Mrs. Plott’s 3rd
Grade Class
Welcome to Open
Welcome to Open House
Mrs. Plott’s phone number:
Conference Times:
Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 8:30-9:15
Thursday: 10:45-11:30
12:12 in the cafeteria
Mrs. Plott’s website:
My Goals
 To give your children the academic and
social skills needed to progress to
fourth grade.
 To provide a supportive and fun
classroom environment.
 To help them make new friends and
discover new interests.
Daily Class Schedule
8:20 – morning announcements
8:30 – 9:15 PE/Music
9:15-9:30 Restroom Break
9:30-11:30 Reading/Language Arts
11:30-11:40 Restroom Break
11:40-12:12 Writing Workshop
12:12-12:45 Lunch
12:50 – 1:10 Recess (weather permitting)
1:10-1:50 Social Studies
1:55-2:55 Eagle Hour
All times are approximate. Schedule may change for time allotment or
curriculum content purposes.
Testing Calendar
 TAKS Test:
March 3, 2009
April 28, 2009
Students must pass the reading portion of the TAKS test to be promoted
to 4th grade.
 District common assessments and benchmark tests will be
given throughout the school year. Students will be notified of
these test dates.
Grading Guidelines
At least 3 major tests per grading period = 50% of nine weeks grade;
8 minor quizzes or independent class work = 40% of nine weeks grade;
Homework Assignments: 10% of nine weeks grade;
Language Arts:
At least 2 major tests per grading period = 50% of nine weeks grade;
1 major composition per nine weeks grade
8 minor quizzes or independent class work = 50% of nine weeks
Homework Assignments: 10% of nine weeks grade;
Social Studies:
At least 3 major tests per grading period = 50% of nine weeks grade;
8 minor quizzes or independent class work = 40% of nine weeks grade;
Homework Assignments: 10% of nine weeks grade;
Grading Scale: 90-100(A) 80-89 (B) 75-79 (C) 70-74 (D) 0-69 (F)
Grading Guidelines
Neatness is always assessed on all assignments.
Handwriting must be grade level appropriate including letter formation, size,
and spacing between words and sentences. Points are deducted accordingly.
Correct capitalization is also required. Placing a capital letter incorrectly in a
spelling word, for example, will result in a missed item.
Correct headings are required for full credit on all papers. Up to 4% will be
deducted for improper or missing headings.
Complete sentences must be used on most assignments for full credit.
Correct spelling is required if the student has the word available to him (if the
word is located on the page, in the question, or if an open book test is given, in
the book) or if it is a word that should have been mastered by this point.
One percentage point(-1%sp) will be deducted.
A 70% is the maximum grade a child can receive on a retested item, such as
correcting failing major test grades.
Reading/ ELA
 We will be exploring different
types of genre or literature
including fiction, nonfiction,
poetry, and biographies. We
will be learning many
strategies to improve reading
and thinking processes.
 We will be preparing for the
TAKS Reading Test in March.
 We will be learning many new
vocabulary words through
Language and Word Study
 We will be learning the different
components of a sentence, as
well as the different types of
 We will be learning how to write
a paragraph with strong main
idea or topic sentences and
supporting, elaborated detail
 We will be learning how to write
several types of compositions
including narratives,
biographies, and research
Social Studies
 We will be learning about
communities, history, and
important local and national
leaders from both past and
 We will learn how to use
geographical tools, such as
maps and globes.
 We will learn how to collect,
analyze, and interpret data
from different sources. We
will learn how to make
graphical representations of
that data.
Classroom Community
 Our classroom is a family. In our family,
we have rules that we follow.
 We will continue to use the school’s
weekly Social Skill as our focus and
build our repertoire of well managed
behavioral skills.
Behavior Guidelines
 Appropriate behavior -- Students earn “Eagles” or
coupons, which they accrue throughout the nine weeks.
Students earning 50 eagles will participate in a special “board
game” day on the last day of the nine weeks. Students with all
or nearly all E’s will be considered for a special reward
“Principal’s Club”. Students in grades 3-5 are eligible and will
attend an afternoon learning session with one of the
administrators. They can also earn free art time, “shoes off and
relax”, or lunch with Mrs. Plott.
Behavior Guidelines
 Inappropriate behavior -- Students will receive a yellow
conduct slip for inappropriate behavior after a verbal warning is
given. Conduct is tallied and recorded in the Tuesday folder. I
use the Tuesday folder sheet to determine conduct grades for
the nine weeks in each area. Excessive conduct slips can result
in isolated lunch, a parent phone call, letter, or conference,
isolation or removal from class, detention after school or an
office referral. Consequences depend on the type and
frequency of the behavior.
Behavior Guidelines
Dress Code - KISD handbook pg. 29
Schultz staff will continue to strictly enforce the KISD dress code as printed in the student
Please remember:
Shorts, skirts, and dresses MUST be mid-thigh or below.
Tattoos must be covered at all times.
No low cut, see through, backless dress, tank top, may be worn.
Shoulder straps must be sufficiently wide enough to cover undergarments.
No inappropriate slogans, pictures, or suggestive material on clothes.
No scarves or hair style/color that is distracting.
Hair cuts such as mohawks or cut-ins are not permitted.
No bike shorts are allowed to be worn during school unless worn under skirts/dresses.
Appropriate footwear is required. Since the children participate in PE and recess, tennis
shoes are preferred. Backless sandals or "flip flops" are not allowed.
Parents will be called and asked to bring a change of clothes if students have dress code
infractions. Thank you for your support!
 Students will have about 45 minutes of homework
every night. This includes 20 minutes of reading.
 Please allow your child to have a quiet place at home
to complete his/her homework. Homework is to be
returned to school and will be checked on
Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
 Students receive a homework completion grade on
their report cards.
 Please see Mrs. Plott’s website:
Classwork/Homework/Tests button for the daily
School hours
 School starts at 8:10 a.m. daily.
 Students are tardy at 8:21. After three
tardies, a letter will be sent home to parents.
After the 5th tardy, the student’s conduct
grade drops one letter grade.
 Please call the attendance office if your child
is going to be absent.
 School ends at 3:05 P.M.each day.
Make Up Days Due to
Hurricane Ike
 KISD will make up four (4) instructional
days due to the hurricane. Please note
these on your calendar.
October 13, 2008
January 16, 2009
February 16, 2009
April 13, 2009
What Can Parents Do?
 Sign the homework folder nightly. Help your child
with homework.
 Review Tuesday folder papers with students.
 See the Parents Information Packet
 Join the PTO: The PTO provides monies for
tutoring students, playground equipment,
supplies, and fantastic holiday parties!
 Volunteer: at home and at school
Need dinner?
Papa John’s is here!
 Papa John’s Pizza is here selling
individual (6”) cheese or pepperoni
pizzas & drinks
Pizzas = $4.00 each
Drinks = $1.00 each
Cafeteria News
Mrs. Boudreaux will be in the
cafeteria from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. if
you’d like to put money in your
child’s lunch account.
Let’s Have a Great Year!

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