: Mechanic/project manager
Qualifications: BSc Mechanical
NVQ Level 1 – French
Why languages?
Need to speak with delivery drivers and
suppliers and attend meetings
Case Studies
Name: Claire
Company: Women’s Tennis Association
Job: Senior Communications Manager
Qualifications: Degree in Media,
Communications & German; French GCSE
Why languages?
Useful for interviews and understanding
press conferences
Case Studies
Name: Adam
Company: Lloyd’s of London
Job: Fine Art Underwriter
Qualifications: Degree in French &
Spanish; French & Spanish GCSE
Why languages?
Very important for working in a global
market and speaking to clients all over
the world.
Some useful advice
You don’t have to be completely fluent in
another language
Show willing and make an effort!
Learning one language shows you have
learnt other important skills
You never know where a language might
take you
Learn a language to stand out from the
Examples of jobs
Events organiser: must have good written
and spoken German
Games tester: requires French reading and
writing skills
Marketing manager: French, German or
Spanish skills a plus
Media Consultant: German skills essential
Data researcher: language skills would be
a distinct advantage
For more information
You might want to visit some websites for
more information on studying languages:

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