School Accountability Ratings
What Are Our District’s Accountability Ratings?
What do they mean?
Who are our Students?
• # of students
% white students
% African American students
% Hispanic students
% Economically disadvantaged students
% Students in Special Education
% Limited English Proficient students
• Number of campuses subject to ratings
– High schools
– Middle schools
– Elementary schools
Two Rating Systems
• State Accountability System
– Ratings: “Exemplary,” “Recognized,” “Academically Acceptable,”
“Academically Unacceptable” and “Not Rated”
– Indicators: TAKS tests, dropout rate (grades 7, 8), and completion
rate (grades 9-12)
– 5 Subgroups: All students, White, African American, Hispanic, and
Economically Disadvantaged
• Federal Accountability System (No Child Left Behind Act)
– Rating Categories: “Meets Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)” or
“Missed AYP” and “Not Rated”
– Indicators: TAKS tests, TAKS participation rate, and graduation rate
(for high schools) or attendance rate (for middle or elementary
– 7 Subgroups: Same as state plus Limited English Proficient and
Special Ed
District’s State Rating for 2008-09
• 2008-09 Rating:________
• 2007-08 Rating: ________
• Areas of challenge:
Campus State Ratings for 2008-09
• (#) campuses rated “Exemplary”
• (#) campuses rated “Recognized”
• (#) campuses rated “Academically
• Change from last year (if any)
• Areas of challenge
District’s Federal Rating for 2008-09
• AYP status
• Change from last year (if any)
• Reason(s) district didn’t make
AYP (if applicable)
Campus’ Federal Ratings for 2008-09
• (#) of campuses rated “Meets AYP”
• (#) of campuses rated “Missed AYP”
• Change from last year (if any)
• Reason(s) why all campuses did not
“Meet AYP” (if applicable)
Improvement Goals and Strategies for
• Improvement Goal #1:
• Program(s) to achieve the goal
• Improvement Goal #2:
• Program(s) to achieve the goal
How you can help….
• Become a pen-pal to a student
• Read to our students during your lunch period
• Tutor a student after school or on weekends
• Participate in a “Financial Aid” workshop to help
parents fill out financial aid forms
• Contact:

What Are Our Ratings and What do they mean?