George Washington
Carver Center
for Arts & Technology
9th Grade Parent Orientation
Thursday, August 20, 2015
Karen E. H. Steele, Principal
Keys to Success
Cornerstone of Carver Center is Respect
 Student Handbook/Student Addendum
 Carver Center Website
 BCPSOne Get involved!
– Carver Center Foundation
– Carver Center Parent Committee
– Sports Boosters
– Alumni Association
– School Progress Plan Team
Graduation Requirements
English – 4
Social Studies – 3.5
 Math – 3
 Science – 3
 Physical Education – 1
 Health - .5
 Technology Education – 1
 Fine Arts - 1
 Course Study Sequence – 4
– One of the following sequences:
 4 credits in a Specified Sequence of Courses (CTE)
 2 credits in the same World Language in high school taken in consecutive
years; 1 elective credit; Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and one additional
math in the final year
Courses through the Community College of
Differences between
Parallel Enrollment
& College 4 Free
Grade Levels
College 4 Free
2.5 unweighted
11 & 12 only
All Year,
Fall & Spring
Times of Year
All creditAll creditEligible Courses bearing courses bearing courses
Parents pay only
Parents pay 1/2 for books and
the cost
Number of Courses
Maximum of 4
Student Service Learning
A teaching method that combines
meaningful service to the community with
curriculum-based learning.
– 75 Hours Pre-Approved
– Addresses a real community need and
includes Preparation, Action, and Reflection
Carver Center offers academic classes in…
– Technology Education, Science, English,
Social Studies, World Languages,
Mathematics, and Physical Education.
– Standard, Honors, Gifted and Talented, and
Advanced Placement programs are all offered
at Carver Center.
Top Things Parents Need to Know about the
Common Core State Standards
The goal of the CCSS is college and workforce readiness for all students.
States led the effort to develop the CCSS, not the federal government.
The CCSS are not a curriculum and do not tell teachers how to teach.
Better standards call for better assessments.
The CCSS focus on 21st century skills.
The CCSS create consistent learning goals for all students regardless of
where they live or go to school.
The CCSS are aligned to college and workplace expectations.
The CCSS are benchmarked against academic standards from the world’s
top-performing countries.
The CCSS call for changes in learning for ELA and mathematics.
The CCSS delve deeper into core concepts.
High School Assessments
Biology (400)
 Government (394)
PARCC Assessments
 Algebra 1
 English 10
When do students take the
HSA and PARCC Assessments?
Government – 9th
 Biology- 9th
Graduation requirement– Pass both HSAs or earn a combined score
both assessments.
– PARCC assessments are given in the year
students take the Algebra 1 and/or English 10
courses. Passing scores have not been
determined at this time.
What happens if a student
does not pass the HSA?
There are 3 administrations per year.
– October, January, and May
Interventions will take place during the
school day, when possible, to prepare
Learning Resource Dept
The Learning Resource staff
– addresses the needs of students with IEPs and provides supports for
students with 504 plans.
– Is available to work with all students on organizational and study
The Learning Resource room is open from 2:15-4:00 for any student
that wants to do homework or work on an ongoing project.
If there is a concern that a student may require formal supports in
the form of an IEP, email Robert Graham (
If there is a concern that a student may require supports in the
form of a Student Support Team plan (SST), email Jane Wetzel Assistant Principal/ 504 Chairman at
What? A practice SAT test comprised of Math,
Critical Reading, and Writing questions
When? Administered during the school day
Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Who? All 9th grade students take the PSAT
Why? To practice for the SAT’s—know your
score and analyze your answers
To qualify for scholarship money
– 11th grade only —National Merit
Scholarship Qualifying Test
Administered in April of 11th grade and/or the
fall of 12th grade.
 Preparing for SATs
– SAT practice and strategies infused into daily
lessons at Carver Center
– College Board SAT Online Course
– Carver Center’s ½ credit SAT Prep Course
– Carver Center’s Summer SAT Course
– Carver Center’s SAT Breakfast Club
What can parents do?
Check out
Career Experience Program
Purpose: To give students an
opportunity to apply academic, technical,
and interpersonal skills in a work-based
learning experience.
Career Experience Program
 Only
in the senior year
 Must work in an area relating to prime
 Can receive up to 3 credit hours
 Program only for work hours during the
school day
 Most students get jobs through personal
 Grading / Weekly journal required
Clubs and Organizations
Clubs and Organizations Fair
– Tuesday Sept 15 during A1
What is needed for
Completed physical by a physician
– (Physicals are valid for one calendar year)
Completed Athletic Permit Blank
 Completed Pre-Participation Head Injury
 Completed Emergency Card
– (Athletic Permit, Head Injury and Emergency
Card must be completed each season of
Academic Eligibility
Students are academically ineligible if
they have less than a 2.0 grade point
average with no more than one failing,
incomplete, or medical grade in the
preceding quarter.
 Fall academic eligibility is determined by
the fourth quarter grading period from
the preceding school year. This provision
does not apply to incoming 9th grade
students for initial fall eligibility.
Registration will be held prior to the first
day of each season.
 All required forms must be completed and
submitted during registration.
Important Reminders
Student Drop-Off – Enter from Kenilworth
Avenue only. Drop-off students in front of
Gymnasium Entrance
Building closes at 2:45PM. Students not
under the direct supervision of a teacher
should be picked up or on their way home
at that time.
Important Dates
Back to School Night –
– Thursday September 3 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Freshmen Ice Cream Social
– Thursday September 17 6:30PM – 9:00PM
– Saturday April 9 6:00PM – 11:00PM
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9th Grade Orientation - George Washington Carver Center