Everyone has a story to tell.
We want to hear yours.
Really a very good place to start
• http://www.photobus.co.uk/
• http://www.photobus.co.uk/dstory_01.html
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Student-centered learning
• Students encouraged to participate actively in
learning the material rather than “sit and take notes”
• Students involved throughout the class time in
activities that help them construct their
understanding of the material that is presented.
• Instructor no longer delivers a vast amount of
information, but uses a variety of hands-on
activities to promote learning.
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Student-centered projects
Engages student in acquiring knowledge
Addresses the needs of the diverse learner
Can be scaled up or down
Promotes higher-order and critical thinking skills
Promotes collaboration
Revolves around technology – but not exclusively
Provides tools for assessment
Can encourage authentic learning
Allows teacher to “intrude” at times (as necessary)
• Looks good when the administrators walk in…
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The best time . . .
• http://www.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu/learnshops/digital/e
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Characteristics of a good story:
• A single theme, clearly defined
• A well developed plot
• Style: vivid word pictures, pleasing sounds and
• Characterization
• Faithful to source
• Dramatic appeal
• Appropriateness to listeners
From Baker and Greene, Storytelling: Art and Technique, pp.
28 retrieved October 5, 2006 from
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Beginnings…Beyond once upon a time
• A great while ago, when the world was full of
• A long time ago, the old people say...
• A Saam told this tale as he sat with his friends by
the fire at night. He swore that all of it was true. If
you have nothing else to do, I will tell this tale to
• At a time when the rivers were made of chocolate
and wishes could come true...
• At the time when men and animals were all the
same and spoke the same language... (Traditional
Navajo opening)
• Far away and just as long ago...
• In a certain realm, in a certain land...(Russian
In a land that never was in a time that could never
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Endings to what was told
• A grief shared by many is half a grief. A joy shared
is twice a joy. (Vietnamese Folk saying)
• A mouse did run; my story now is done.
• An' the wheel bend, an' the story end.
• And as far as anyone knows, they are living there
still to this day.
• And ever since then, that is the way it has been.
• And if they didn't live happily ever after, that's
nothing to do with you or me.
• And now the story is yours.
• And she lived till she grew up.
• And so it was, and so it is.
• And so the story goes.
• And that is how it is to this day.
• And that's a true story!
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Some uses for digital storytelling
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How to’s for Photo Story 3, Movie Maker
and WavePad, lesson plan template
• Beginner’s guide to Photo Story 3
• Many tutorials for Movie Maker 2
Papa John’s Site
• Digital storytelling
Western Massachusetts Writing Project
• Lesson Plan template – Word
• WavePad tutorial
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