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New Zealand
– NZ (angl. New Zealand, maori Aotearoa) is a country
in the south-west part of Pacific Ocean, located on
two large islands (an island - North and an Island South) and plenty (approximately 700) of adjoining
more shallow islands.
– The capital of country is a city Wellington . A
population of NZ is about 4,284 million persons
(November, 2008).
– A country is the unitary state, based on principles of
the limited monarchy and parliamentary democracy,
included in the number of the developed countries of
the world.
A flag of NZ is a rectangular width .
The flag of this design began to be used
since 1864 years and got status of state flag
of March, 24, 1902. The dark blue
background of flag is associated with the
blue color of sky and sea.
The stars of Crux conduct connection with
the site of country in south part of the Pacific
ocean. Symbolism of flag of Great Britain
talks about a historical legacy and generally
accepted for many former British colonies .
Coat of arms
The first national emblems of
NZ were entered in 1911 years,
the now operating coat of arms
was accepted in 1956 .
A coat of arms is a shield,
retained from one side of by a
blond woman with the flag of
NZ in hands and de autre part
— by the warrior of maori. The
crown of sainted Eduard is
above a shield.
The coat of arms is associated
with unity of all cultures and
people, inhabiting a country,
and with a monarchy of New
Territory of Kingdom of NZ
State NZ does not have dependent territories. At the
same time NZ is the basic member of Kingdom NZ. In
a difference from other kingdoms of Concord,
Kingdom of NZ is not the state and does not have
international state confession.
Besides directly NZ in the complement of kingdom
Islands of Kuka, Tokelau enter also, Niue and
Antarctic Territory of Rossa.
Islands of Kuka and Niue are the independent states,
freely associated with NZ. Tokelau is dependent
territory under the management of NZ.
Territory of Rossa was passed under the
management of NZ Great Britain in 1923 years.
The capital
Wellington, the capital of NZ,
is located on the south of the
North island. New Zealanders
name the capital «Windy
There is a magnificent
Botanical garden of
Wellington on the hill of
Tinakori with unique
collection of flora and
observational ground, from
where a shocking kind is
opened on a harbour .
Memorial park of the first
settlers, national museum
«Te-papa-tongareva», marine
museum, artistic gallery, zoo,
Astronomic center and
Elisabeth II - Queen of NZ
ELISABETH II ( 1926), queen
of the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and North
Ireland, chapter of British
Concord of nations. Gave
birth on April, 21 1926 in
London, at birth Elisabeth
Aleksandra Maria got the
name; first children of duke
and duchess Yorkskikh, later
than king George VI and
queen Elisabeth. Entered on
a throne in 1952 years after
death the father Executing
the ceremonial duties of
monarch, Elisabeth II
remained living character of
Great Britain. The main
source of anxiety for it were
numerous scandals with
participation royal family
From data on November, 2008 the population of NZ
makes about 4,284 million people. Basic part of
population of country is made by native settlers ,
mainly are descendants from Great Britain.
The total stake of population of the European origin
makes approximately 67,6 %. From data of census of
population 2006 years the representatives of native
people, maori, make near 14,6 % population.
Two the next largest ethnic groups are
representatives of Asiatic (9,2 %) and Polynesian
people (6,5 %)
Languages of intercourse
English, language of maori and gesture language
are the official languages of country.
English is the basic language of intercourse, and
96 % population of country use it . Most books,
newspapers and magazines are published in
English, it is used in broadcasting radio and
A language of maori is the second official
language. In 2006 the language of deaf-and-dumbs
(New Zealand Sign Language) got status of the third
official languages.
North island of NZ
Island North ("Te-ika-amaui") - one of the most
picturesque places on a
planet. A landscape of island
is a mixture from snowcapped mountain peaks in
the National park Tongariro,
districts of ancient
volcanoes with hundreds of
mud puddles in a
neighborhood of Rotorua,
green meadows in foot-hills,
drowning in the dense
forests of slopes of ancient
volcanic plateau, and the
coast of island shows by
itself one endless sandy
City-port Okland
City-port Okland, former 1865 to
by the capital of NZ, is located
in the narrowest place of the
North island, between two gulfs,
belongings different seas.
It is an enormous megapolis
(area 5,6 thousands apt. km),
unique in its way - almost all
city is built-up one-story
houses, but at the same time it
and industrial, cultural and
economic center of country.
It is included in a number the 10
best for life cities on a planet.
Botanical garden
In the town you
need to examine the
Botanical garden of
Wellington on the
hill of Tinakori (area
26 ga) with unique
collection of flora,
from where a
shocking kind is
opened on a
beautiful harbour .
The work
was made by
Shevchik Aksana (11-1 Class)
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