All Quiet on the
Western Front
-Erich Maria Remarque
Honors English 10
Tenth Grade
Mrs. Hugus
The Author
Erich Maria Remarque (1898-1970)
 Drafted into German Army in 1916
 Wounded five times in combat
 After war – teacher, stonecutter and
editor of sports magazine
 Suffered from depression, wrote to
cure it
 Book published in 1929 – novel sold
more than one million copies in
Germany alone
 Translated into 23 languages
 Nominated for a Nobel Prize in
All Quiet on the Western Front
This book is to be neither an
accusation nor a confession, and
least of all an adventure, for
death is not an adventure to
those who stand face to face
with it. It will try simply to tell
of a generation of men who,
even though they may have
escaped shells, were destroyed
by the war.
-Erich Maria Remarque
Reasons for the War
Territory Conflicts
Assassination of
Archduke Francis
Ferdinand of
War was declared on July 28,
Countries Involved
Triple Alliance – Germany, AustriaHungary and Bulgaria
 The Ottoman Empire
 Triple Entente Powers – Russia, France,
Italy, Japan, Belgium and England
 The United States joined the Triple
Entente Powers after the sinking of the
Lusitania in 1917.
Map Room: Europe at War
Greatest and Most
Expensive War
at that time
 65 Million Men Fought
 8 Million Died
 126,ooo American
 First war to use gas,
machine guns and airplanes
Map - Losses in World War One
Trench Warfare
 Men
dug trenches on either side of
the “Front Line”
 They surrounded the trenches with
barbed wire and fought from within
The War
War Room BBC - History - Western Front animation
The Characters
On the threshold of life, they faced an abyss of death...
The Soldiers in Second Company
Paul Baumer – 19 year old soldier; the
Albert Kropp – the best thinker in the group
Mueller – a studious soldier
Leer – a ladies’ man
Franz Kemmerich – Paul’s childhood friend
Haie Westhus – a large man; a peat-digger
Detering – a nature lover; a farmer
Tjaden – a skinny soldier; a lock-smith
Stanislaus Katczinsky – the leader of the
group; very resourceful
Himmelstoss – the drillmaster
Kantorek – the teacher
lorry – truck
dust up – fight
skat – German card game
morphia – morphine
clink –jail
barrage - attack
esprit de corps – group spirit
tommy – British soldier
automata – like a robot
aller – French verb “to go”
camerade – French for friend
gendarmes – military policemen
apoplexy – stroke; severe hemorrhage
Final Thoughts
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