High School– 4 years
Community College – 2 years (Optional)
Associate’s Degree
University –4 years
Bachelor’s Degree
Degrees after the B.A./B.S.
University-2 years or more
Master’s Degree
University –3 years or more
Doctorate Degrees-Ph.D, Ed.D, M.D.
Professional Degrees-Law Degree
4 Systems of Higher Education
University of California (UC)
California State University (CSU)
California Community Colleges
Independent and Private
High School
Tiered System
High School
Community College
109 Community Colleges in CA
 Prepares students to transfer to a 4 year
Associate’s degree
To enroll, students have to be 18 + or
have a High School Diploma
California State University
 23 California State Universities
B.A./B.S. and Master’s degrees
Accepts high school Seniors and Community
College transfers
Provides broad liberal education and prepares
students for professional goals
University of California (UC)
 10 University of California Campuses-Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los
Angeles, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, San Francisco (Medical and
Graduate School Only), Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz
B.A./B.S., J.D., M.D. and only public system in California that can
grant the Ph.D
Accepts High School Seniors and Community College Transfers
Mission of the UC: Research & Teaching
Professional Schools-Law, Medicine, Education, Engineering,
Journalism, Social Welfare
Private Universities/Colleges
77 Private Universities/Colleges in CA
Vary in size, prestige, and cost
 Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate’s, and Professional
Accepts high school graduates and Community College
Professional Schools-Law, Medicine, Education, Engineering,
Journalism, Social Welfare
UC Entrance Requirements
Subject Requirements ( A-G
Examination Requirement ( SAT
Reasoning Test or ACT and SAT
Subject Tests)
G.P.A. Requirement
Minimum UC Subject Requirements
(A-G Courses)
(a) History/Social Science - 2 years required
(b) English - 4 years required
(c) Math - 3 years required, 4 recommended
(d) Laboratory Science - 2 years required, 3
(e) Language Other than English - 2 years
required of the same language, 3
(f) Visual Arts - 1 year required
(g) Elective - 1 year required of college prep
College Entrance Tests
SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT
2 SAT Subject Tests
Students must take all required
tests to be considered eligible
for admission.
Students who do not take all the
tests are not considered eligible.
G.P.A Requirement
Necessary grades and test scores
changeover time, but usually need:
*A 3.45 (B+) GPA in the A-G courses or
*If GPA is less than 3.45 but greater than
3.0, then student can meet eligibility
requirement by getting required scores on
SAT or ACT AND SAT Subject Tests or
*Top 4% of senior class in high school
UC gives “bonus” points for grades
earned in honors or Advanced
Placement courses
Not Required, but
UC looks for “well-rounded”
students too!
Participation in outside activities:
Student government
Music, Drama, Visual Arts
Community/Volunteer service
Part-time jobs
Review of Options
High School