Content Marketing: Tips and Tools to Create Compelling Content
To Attract Prospects And Search Engines
Anya Ciecierski
Director of Marketing, CAL Business Solutions
Co-Founder, ERP/CRM Software Blogs
What is Content Marketing?
Today’s Marketer
Blog Posts
White Papers
Case Studies
Press Releases
120 Marketing
Stats Charts &
Graphs (PDF)
Does it Work?
CAL Business Solutions Facts: FY09 vs FY12
Website Traffic up 175% (avg. 3,500 visitors a month)
117% increase in search engine traffic (74% of total)
85% increase in referral link traffic
4,692 referral links from since
Yeah… But I Want LEADS!!
285% increase in leads from website
59% increase in closed deals from website
The Goal
Create unique, engaging, quality information people want to read
What can you say that will make people think:
“This company is honest”
“This company really knows their stuff”
“They are easy to understand”
“This really makes sense”
“That sounds just like my business issue”
“This is someone I can trust”
“They could help me”
“They sound smart”
“This is a company I want to work with!”
“I Have Nothing To Say”
1. What are you good at?
8. Interview successful people in your industry
2. What do you cover with new prospects over 9. “How to” tips (blog posts and videos)
and over again?
10. Repurpose old content (newsletters)
3. Cover industry trends and news - subscribe
11. Dynamics white papers (stats, quotes)
to Google Alerts/blogs
12. Summarize/give your opinion
4. Answer a common question - browse
13. Tell what NOT to do
Dynamics Community, Linked In
5. Focus on vertical markets
14. Curate a list
6. Get your company involved
15. “Press Pass” for events
7. Reach out to partners
16. Custom features/projects
17. Local news
Cornerstone Content
Invest time and resources to create at least
one piece of timeless QUALITY content that
is your GO TO call to action, anytime.
CAL White Paper: 30 Questions Every CFO
Must Ask About the Cost of Accounting
Copywriting Tips
• Write the way you speak
“We will articulate how social
technologies fit into Microsoft’s vision
and strategy for proactive, agile and
forward-looking business solutions that
facilitate people getting the right things
done while delivering better customer
“Business professionals need to
become more productive in order to
achieve their desired performance
levels. As such, they are
constantly trying to evaluate
which actions will drive
successful business outcomes.”
“It is also important to note a social
strategy is contingent on culturally
embracing the concepts in
conjunction with the software tools
Copywriting Tips
Write the way you speak
Inject personality
Cut in half
Kill the jargon and acronyms
Hubspot Training Guides
Prof’l Proofreader:
Optimize Your Content
• Headlines
• Keywords
• Links
Spoonfeed the Search Engine
Know Your Keywords
Speak the same language
Be realistic
Be targeted
Go long
Use them everywhere (but don’t stuff)
Google Keyword Research Tool
Example: Keyword Stuffing
Our marketing solutions services software is ideal for enterprise
organization marketing software solutions looking for help with their
marketing email automation.
CAL is a Connecticut based Microsoft Dynamics GP partner focused on
Microsoft Dynamics GP for Connecticut companies. Microsoft Dynamics GP is
powerful, affordable ERP/accounting/financial management software used by
Connecticut companies looking to upgrade their ERP/accounting/financial
Headlines & Titles
• #1 Most Important
• Engaging & Catchy BUT Clear & Targeted
– What is it about
– Who should read it
– What will they get out of it.
• Keywords!
• What are first 72 characters?
Examples: White Paper Titles
“The Connected Enterprise Embracing Social Technologies to Drive the Dynamic Business”
“Empowered People, Simplified Processes, and Connected Ecosystems”
“Innovating with the Microsoft Business Productivity Infrastructure”
“7 Secrets the Healthiest Project-driven Organizations Know That You May Not”
“The Sales Tax Survival Guide”
“24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Are Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Drive Revenue & Serve Customers”
Examples: SEO Optimized Titles
Before: “CRM 2011 – Read Optimized Forms”
After: “Make Dynamics CRM 2011 Pages Load Faster with Read Optimized Forms”
Before: Microsoft Dynamics GP Wow Moments: Use Smartlist Builder to Find Data Faster
After: How to use Smartlist Builder for Microsoft Dynamics GP
Before: Microsoft Announces Perpetual Licensing for Dynamics GP
Better: Insider Tip: 3 Reasons to Buy Microsoft Dynamics GP Before Oct 2012 to Be
“Grandfathered In” When New Pricing Released
After: Microsoft Dynamics GP Price Rising Oct 2012 - How To Be “Grandfathered In” At Lower Cost
Links/Anchor Text
Add links on keyword phrases
Link to interior pages
Link to relevant pages
1:100 ratio
Link to build relationships
Links/Anchor Text
For each link ask:
“Is This a Phrase a Prospect Would Type into Google To Find Me?”
Click here for free white paper: “30 Questions To Ask About Cost of Accounting Software”
Click here for free white paper: “30 Questions To Ask About Cost of Accounting Software”
Don’t Forget The Hook!
Be Selfish
Reel Them In
Your Website Should Be:
• Something you are proud of
• Easy to customize
• Full of content
• Calls to action everywhere
My Bait:
White Papers
Blog Posts
Case Studies
White Paper Tips - Writing
1) Write rough draft
– Create an outline
Perry Marshall’s Quick
Start Guide
– Convert every point (statement) in outline into a question
– Answer questions as if answering an email (friendly tone)
– Call to action at end
2) Send to professional editor/writer
3) Choose a GREAT title
4) Send to proofreader
5) Send to designer
Publisher Designer:
White Paper Tips - Design
Choose easy to read fonts
Wide margins
Make it easy to read online AND print
Use charts and graphics as much as possible
Break up text with subheads and bullets (easy, digestible info)
Call out quotes
White Paper Design That
Sells (PDF)
White Paper Promotion
Landing Page
Provide teaser content
Don’t ask for too much info on form
Blog Posts
Submit to Directories (MSDynamics World example)
Tweet, Linked In,
Outlook Signature
Press Release
Audio MP3 file
Email & Direct Mail
Tell clients, colleagues, referral sources
VisitInsights Web Visitor Tracking
Broadlook Profiler Company Lookup
Voice 123 Prof’l Voiceover
Audio Acrobat Host Audio
Establish Yourself as an Expert
Blogging Goals
1. Drive traffic to your post (and your website)
2. Raise organic search results of your website
Fresh keyword filled content
Extra traffic
3. Establish yourself as an expert
Establish Yourself as an Expert
Who Would You Call?
Establish Yourself as an Expert
Blogging Tips
1. Blog regularly (editorial calendar)
2. Get others involved (colleagues, partners, guests)
3. Build community relationships (trade links)
4. Keep an ideas file
5. Don’t worry about length
6. Try to be first Writing Services
CAL Blog Strategy
Group blogs = less effort + more benefit
Average 3 posts per month
4,692 total referral links ($14,000 Adwords PPC savings)
CAL blog for existing customer posts
Case Study Tips
Select Client
Interview project manager
Interview client (Record/Transcribe phone call)
Write based on standard template
Challenge » Solution » Benefits » Quotes
Send to designer
Promote Record Transcribe
Promote Case Study
 Print for sales calls
 Website (with short URL)
 Blog posts!
 Extract testimonials
 Send to referral sources (including Microsoft)
 Press release
 Mailing/email blast – prospects
 Client newsletter
 Prospect newsletter
SHORT Videos
How To Tips
Case Study
Meet The Team
What is Your Goal?
“Web pages with video attracted 2-3x
as many monthly visitors, doubled
time on site, and achieved a 157%
increase in organic traffic from
search engines.”
MarketingSherpa, December 2011
Video Call To Action
At BEGINNING and end of video:
Tell The Viewer What Action To Take: “…head over to my website at….and subscribe to my free monthly GP Tips e-newsletter.”
Tell The Viewer How They Can Take The Action: “…by clicking the link below the
video….there’s a subscribe button on the right hand side of every page of the
Tell The Viewer What’s In It For Them: “…Subscribers get access to a new Dynamics
GP tip every month – and as a thank you for entrusting me with your email address
there’s a sequence of five GP tips videos that will be delivered to your inbox over
the next few days which are exclusive to subscribers.”
Video Tips
Camtasia or Screencast
Blue Snowball USB microphone ($65)
Professional editing (“Kill Your Darlings”)
Promote on:
– Website (transcribe)
– Blog Posts
– syndication
Video Editing & YouTube Design
YouTube Tips
• Optimize for SEO
Video SEO Optimization
• TrueView – Google Adwords for YouTube
• Set up your channel
– Welcome video (focus on goal)
– Delete info not related to goal
– Make it easy to get to your website
• Playlists
– Every video should be in at least 1 playlist
– Create playlists for SEO – your video plus 3-5 popular videos from others
• Video responses
The Content Marketers
– Each video can be used ONCE for video response
Video Playbook
– Build relationships (like a guest post)
• Complex info presented as a graphic –
perfect for visual learners
“Infographics are outstanding for bringing life
to content that would otherwise be dry,
uninteresting or unshareable”
-Microbrand Media
Infographic Design
Infographic Faux Pas
Dark background and small text
“Fancy” but hard to decipher charts and graphs
No transitions
Charts and graphs that aren’t compelling
No reason for being
Marketing Value
No reason to share
No call to action
Infographic Tips
Sources To Build a Swipe File
Infographic templates and art
Find a designer
Barb Levisay
Infographic Promotion
• Blog Posts (Use “Infographic” in the title)
• Provide embed code
• Share via social media
• Submit to directories
• Ask other bloggers
• Posters – print and mail to prospects
Audio Blog Posts
– Recording: Audio Booth
– Distribution:
– VoiceOver:
– Host Audio:
– Apply for iTunes
Track Results
Google Analytics (free)
% Increase in total visitors
# of referral links (compare to adwords)
# of leads generated from website (ASK!)
# of closed deals from website leads
Analytics Goals:
Repeat visitors: 15%
Organic traffic: 40-50% of total
Referrals: 20-30% of overall traffic
Bounce rates going down over time
-Intro to Inbound Marketing Analytics PDF
Good Luck!
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