Chapter 7
The Board
Chairman &
District Staff
New Board Chairman Workshop
Keys to Success
 The major factor in school success
is the employment and retention of an
excellent staff.
New Board Chairman Workshop
Chairman’s Responsibilities
As board chair you must…
be aware of your personnel practices.
lead your board in the development
of policies that ensure the selection
and retention of quality individuals.
New Board Chairman Workshop
Issues to Address through Policy
Application process/procedures
2. Who is involved in personnel decisions?
3. New employee activities/mentoring
4. How are tenure recommendations
5. Evaluation policies and procedures
6. Recognition programs
New Board Chairman Workshop
Chairman’s Responsibilities
 It is not your job to micromanage or
interfere in personnel matters.
 Establish the proper policies and then
see to it that they are implemented.
New Board Chairman Workshop
I. Types of Employees
II. Evaluation
III. Retention
IV. Collaborative Conferencing
New Board Chairman Workshop
a) Superintendent
b) Support Staff
c) Non-Tenured Teachers
d) Tenured Teachers
New Board Chairman Workshop
T.C.A. 49-2-203 (a)(14)(A)
Notwithstanding any other public or
private act to the contrary, employ a
director of schools under a written
contract of up to four (4) years' duration,
which may be renewed.
New Board Chairman Workshop
49-2-301 (b)(1) It is the duty of the board of
education to assign to its director of schools the
duty to:
(A) Act for the board in seeing that the laws relating
to the schools and rules of the state and the local
board of education are faithfully executed;
(F) Make such recommendations to the board as the
director deems for the best interest of the public
schools, but in no case shall the director have a vote
on any question coming before the board;
New Board Chairman Workshop
(G) Have general supervision of all schools, and
visit the schools from time to time, and advise with
the teachers and members of the board as to their
condition and improvement;
(J) Recommend to the board teachers who are
eligible for tenure or notify such teachers of their
failure of reelection pursuant to § 49-5-409;
(L) Assign teachers and educational assistants to
the several schools;
New Board Chairman Workshop
(W) Prepare, annually, a budget for the schools in
the director's school system, submit the budget to
the board for its approval and present it to the
county or other appropriate local legislative body
for adoption as provided for by charter or private
legislative act;
(EE) Within the approved budget and consistent
with existing state laws and board policies,
employ, transfer, suspend, non-renew and dismiss
all personnel, licensed or otherwise
New Board Chairman Workshop
Support Staff
T.C.A. 49-2-301 (b)(1)(FF) All persons
who are employed in a position for which
no teaching license is required shall be
hired at the will of the director of schools.
The local board of education shall develop
a policy for dismissing such employees;
New Board Chairman Workshop
Probationary Teachers
 “Apprentice” Teachers
 Must serve at least 5 years in a
probationary period
New Board Chairman Workshop
Probationary Teachers
 A non-tenured teacher may be
discharged without cause by written
 Notice must be given prior to June 15th
under the continuing contract law.
New Board Chairman Workshop
Tenure is granted by the board
upon the recommendation
of the superintendent.
If tenure is not granted, the
educator may no longer be
employed with the system.
New Board Chairman Workshop
o At least five years of a probationary status with the last
two years’ evaluations graded to be “above
expectations” or “significantly above expectations.”
New Board Chairman Workshop
 NOT a lifetime guarantee of
employment – kinda.
 Intended to protect competent
teachers from unjust dismissal by
allowing dismissal only for cause and
entitling employee to written charges
and a due process hearing.
New Board Chairman Workshop
Tenure – Evaluation Tiers
o After tenure is obtained, if a teacher’s evaluations are
graded to be “below expectations” or “significantly below
expectations,” then the teacher automatically reverts to
probationary status.
New Board Chairman Workshop
Causes for Dismissal
 Unprofessional Conduct
 Incompetence
 Inefficiency
 Insubordination
 Neglect of Duty
New Board Chairman Workshop
Chairman’s Responsibilities
Dismissing a tenured teacher is a very
difficult and time consuming process.
It is up to you as chairman to set the
tone, keep the board members focused,
and ensure an objective process.
New Board Chairman Workshop
Dismissal Process
o Impartial Hearing Officer
o Appeal to local school board
o Chancery Court
o Court of Appeals
o Tennessee Supreme Court
New Board Chairman Workshop
II. Evaluations
New Evaluations – TAP, TIGER, TEI, & Hamilton
County Models
Annual evaluations will differentiate performance
into 5 effectiveness groups: significantly above
expectations, above expectations, at expectations,
below expectations and significantly below
New Board Chairman Workshop
New Board Chairman Workshop
 Stay the course!
 Somewhat of a PR battle.
 Learn your model – know its strengths and
its weaknesses.
New Board Chairman Workshop
 Educators will have a minimum of 4 observations,
with at least 2 each semester, for a minimum total of
60 minutes each school year. At least ½ of all
observations will be unannounced. Apprentice
teachers will have at least 6 observations, with 3 in
each semester, for a minimum total of 90 minutes
each school year.
 Obviously, this is a significant change from the
previous system of evaluations.
New Board Chairman Workshop
o Change/Relief is going to come.
o No one thinks, nor is anyone even implying
that these evaluations or this system are
o Seek feedback from your teachers, principals,
and superintendents.
New Board Chairman Workshop
III. Retention
 42% of teachers in Tennessee
leave the teaching profession
within the first five years of
their career.
New Board Chairman Workshop
Why do you think so many
Tennessee teachers leave
the profession within the
first five years?
New Board Chairman Workshop
Reasons Teachers Leave the Classroom
1.) Lack of support from the
2.) Child rearing/pregnancy
3.) Salary and benefits
New Board Chairman Workshop
Board Can Support Teachers by:
1. Ensure superintendent works with
principals to balance workload for
2. Providing mentoring support,
3. Providing meaningful professional
development, &
4. Demonstrating appreciation.
New Board Chairman Workshop
Demonstrating Appreciation for Staff
- Implement staff appreciation days.
- Teacher of the Month/Year.
- Celebrate teachers who earn tenure.
- Honor retirees.
- Encourage staff input on items before the board.
- Include staff in strategic planning, budget development,
policy development and major curriculum changes.
New Board Chairman Workshop
IV. Collaborative Conferencing
 House Bill 130 – Senate Bill 113
 Public Chapter 378
 Completely repealed the EPNA
 PECCA requires a meet-and-confer
environment, not agreements
New Board Chairman Workshop
Collaborative Conferencing
• Use this time to prepare.
• This time presents an excellent
opportunity to you and your board.
• Take the lead!
New Board Chairman Workshop
Personnel Policies/Procedures
 These items were always permissive items of
collective bargaining, not mandatory.
 Most, if not all, CBAs included clauses
requiring seniority or length of service to be
the/a primary factor in these decisions.
 These types of provisions greatly restrict the
superintendent’s ability to manage schools and
perform his/her duties.
New Board Chairman Workshop
Megan Sampson
First Week of June 2010
Named “Outstanding First-Year Teacher”
by the
Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English
Second Week of June 2010
Received layoff notice
New Board Chairman Workshop
Personnel Policies/Procedures
The director of schools shall develop
procedures regarding the dismissal of
certified employees as required in the
best interests of the students or as
necessary for the efficient operation of
the schools. No single criterion, such as
seniority, shall be used as the basis of
any such dismissal.
New Board Chairman Workshop
• Payroll Deductions
• Develop a Policy or allow your Finance
Department/Superintendent to address
this matter through procedure.
• Make sure that the process makes sense
both financially and administratively.
New Board Chairman Workshop
Be consistent
be transparent!!
New Board Chairman Workshop
Chairman’s Responsibilities - Recap
 Ensure every policy is student-driven and
furthers the mission of your system.
 Ensure that your superintendent knows
your policies/mission and that he/she has
the flexibility to move forward.
 Create an environment of mutual respect
between the board and its employees.
New Board Chairman Workshop
New Board Chairman Workshop