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CV/Resume Writing
• Purpose of each document
• Steps
• General guidelines
• Components
• References
• Cover letters
• Resources
CV/Resume Writing
Purpose of a resume:
• To interest the employer
• Your marketing piece
• A snapshot of what you have to offer
• An on-going process
• Used in business, industry, government, nonprofit sectors for non-research positions
CV/Resume Writing
Purpose of a CV:
• To provide in-depth information and details
about your history and qualifications
• Very detailed document
• An on-going process
• Used for academic, scientific, research or
medical positions; submitting manuscripts for
publication; tenure review and applying for
grants or fellowships
CV/Resume Writing
• Know yourself
• Look at past successes in school/work
• Know what you are going for
• Determine which document to use
• Know your audience
• Emphasize skills and accomplishments
• Get feedback
CV/Resume Writing
General Guidelines:
• 1-3 pages for a resume; unlimited pages for a
• Neutral paper
• Use bolding, italics and underlining to make
things stand out
• Avoid personal pronouns
• Use active verbs
• Have consistent format
• Strongest selling points at the top
CV/Resume Writing
Key resume components:
• Heading
• Objective
• Education
• Experience
• Skills
• Other headings/categories
CV/Resume Writing
Key CV components:
• Heading
• Objective, profile, summary of qualifications
• Education
• Special training, fellowships, post-docs
• Certification, licensure, endorsements
• Grants
• Awards, honors, distinctions, professional
CV/Resume Writing
Key CV components:
• Experience by categories such as: Research
Experience, Teaching Experience, Clinical
Experience, Administrative Experience
• Publications, abstracts, papers submitted for
• Presentations at conferences and meetings
• Special skills
CV/Resume Writing
Key CV components:
• Inventions and patents
• Professional association
memberships/affiliations, advisory boards
• Community service
• References, credentials, portfolio, dossier
CV/Resume Writing
• Name - large and bold
• Mailing address - current and permanent
• CV could have office address and phone
• Phone number - with area code and
professional sounding voicemail message
• E-mail address – professional
• Website – if relevant
Sample headings:
Mike Jones
1 University Way
Tucson, Arizona 85721
(520) 555-1234
Susan Williams
Current Address
1 University Way
Tucson, AZ 85721
(520) 555-3357
Permanent Address
55 Sycamore Drive
Miami, FL 36829
(305) 555-4429
83 Oracle Road  Tucson, AZ 85721  (520) 555-8975 
CV/Resume Writing
• To use or not to use – “that is the question”
• Concise
• Targeted
• Type of position desired
Sample objectives:
• Management internship in a community service agency
• Program development position working with geriatric
• Tax professional with national accounting firm
• Faculty position in an Engineering program, at a public
research institution, utilizing my research skills and
teaching experience
• Medically related research position in a laboratory
• Seeking a postdoctoral position focused on thermal
sciences and fluid mechanics
CV/Resume Writing
Education category for a resume:
• Educational institutions or specialized training
programs you have attended
• Major, minor and area of concentration
• Name of institution
• Graduation or anticipated graduation date
• GPA – if 3.5 or higher; never round up
• Relevant coursework and/or thesis
• Certifications and/or licensure, if related
• Scholarships; financing of education
Sample education for resume:
Master of Arts Degree in History
University of Colorado, Boulder Colorado
Expected graduation: May 20xx
Bachelor of Arts Degree in History, May 200x
University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
Major GPA; 3.8/4.0
University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
Bachelor of Science with Honors, May, 200x
Major: Microbiology; Minor: Classics
Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
General education coursework, 200x – 200x
Financed 100% of college education through scholarships and part-time employment
University of Arizona – Tucson, Arizona (5th ranked program nationally)
Master of Science in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences – May 200x
Current GPA: 3.9/4.0
University of Washington – Seattle, Washington (2nd ranked program nationally)
Bachelor of Science in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences – June 200x
GPA: 3.5/4.0
CV/Resume Writing
Education category for a CV:
• Educational institutions or specialized training
programs you have attended
• All college degrees with major, minor and area
of concentration
• Name of institution
• Graduation or anticipated graduation date
• Dissertation title/description
• Name of professors or faculty advisors during
Sample education for CV:
Ph.D., Civil Engineering, December 200x
The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
Dissertation: Finite Element Dynamic Analysis of Nonlinear
Porous Media with Applications to Piles in Saturated Clays.
Advisor: Nathaniel Perkins, PhD
M.S., Civil Engineering, May 200x
University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Thesis: Settlement of Strip Footings on Layered Soils.
Thesis Advisor: Rebecca Garcia, PhD
B.S., Civil Engineering, September 199x
University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
CV/Resume Writing
• Related employment: fulltime or part-time
• Internships
• Summer jobs
• Volunteer/service learning
• Class projects or academic research
• Student clubs, activities or organizations, especially
leadership roles
• For CV: experience by categories such as: Research
Experience, Teaching Experience, Clinical Experience,
Administrative Experience
Sample experience:
Graduate Research Assistant, Dr. Robert Smith, University of Arizona,
Tucson, AZ, May 200x-present
• Use Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) to characterize separation behavior of
charged biosurfactants in an electric field.
• Explore the applicability of a specific biosurfactant in Micellar Electrokinetic
Chromatography (MEKC) applications.
• Employ fluorescence quenching techniques, namely steady state
fluorescence, time-correlated single photon counting (TCPSC), and
fluorescence anisotropy to explore physical parameters of biosurfactant
molecules as compared to common synthetic surfactants.
• Study aggregation properties of metal oxide nanoparticles in aqueous
solutions in presence and absence of biosurfactants using dynamic light
scattering (DLS) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM).
Sample experience (chronological):
Clinician, Fall 20xx
Cornerstone Hospital, Tucson, Arizona
 Conducted bedside swallow evaluations, devised management plans, and provided dysphagia
treatment for a medically complex caseload, including tracheostomized and ventilator
 Provided assessment and treatment for a variety of disorders, including aphasia, dementia,
dysarthria, and cognitive-communication disorders.
 Facilitated alternative communication, using low tech and high devices.
Clinician, August 200x - July 200x
Grunewalk-Blitz Clinic for Communication Disorders, University of Arizona, Tucson Arizona
 Evaluated and provided individualized treatment for children with various communication
 Acquired extensive experience with aural rehabilitation for children with cochlear implants.
 Provided treatment for individuals with AAC devices (DynaMyte, Dynamo, Vanguard,
Clinician, Summer 200x
Clinic for Adult Communication Disorders, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
 Evaluated individuals with ALS, stuttering, aphasia, and cognitive-communication disorder.
 Provided stuttering and accent reduction treatment.
Sample experience (targeted):
University of Minnesota Mental Health Center, Minneapolis, MN, 200x – 200x
Psychology Intern
• Researched data on adjustment of National Merit Scholars under the supervision of Dr. Harriet Falk
• Performed psychological consultations and evaluations of anorexic clients
• Supervised two master’s level interns in counseling practica
• Taught counseling methods course
University of Michigan Counseling Center, Ann Arbor, MI, 200x – 200x
Psychology Intern
• Conducted psychotherapy with undergraduate and graduate students
• Conducted outreach presentations to academic units
• Acted as mental health liaison to College of Music
Walk-in Women’s Counseling Center, Tucson, AZ, 199x – 200x
• Provided crisis intervention and short-term counseling to single mothers
• Ran new mother’s support group
Maricopa Dept. of Parks and Recreation, Phoenix, AZ, May 200x – August 200x
Swimming Instructor
• Provided swimming and water safety instruction to children, ages 4 to 9. Designed lesson plans and demonstrated excellent
communication skills in interactions with children and parents.
University of Arizona Department of Nutritional Sciences, Tucson, AZ, May 199x – April 199x
Research Assistant
• Collected field data for Dept. of Nutritional Sciences research study on elementary school children at risk for obesity.
Administered surveys for physical activity and energy expenditure. Performed body composition and dietary intake
measurements. Compiled data into reports.
Sample experience (CV):
Research Associate, The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, 5/0x - present
Conduct research for sponsored projects by applying analytical, numerical, and
experimental methods in Geomechanics, emphasizing nonlinear finite element
procedures, constitutive modeling and applications of dynamics of porous media.
Involved in all phases of a National Science Foundation sponsored research project
titled “Dynamic Analysis of Pile Foundations Including Consolidation and
Installation Effects.” Participated in field and laboratory experiments. Developed
constitutive models for clay. Implemented field and laboratory tests.
Worked on developing unified constitutive models for geological materials in
general, and developed a new approach to model the strain softening and shear
dilation of sands, based on the damage approach, generally used for concrete.
Research Assistant, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 2/9x - 5/0x
Developed computer programs and analyzed settlement of strip footings on layered
soils using nonlinear finite element and finite difference methods.
Sample experience (CV):
Teaching Associate, The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, 9/0x - 5/0x
Taught computer-aided drafting and materials testing laboratory to 300
undergraduate students.
Teaching Assistant, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 5/9x - 5/0x
Taught soil mechanics laboratory to 500 third-year students. Graded examinations for
a materials science course for mechanical engineers.
Assistant Lecturer, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, 9/9x - 2/9x
Taught fluid mechanics, structural design, geotechnical design and surveying field
classes to over 500 undergraduate students.
Sample experience (CV):
The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, Fall 200x – Spring 200x
Maintained the Advanced Constitutive Modeling Laboratory. Performed
conventional triaxial and truly triaxial tests and inventory control.
Civil Engineering Department, The University of Arizona, Tucson,
Arizona, September 200x – August 200x
Maintained the software and systems for the Geomechanics and Earthquake
Computer Laboratory.
John von Newman Computer Center (JvNCC), Princeton, New Jersey,
June 199x – July 200x
Maintained a variety of computer systems and software for 50+ staff.
CV/Resume Writing
Should be relevant; gained through:
• Coursework
• Employment
• Internships
• Volunteer experience
• Student leadership
• Computer usage
• Foreign languages
Sample skills:
• Strong conceptualization, analytical and interpersonal skills essential for administration of an
international corporation
• Proven success in motivating colleagues and staff, as well as promoting teamwork
• Significant experience and expertise in developing and implementing strategies for international
• Fluent Spanish and French, Advanced Vietnamese, Intermediate American Sign Language.
Blood Preparation and Immunological Assays: Whole blood processing, PBMC isolation and
phlebotomy. Flow cytometry and ELISA of antigen-treated leukocytes.
DNA Extraction and Analysis: DNA and plasmid isolation, restriction enzyme digestion, agarose
gel electrophoresis, restriction mapping, DNA sequence analysis.
Microbial Techniques: Antigen preparation, identification of bacterial species, alpha
complementation, beta-galactosidase assay, gram staining, streak, and pour plating.
Computers: FORTRAN, MATLAB, LABVIEW, FIELDVIEW, PIV and common software
Languages: Fluent Italian, Intermediate Mandarin Chinese, Conversational Japanese.
Sample skills:
Laboratory Equipment: 5890 Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS),
SEM digestion microwave, High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC),
Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AES), Differential
Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) Beckman Coulter 5890,
Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Spectroscopy (TIRF), Fluorescence Recovery
After Photobleaching (FRAP), upright and inverted fluorescence microscopes, Atomic
Force Microscopy (AFM), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Hitachi 3400, 4500,
and 4800, Fluorescence Spectrophotometer (Steady State, TCSPC, Anisotropy),
Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), HeNe and Ar ion lasers maintenance and alignment.
Computer Programs: Origin, Unix, ChemDraw Pro, Endnote, LabView, SciFinder
Scholar, WinView, AMBER 6, DeepView, Molecular Dynamics simulations using
CHARMM and NAMD, VMD Molecular Graphics, Karat32, FelixGX, Omnisize.
Training: Bloodborne Pathogens, Biological Cell Culture, Laser Safety, Laboratory
Safety, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy Training Class
(SEM and FESEM).
CV/Resume Writing
Other headings/categories:
• Summary of Qualifications
• Leadership
• Campus Organizations
• Professional Memberships
• Publications
• Presentations
• Activities
• Community Service
• Volunteer Experience
• Research
• Honors and Scholarships
Sample categories:
American Counseling Association, 200x - current
National Career Development Association, 200x - current
National Academic Advising Association, 200x-200x
• IEP Grant for $1,200 to publish The Journal of World Language Poetry and Prose:
Original and Translated Literary Works, 200x
• Editor of Write Now, Writing Center Newsletter, 200x – 200x
• Editor of Speaking of Learning…Teaching and Learning Newsletter, 200x – 200x
• Co-editor of Honestly, Writers’ Workshop Publication, 200x – 200x
• Nomination for David B. Smith Fellowship, Outstanding Graduate Student, 200x
• Mortar Board Award for Academic Achievement, 199x
President of Student Government Association, 200x
Pledge Coordinator for Sigma Chi Fraternity, 200x
Treasurer for UA Chapter of the American Society for Microbiology, 200x
Sample categories:
• Four years’ experience in nontraditional language classrooms: developing curricula,
lesson plans, and activities for adult ESL classrooms
• Two years’ experience in one-on-one ESL tutoring with adult students
• Five years’ experience with nonprofit organizations: working in project planning,
volunteer management and training, and grassroots community advocacy
• Two years’ experience in recruitment and marketing, with coursework in marketing
during undergraduate and graduate studies
• Two years’ experience in mentoring, counseling, and interviewing prospective
• Experience planning, organizing, and executing international service
• Experience providing English/ Spanish and Spanish/ English translation services
Motivated scientist with diverse background in fluorescence spectroscopic
techniques, solution characterization of surfactants, nanoparticle synthesis and
deposition, HPLC and capillary electrophoresis separations, and lipid surface
Sample categories for CV:
Research: International and comparative education; social and
historical cognition; natural language analysis of academic,
educational, religious, and popular culture artifacts and behaviors.
Teaching: Educational anthropology; human relations; educational
sociology; comparative and international education; introductory
anthropology and sociology; language and culture; knowledge,
religion and popular culture; research methods; social and cultural
theory; pedagogy.
Sample categories for CV:
Trained researcher
• Performed meticulous data analysis for original research.
• Work well with colleagues to carry out project goals to completion.
• Knowledgeable about the information needs of researchers, advisors, faculty, and
students of UA.
• Created innovative and original database for National Agricultural Library.
• Experienced in retrieving and using information from various databases.
Skilled writer and editor
• Adapted scientific literature for use by the public and other non-professionals.
• Successful author of funded grants.
• Created original, innovative educational materials for science and non-science
Experienced educator at UA and Pima
• Part of team creating a decision-support model at the Office of Arid Lands Studies.
• Advocate for women in science and education in over eighteen years of science
teaching at the University of Arizona and Pima Community College.
• Set an example of leadership, excellence, and passion among students and
Sample categories for CV:
 Second International Conference on Laws for Engineering Materials and
Applications, Tucson, Arizona, January 200x, participant. (230 participants from 21
countries). Participated in all local organizational meetings.
 Reviewer for the International Journal of Numerical and Analytical Methods in
Geomechanics and the Journal of Engineering Mechanics (ASCE), (200x – 200x).
 Associate Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, (199x – 200x).
 Engineer In Training (EIT) – Arizona, (200x).
 Vice President, Civil Engineering Society, (300 members) University of Peradeniya,
Sri Lanka, (199x).
 Completed workshops on vector programming and computer graphics, (199x –
CV/Resume Writing
Chronological order
Scholarly books and monographs
Chapters in the above
Refereed journal articles published or in final
• Electronic peer reviewed publications
• For foreign publications, provide English
Sample categories for CV:
Invited Papers (consult APA manual for correct format)
Desai, C.S., Sharma, S.K., Roadbuilder, R.W., and Woo, Z.Z., “Discussion of
Factors Which Effect Reliable Computer Implementation of Hierarchical Models,”
Invited Theme Paper (Under Preparation), Workshop on Reliability in
Computational Mechanics, Austin, Texas, October 1994.
Desai, C.S., Roadbuilder, R.W., and Navayogarajah, N., “Developments in
Hierarchical Modeling for Solids and Discontinuities and Applications,” Invited
Paper, International Conference on Constitutive Laws for Engineering Materials,
Chongqing, China, August 1994. (Translated from Mandarin Chinese)
Desai, C.S., Galagoda, H.M., and Roadbuilder, R.W. “Hierarchical Modeling for
Geologic Materials and Discontinuities-Joints, Interfaces,” Invited Paper,
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Constitutive Laws for
Engineering Materials: Theory and Applications, Tucson, Arizona, January 1992.
Desai et al (Eds), Elsevier, New York, Vol. 1, pp. (81-95).
Sample categories for CV:
Other Refereed Publications (consult APA manual for correct format)
Roadbuilder, R.W., and Woo, Z.Z., Discussion for the paper “Development of
Nonassociated Flow Rule for Anisotropic Clays,” by R.N. Yong and A.M.O.
Mohamed, To be published in the Journal of Engineering Mechanics, ASCE,
February 2000.
Roadbuilder, R.W., and Desai, C.S., “An Analysis of Piles in Marine Clay Under
Cyclic Loading,” Proceedings of the 21st Offshore Technology Conference,
Houston, Texas, June 1994, Paper No. OTC6002, Vol. 2, pp. (359-366).
Roadbuilder, R.W., and Desai, C.S., “ ‘Damage’ Based Constitutive Model for
Sand,” Proceedings of the 12th Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics
(CANCAM’94), Ottawa, Canada, May 1994.
Sample categories for CV:
The Woman Unfolded, Leontes Publishing (forthcoming)
heretic house, Leontes Publishing, 200x
PandaBoy, Endgame Publishing, 200x
Intersections of Space, poems of time and place, Androcles Press, 200x
The Lost Gila, University of Arizona Press, 200x
Poems have appeared in:
Poetry Northwest
The Georgia Review
Colorado Review
Prairie Schooner
South Florida Poetry Review
American Poetry Review
Gulf Coast
CV/Resume Writing
• Separate page matching resume; CV continues
on page
• 3-5 individuals who have direct knowledge of
your skills and qualifications
• Faculty, former employers, supervisors,
colleagues, club advisors, internship
supervisors, etc.
• No personal references
• Obtain permission before using
Sample references:
83 Oracle Road  Tucson, AZ 85721  (520) 555-8975 
Dr. Roberta Smith
Chair, Biology Department
University of Arizona
4000 University Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85721
(520) 555-0000
Dr. Louise Parker
Research Coordinator
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
101 Peachtree Center
Atlanta, GA 30001
(404) 555-1111
Dr. Jonathan Hopkins
National President
American Society for Microbiology
1000 Dupont Circle
Washington, DC 58221
(202) 555-2222
CV/Resume Writing
Letters of Recommendation:
• Ask if individual can give a good
• Give a copy of your resume/CV and job
• Give them information in writing: to whom &
what you want them to say
• Ask for a copy
• Follow up, follow up, follow up
CV/Resume Writing
Cover letters:
• Present your qualifications and experience
while demonstrating your writing skills
• One page; 3-5 paragraphs:
– Why writing
– More detail on 1-2 items from resume
– Why you want to work for them
– How you will follow up
• Signed, original letter matching resume paper
CV/Resume Writing
Resume resources:
• Guidelines – web and paper
• Resume check events and walk-ins
• Books with samples in the Career Information
• Web links on Career Services website
Next Steps
• Check out the Resume Guidelines on the
Career Services website
• Bring your resume or CV to Career Services to
get it checked
• Have your faculty or professionals in your field
check your resume
CV/Resume Writing
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