Weekly Editing 4th Grade
Week 1- Monday
To excape the German concentration camps, the Jewish family
of Otto Frank went into hiding in 1942. During the families
two years in hide, 13-year-old anne frank kept a diary. She
wrote her last diary entry on August 1 1944. Three days later,
police raided the family's hiding place. Anne and her sister
were shiped to a concentration camps. Anne died their nine
months later. Since that time, Anne's diary has been publish in
30 languages.
Day 2
About a half our before sunrise on August 3 1492,
Christopher Columbus set sale from Palos Spain. He, and
his crew sailed on three ships -- the Nina Pinta and Santa
Maria. They sailed in search of a shorter route two India.
Instead, columbus discovered a “New World.” Experts
believe he land on San salvador Island in the Bahamas on
October 12, 1492.
Day 3
Have you ever seen the TV show I love lucy. In that show,
Lucille Ball starred as Lucy Ricardo. Her real-life husband,
Desi Arnaz, co-starring as her tv husband, bandleader Ricky
Ricardo. Many experts beleive I Love Lucy is one of the
gratest TV comedy shows of all time?
The real Lucille Ball was born on August 6 1911, in Butte
Montana. She grew up in Jamestown, New York.
Day 4
Do you know the name Gertrude Ederle. Born in new York
City, Ederle won three swimming medals at the olympic
Games in 1924. However, her bigest fame came two years
later. On August 6 1926, Ederle became the first women to
swim across the English Channel. She broke the mens
record for that swim by two hours! The English Channel is
the body of water that separates the countrys of england
and france.
Week 2- Monday
August 6 is a date to rember. On that date in
1945, an American B-29 bomber droped an
atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima, Japan.
More than 65,000 people were killed in the
explosion, which destroyed 4 square mile of the
city. within a week of the bomming, the japanese
government surrendered and World War II came
too an end. Many places now hold special
memorial ceremony's on the anniversary of the
august 6 bombing?
Day 2
On August 6, 1965 President Lyndon Johnson sign a law
that made it easyer for African Americans to vote in US
elections. Up until that time, some communitys attempted
to discriminate agains black people and members of other
minority group. They requird voters to take written tests or
pay special taxes four the write to vote The Voting Rights
Act of 1965 put an end to voter discrimination.
Day 3
For many years, people had to imagine what earth look like
from space? In 1959, those people got there first real look!
On August 7 that year, the U.S. satellite Explorer VI
transmited the first picture of Earth from space. Two year
later, the first human got to seen that view when Russia
send a man into space. A few week after that russian space
flight, Alan Shepard become the first U.S. astronaut in
Day 4
Richard Nixon became president of the United States on
January 29, 1969. In 1972, a break-in was discover at the
head quarters of the Democratic National Committee in
Washington, D.C. Soon investigators lerned that members
of President Nixon's re-election committee was involve in
the brake-in, That information led to Nixon's resignation
on August 9 1974. He were the first -- and only -- U.S.
president too resign in office.
Week 3- Monday
Are you a Elvis Presley fan. Elvis were one of the most
popular singers of all time. His hit song include "Blue
Suede Shoes," "Are You Lone Some Tonight" and "Hound
Dog." When Elvis died on August 16, 1977, fans round the
world went in to mourning. Each August, thousands of fans
flock to Presleys home -- called Graceland -- in Memphis
Tennessee, to remember the singer and mark the
anniversary of his death.
Day 2
Ogden Nash was an american poet noted for his humorous
verse. He wrot on subjects every body could understand?
He wrote this verse about dogz:
The truth I do not stretch or shove
When I state that the dog is ful of love.
Ive also found, by actual test,
A wet dog is the lovingest.
Nash was born in Rye, New York, on August 19 1902. He
died in baltimore Maryland, on May 19, 1971.
Day 3
On August 21 1959, Hawaii became the 50th state in the
united states. Since that time, the people of Hawaii have
celebrate their statehood with a special holiday on the
third friday on August. Did you know that hawaii is the
widest of the U.S. states. The state consists of eight maine
islands spread over a large area. The state's name probably
come from the native word Owhyhee, which means
Day 4
Do you no the special meaning of the 19th Amendment to
the U.S. Constitution. That Amendment give women the
right to vote a voting-rights amendment was first
introduced to Congress in 1878, but it did not became law
until August 26 1920. Today, August 26 is celebrated as
Women's Equality Day. Its a day for remembering the
women who worked so hard to earn the write to vote for
all womens.
Week 4- Monday
Agnes Bojaxhiu were born in Macedonia on August 27,
1910 when Agnes turned 18 years old, she joined a
community of nuns and moved to Calcutta India. There she
was nown as Mother Teresa. While teaching at St. Marys
High School, Mother Teresa caught a glimps of how
Calcutta's poorest people lived. Soon she devoded her life
to working in the citys slums. That work earned her the
Nobel Piece Prize in 1979.
Day 2
Grover cleveland was the 24th president of the United States -but he was the first president to become a father while live in
the White House. On August 30, 1893 President Clevelands
wife, Frances, gave birth to an baby girl. President and Mrs.
Cleveland name their daughter Esther. Esther was not the very
first baby born on the white house, however. In 1806, President
Thomas Jefferson's granddaughter was born their.
Day 3
When you think of earth quakes in the United States, do
you usually think of the western states. That don't mean
earthquakes do not happen in the eastern states. On
August 31 1886, the first major eastern earthquake was
recorded it hapened near Charleston, South Carolina. The
charleston earthquake was not the first eastern earthquake,
but it was the worse. Other earthquakes be recorded in the
eastern United States as far back as 1638.
Day 4
Marian McQuade, a woman in West Virginia, wanted a day
to honor grand parents. She asks for help from U.S. senator
Jennings Randolph and also got her idea in the news. It
took eighth years, but in 1978, President Jimmy Carter
finally declared Grandparents Day a national holiday Since
then, family’s have Celebrated it everey September on the
Sunday after Labor Day. On this holiday, make sure to
thank older adults who haves a spechial place in your life.
Week 5- Monday
Francis Scott Key wrotes the words to “The Star-Spangled
Banner” after a battle durring the War of 1812. Key saw
how british forces attaked Fort McHenry in Baltimore
Maryland. After the battle, the America flag was still flying
over the fort, which showed that Americans were not
deafeated. The song become the U.S. national anthem on
1931. The flag that Key saw is now at a museum in
Washignton, D.C.
Day 2
One World Trade was made to be the talest building in
New York city in 2012. It is a monument to help us
remember those who lost there lives on september 11
2001. One World Trade stands 1,776 feet high in honnor of
the year America claimed it’s independence. People form
all over the world visit the bilding every year
Day 3
In 1924, for planes began the first flight around the world.
the flight started in Seattle and took 1,75 days to make it
back. Along the way, the pilots maid several stops in
countrys such as Japan India, and Turkey. Due to whether
and engine problems, only two of the four plane made the
whole trip. The flight, about 26,000 miles long, helped
make todays inter national travel possible.
Day 4
The birthday of the United State Constitution is on
September 17 1787. The constitution created our countries
first lawsand said how America’s new goverment wood
work. It explained how we have a president whose in
charge, a Congress to make laws, and a Supreme Court to
decide if people are following the laws. over the years, we
have made “amendments” (changes) to the Constituton
to protect everyone’s fredom. The first ten amendments
are called the Bill of Rights.
Week 6- Monday
For many schools, september means the start of the school
year. Students meet they’re new teachers and classmates.
This is all so a time to buy clothes and supply such as
backpacks pencils, and notebooks. Do you feel excited or
nervos about going back to school. Think about what you
will learn an whether theres a special goal you will try to
meat. What will be the best thing about this school year?
Day 2
Charles and Frank Duryea test one of the first gas-powered
automobeles in September 1893. The vehicle had a 4horsepower engine. The next year, inventer Elwood Haynes
tested a simliar car, the Pioneer. In 1908, Henry Ford began
producing the 20-horse-power Model T. Cars begans to
have more and more horsepower over the years. in the
1960s, 300-horsepower engines were common. Todays
cars way less so even a 150-horsepower car can go fast.
Day 3
National Football League (NFL) teams do a lot to get ready
for the knew foot ball season that begin each fall. In april,
the league holds a draft where teams pick player’s. Over
the summer, the players practis and train. then starting in
September, each team spends the next 17 week playing
games. The season ends with playoffs and the
championship game. Do you have a favorit football team
you will watch this year.
Day 4
The last week of Setpember is Baned Books Week. The
word banned mean “not alowed.” The weeek was started
in 1982 by judith Krug. She wanted people to know about
books that have been banned by librarys and schools.
Many famus books such at Hairy Potter have been banned.
Week 7- Monday
Edgar Rice Burroughs is born on September 1 1875, in
Chicago, Illinoi. As a seller of pencil sharpener, he was
always looking through magazines to spot adds for his
sharpener's. He read many storys in those magazines as he
look through them. He knew that he could write even
better tails than the ones he read in those magazines!
Some of Burroughs' famous works include Tarzan of the
apes and The Land That Time Forgot.
Day 2
James Forten was born a free black man on September 2
1766. When he was 15 years old, he went to work on a
american warship. The ship was capture and Forten was
taking to England. When he returned to America, Forten
became a sail maker. Soon he bought the companie.
Forten was asked once to take some slaves back to africa.
He would be there leader. He passed up the offer He
wanted to stay in America and work to free the slaves?
Day 3
Sarah Childress was born near murfreesboro, Tenessee, on
September 4 1803 She was born at a time when few girl's
went to school, but Sarah was given the rare gift of an
education. That gift would pay off after she marryd James
K Polk. Sarah and James had no children, so Sarah worked
behind the scenes to help his husband acheve success. In
1845, James became the 11th president of the United
States and Sarah become America's first lady.
Day 4
Labor Day is celebrate each year on the first Monday of
September. The first Labor Day was probably celebrated on
September 5, 1882 when a parade too honor worker's took
place in new York City. Over the next ten years, many states
established Labor Day holidays. Then, in 1894, president
Grover Cleveland made labor day a holiday through out
the land. Did you know that Canada also celebrates Labor
Day on the first Monday in September
Week 8- Monday
On september 7 1533 king Henry VIII and his wife, Anne
Boleyn, welcomed a daugter into the world. Twenty-five
years later, that daughter was crowned Queen Elizabeth I
of england. Elizabeth was a strong and admired queen. Her
mother wasnt so lucky. Not long after Elizabeths birth, King
Henry grew tired of Anne Boleyn and accused her of
cheating on him. Henry had her beheaded. Elevan days
later, Henry married agan.
Day 2
Batter up! One of the gratest baseball players of alltime,
Roger Maris, was born in Minnesota on September 10
1934. One of Maris's bigest accomplish ments hapened in
1961. He hit 61 homeruns that year. He broke a record that
has been set by Babe Ruth in 1927. Maris's record held
until 1998, when slugger Mark McGwire hit 70 home runs.
Maris received the American Leagues MVP award in 1960
and 1961. He dies in 1985.
Day 3
Who set 11 world record's in track and field. Jesse Owens,
an American athlete who was born on September 12, 1913
did that and much more. One day while Jesse was in
college, he broke five world records and tyed another. All
that happened in just 45 minits! In 1936, Jesse competed at
the Olympic Games in berlin, germany. He won for gold
medels there. Jesse were awarded the Medal of Freedom
by president Ford in 1976.
Day 4
When he was discover on September 19 1991, Iceman
wore a coat of grass and shoes made from the skins of
bare and dear. Scientist who examined samples from the
mummy say he is about 5,300 years old. They found signs
of his last meal, which consisted of wheat bred and some
meet, in his stomach Iceman is now on display at South
Tyrol museum of Archaeology in Italy. The exhibit is keep
at a constant temperature of 21 degrees.
Week 9- Monday
You probably reconize Miss Piggy, big bird, and Oscar the
Grouch, but do you know Jim Henson. Henson was the
man behind the Muppets. He is born in Mississippi on
September 24 1936. Henson created the Muppets in 1956.
He one many awards for "Sesame Street" and "The Mupet
Show." Did you know that he was also the voice of Kermit
the frog and Ernie! Henson died unexpectedly in 1990 at
the age of 53.
Day 2
It is now a quiet national historic site, but Central High
school in Little Rock, Arkansaw, was'nt always such a queit
place. In 1957, the school first opened it's doors to black
students'. When nine black students entered Central High
that September, police and U.S. army troops were on hand
to ensure the students safety. The following May, Ernest
Green became the first black person to graduating from
Little Rocks Central High.
Day 3
In September 1846, a german astronomer Johann Galle
became the first to observe the planet Neptune. The eighth
plant, Neptune is named for the roman god of the Sea.
Neptune is about 30 times farther from the sun than planet
earth is. It is also large than our planet. Have you heard
that Neptunes orbit sometimes crosses that of Pluto? That
means there are times when Neptune -- not Pluto -- is the
most distent planet from the sun!
Day 4
The story of Johnny Applesede has become some thing of
a legend. But did you know that their is a real men behind
the Johnny Appleseed myth. John Chapman, who was born
in Massachusetts on September 26, 1774 planted apple
orchards as he traveled west with the setlers. He own 1,200
acres of orchards from Pennsylvania to Illinois. Some
people say Johnny wear no shoes a coffee sack for a shirt
and a tin pan as a hat!

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