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ARC – Why Report Studio?
• Query Studio
• ad hoc queries
• simple reports and charts
• Report Studio
• advanced reports and charts (multiple-page,
• specific needs (complex prompts and filters)
• greater flexibility in calculating and formatting
• re-use
Report Studio
• Challenges
complexity of the tool*
little ExLibris documentation*
knowledge of the underlying database
difficulty dealing with error messages (+ access to
the log files on the ARC server)
“CM-REQ-4342 The client did something wrong.”
“You do not have permission to use Report Studio. Report Studio
is shutting down. For more information, contact the administrator.”
* IBM training: Cognos Report Studio (3 days)
• Environment
• ALEPH: v18
• (ARC) Report Studio: v8.2
Create new report
Create new report - List
Create new report - Blank
Open existing report
Report design - tips & tricks
• Use:
• headers & footers (“Menu: Structure -> Page Header
and Footer...”) – for information that applies to the
entire report and that appears on every page
• blocks and tables (“Toolbox: Insertable Objects”)–
for horizontal alignment, respectively horizontal and
vertical alignment in layout
– (!) blocks and table cells do not add space between objects
=> insert a text object with “space” character(s)
• images (for logos etc.) only when not saving the
report as an Excel file
Report design - advanced
Conditional formatting
• conditional styles
– better identify exceptional
or unexpected results
• conditional layouts
– multilingual reports
– multiformat reports (pdf,
Excel, html etc.)
• Crosstab reports are used
to show the relationships
between three or more
query items.
• Crosstab reports show
data in rows and columns
with information
summarized at the
intersection points.
Crosstabs – tips & tricks
• In crosstabs only measures (no texts, no dates) can be
used for the body (intersection of rows & columns)
• In order to add more than one measure for a crosstab
insert all fields at the same time either as rows or as
columns and do not use a default measure
• There is no grouping with crosstabs (that is done
automatically when creating the crosstab).
• A list can be transformed into a crosstab, but not the
other way around.
• Nested crosstabs can be created by adding more than
one item to rows or columns.
Multi-page reports
Multi-page reports
Multi-page reports
Multi-page reports
By creating filters certain
conditions are defined
around query items in
order to report on a
specific subset of data.
The filter applies to all
rows in the list / crosstab /
chart etc.
Filters – tips & tricks
• For filters you can use:
– constants (typed or selected from the data available in ARC),
data items, parameters (prompt values) etc.
• Filters can be:
– optional (for prompts), required or disabled (for test purposes)
– detail (on an item) or summary (on aggregate data – totals etc.)
• (!) Detail filters work with the rows at the database level
(before any aggregation): the values are chosen
according to the filter and only afterwards combined.
Prompts are used in order to
ask the user for a report
specification. They function as
Prompts are useful for:
• running the same report with
different parameters
• creating Report Views and
Prompts & filters
Prompts & filters - advanced
ARC - Report views
• Report views ≈ different outputs of the
same report
• the same report specification as the source report
• different properties:
prompt values, schedules, delivery methods, run
options, languages, and output formats
• Example:
• report: “Loans per month”
• possible report views: “BnL - Loans per month (pdf)”, “BnL Loans per month (xls)”, “Uni - Loans per month (yearly)”,
“Uni - Loans per month (trimester)”
ARC - Report views
Schedules & jobs
• When scheduling a report several options can
be set.
• Scheduling works with reports & report views.
• For multiple reports that need to run at the same
time, schedules can be grouped in a job.
• (!) Several report views for the same report can
be added to a job, with different prompt values /
languages / output or delivery options, but they
need to have different names.
Schedules & jobs
ARC - Report Studio
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