Custom Report Writer Overview
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Tom Dodge | See the possibilities…
What Is It …………
A very powerful reporting solution that can
accommodate a broad scope of reporting needs
allowing you to:
• Modify standard reports in ePace to better meet your
specific needs. For example:
•Delivery Tickets
•Design and add new reports to ePace that are custom
to your operation. | See the possibilities…
Examples ???
• Invoice
– Standard
– Custom
• Delivery Receipt
– Standard
– Custom | See the possibilities…
(Show Samples)
Who Should Consider ………
• Operations that have specific reporting needs
not met by ePace’s standard offerings.
• Have an individual on staff that has the basic
skill set to become a “Report Writer”. | See the possibilities…
Skill Set Of A “Report Writer”
• Comfortable around technology.
• Basic understanding of database design.
• Basic understanding of SQL.
• Basic understanding of ODBC/JDBC.
• Past experience in report layout and formatting
and/or the desire to learn. | See the possibilities…
What if we don’t have an individual
who can be our “Report Writer”?
Our Professional Services Group is the perfect
solution for you!
• Jeff Carstarphen, PSG Manager
• System Customization and Report Writing
• Jeff has a session from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm this
Thursday, March 27th, Room 3. | See the possibilities…
What Do We Get With The Custom
Report Writer?
• A copy of Crystal-Clear Designer (report writing
• ODBC Drivers
• Data Dictionary
• Training
– University Of Pace
– Administrative Quick Start Guide
– Knowledgebase
• Support | See the possibilities…
Crystal Clear Benefits (Show Samples)
Can produce in many different output formats
– Java Viewer
Supports many layout elements & controls
– Summary Field
– Formula Field
Pictures Text
Cross Tab
Can generate reports from many different data sources
– Data In script languages
Supports unlimited grouping levels | See the possibilities…
Bean Data
Demonstration / Discussion
Show report selection for each module.
Discuss customizing menu structure.
Show data dictionary.
Show sample of report opened in designer.
Show administration screens.
Discuss ePaceStation. | See the possibilities…
Q&A | See the possibilities…