Anne Miller
The colony of
Georgia was truly
the vision of James
Oglethorpe. He had
planned to use the
new colony to help
people in debtors
However, by the time he received the charter
for Georgia (June 9, 1732) Oglethorpe had
dropped his plan to use debtors and hand-picked
the 116 men and women who would travel to
Georgia on The Ann.
Anne Miller
Anne Miller
General James Edward
Oglethorpe is considered
the founding father of
Savannah, Augusta, and
He brought 120 settlers
to Georgia. This was the
last of the 13 colonies.
He also helped plan the
city of Savannah.
Anne Miller
Tomichichi was
the chief of the
Yamacraw Indians.
He greeted
Oglethorpe when
he first landed on
Yamacraw Bluff.
They became
Anne Miller
King George II
signed the royal
charter which
established the
colony of Georgia
in 1732.
Georgia colony
was named in
honor of King
George II,
the king of
Anne Miller
Anne Miller
"Anne" was the name
of the ship that
brought Oglethorpe
and the colonists
from England on
November 17, 1732.
They landed on
Yamacraw Bluff in
Savannah on
February 12, 1733.
Yamacraw Bluff is located in Savannah
on the Savannah River. It is where the
settlers and Oglethorpe landed in 1733.
Yamacraw was the name of a tribe of
Indians that lived there.
 These monuments mark
the spot where Oglethorpe
landed with the first
Georgia Colonists.
Anne Miller
A colony is a place that is
ruled by another country.
James Oglethorpe
brought 120 settlers to
the Colony of Georgia.
The settlers arrived in
Georgia February 12, 1733,
to start a new colony
called Georgia. This new
Colony was the 13th colony
in the new world called America.
Anne Miller
Anne Miller
Yamacraw Indians lived on the land that
we now call Savannah.
They are part of the Creek tribe.
The name Savannah
is said to have came
either from the
Sawana people who
lived in that area
Anne Miller
Or the name may
be from a Shawnee
word for the
Savannah River.
Mary Musgrove
helped Oglethorpe
and Tomochichi talk
to each other.
Anne Miller
She also owned a
trading post and
became a very
wealthy woman.
interpreter was Mary Musgrove.
In 1736, John Wesley
“She understands both
languages, being
educated amongst the
English. She can read
and write, and is a wellcivilized women. She is
likewise to teach us the
Indian tongue.” –
Anne Miller
A colonial trading
post -A trading post
was a store where
colonist and Native
Americans traded with
each other.
Mary and her husband
moved their trading
post to Yamacraw Bluff
in 1732. The post, known
as the Cowpens, became
a successful business.
Anne Miller
Life was simple in the new colony.
People farmed and raised cattle and
Anne Miller
There was
lumbering and fur trade.
The first people to live in Georgia
were the prehistoric Indians
called the Mound Builders.
Anne Miller
They built mounds to bury
the dead, for temples, and
others were built in animal
Before the White Settlers
Cherokee Indians
live in North Georgia.
Creek Indians
lived in South
Anne Miller
Anne Miller
A Georgia Indian called
Sequoyah was the first
to make an Indian
alphabet in 1821.
These words are written in
Sequoyah's alphabet and are
spoken in the Cherokee
The first Indian newspaper was
published in Georgia
in 1828.
 It was called the
“Cherokee Phoenix”.
Anne Miller
In 1830 the Congress of the United States
passed the "Indian Removal Act." This act
forced the Cherokee Indians from their
homelands in the east to Indian Territory
what is now called Oklahoma in 1838-1839.
Anne Miller
This is known as the "Trail of Tears" or
"The Trail Where They Cried".
The “Trustee’s Garden” was the first
agricultural experimental farm and station in
It was started in 1733 in Savannah. The purpose
was to experiment with herbs and plants from all
over the world to find out
which crops would grow
best in Georgia
such as peaches,
rice, cotton, grapes, flax,
hemp, indigo, olives, and
the mulberry trees.
Anne Miller
The first protestant Sunday School
was started by John Wesley
in Savannah in 1736. This was the first
“Sunday School”
in America.
Anne Miller
Church was
founded in
Orphanage is the
oldest Orphanage
still in operation in
Anne Miller
It was opened in 1741 by
George Whitefield and James
It is located in Savannah.
In 1788, two slaves, Andrew Bryan
and Abraham Marshall,
worked to organize
the first black
Church in
America named
the First African
Baptist Church.
Anne Miller
England ruled
In 1775 the
people in
America decided
they wanted to
rule themselves.
They went to war with England and gained
their freedom in 1783.
On January 2, 1788, Georgia became the
fourth state to join the United States.
Anne Miller
• Eli Whitney invented
the first cotton gin
near Savannah in 1793.
The cotton gin helped
to make cotton the
south’s most important
Anne Miller
The S.S.
Savannah was
the first
steamship to
cross the
Atlantic Ocean.
It took 29 days for the S.S. Savannah to
travel from Savannah to Liverpool,
England in 1891.
Anne Miller
The first gold rush
in the United States
was in Dahlonega, Georgia
in 1828.
Georgia gold
was used to cover
the dome of the
Capital Building in
Anne Miller
Coca – Cola was
first made in a
drugstore in
Atlanta in 1886.
It is now a famous
soft drink sold
around the world.
Anne Miller
The first
Girl Scout Troop
was started in
Savannah in 1912.
It was formed by
Juliette Gordon Low.
Anne Miller
Martin Luther King
was the first Georgian
to win the Nobel
Peace Prize.
He was a black
Baptist minister that
was known for his
leadership during the
black freedom
movement in the
Anne Miller
Jimmy Carter was the 39th President of the
United States from 1977-1981.
He was born on October 1, 1924 in Plains,
His name was James Earl
Carter, Jr.
Jimmy Carter has been very
active in his post-presidential
life. He is a champion of
human rights and works for
several charitable causes such
as Habitat for Humanity.
Anne Miller
Anne Miller
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