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Canadian operations began in 1913.
• We are the largest Canadian-owned publisher and
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• Extensive research and strong author partnerships are
key to creating materials that enable educators to deliver
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• With almost 100 years of experience educating
Canadians, we take pride in contributing to our nation’s
identity, prosperity, and global competitiveness.
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You can claim the textbook amount (right on your tax return!) if you are eligible to claim the
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Key Concepts and Glossary
These are shown in bold text throughout the chapters and definitions are found in
the margins and the Glossary in the Chapter Review Cards
Chapter Review Cards
Detachable pages at the back of your text that summarize the contents of each
chapter. Now you don’t need to carry your entire book to prep for exams!
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Textbooks…why do they cost what they do?
• Producing a textbook program is a complex and expensive
• Costs include editing, accuracy checking, proofreading, art
development, photo and text permissions, layout, indexing,
printing, manufacturing, storage, packaging, and technology
and supplement development.
• The people who work on a book are paid—from the authors
earning royalties for their intellectual property to the
publishing professionals who help create numerous titles.
• Bringing a book to market could cost well over $1,000,000 by
the time it is published.

Your Required Course Materials: Mankiw: Principles of