English Quiz
제작 : 이재석
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해남여자중학교 교사
1. I am one of the smart animal.
2. I have two long ears but not a
3. I work for people.
4. I pull a cart or give rides to
5. I am cousin of a horse.
1. I am sad because people call me
2. My body is dark yellow in autumn.
3. My flower looks like a big golden
4. My flower is often compared with
a girl who is not pretty in Korea.
5. People make pie or cake with me.
1. I live in ocean.
2. I swim like a fish but sometimes I
have to come out of water.
3. You may think of me as a whale
but I am not.
4. I am a strong marine weapon
destroying ships.
5. Some of my friends are carrying
nuclear missiles in them.
1. I am useful animal for people.
2. I am big but very mild animal.
3. You may drink my milk
4. I help farmers during harvest.
5. I give my flesh to people after
I die.
1. I am the highest authority in
the world.
2. Even a king is under me.
3. I protect your head from cold
weather or hot sun.
4. I am made of cloth.
5. I sit on your head.
hat, cap
1. I am a root of a plant.
2. I am round.
3. I have strong but nice smell
and taste.
4. I am made of many layers.
5. Usually you can find me on
the table of Chinese restaurant.
1. We are twins.
2. Each of us has a round body
and a long leg.
3. We have to work together.
4. When we cover your eyes,
you can see better.
5. We sit on your nose when we
1. Without me human could not
be as smart as they are.
2. I have been teaching humans
3. I have letters and pictures in
4. Students carry me to school.
5. I am made of paper.
My body is metal.
I have two big ears.
I have two long legs.
My legs are very sharp.
I cut clothes or paper with my
< 10 >
1. I am a beautiful girl.
2. I am wearing dress that is fashion.
3. I am standing in the show
4. I am popular with ladies rather
than gentleman.
5. Don't think of marrying me
because I am not a living person
< 11 >
1. I am very strong.
2. I wear a beautiful orange fur
3. I have black stripes on my fur
4. I am living in mountains.
5. I have known as the king of
< 12 >
1. I can mimic your voice or music.
2. I am in your house or in your
3. I have a good memory.
4. I can repeat exactly what you
have said to me.
5. You can store your voice or
music in me for later use.
Record player
< 13 >
1. I have flat top.
2. I have four legs but I can't
3. I have no arms.
4. My body is made of wood.
5. You need me when you eat
< 14 >
1. I am living in your house.
2. I have two arms.
3. I have round face with number
from 1 to 12 on it.
4. You look at me before going to
school or office.
5. I sing tick-tock, tick-tock.
< 15 >
1. I am white.
2. I am very light.
3. You cannot study without me.
4. You can write on me.
5. The books and newspapers
consist of me.
< 16 >
1. I wear a helmet but I am not a
2. I wear an armour but I am not
a knight in medieval age.
4. I push down the enemies who
invade my land.
5. I am a player of a ball game
which is popular in Americans.
< 17 >
1. My body is metal.
2. I have a big hole in my face.
3. I have one long leg.
4. My foot is very sharp.
5. I am making your dress with
my friend, thread.
< 18 >
1. I am as black as a dark night.
2. I am as hot as a fire.
3. I am as sweet as honey.
4. My close friend is as white as
5. You can drink me at your home
or at a tea shop.
< 19 >
1. No one can be smarter than me.
2. No one can beat me in calculating.
3. No one can have a better
memory than me.
4. Do you have any question?
Just press my keyboard.
5. My body is made of a
television set and typewriter.
< 20 >
1. My body is round and flat.
2. I have two or four holes on my body.
3. When you feel hot or cold you
touch me.
4. When you dress or undress
you also touch me.
5. I am attached to your shirt and
< 21 >
1. I have no feet but I can travel.
2. You like me on hot summer
3. You cannot see me, But you
can feel me when I press by you.
4. I can shake the leaves on the
5. I make waves in the sea.
< 22 >
I have five children.
My first son is fat and short.
The rest of my sons are tall.
When I work, I need all of
5. I am a part of your body.
< 23 >
1. I steal something.
2. I hit something with my bat
and run away.
3. I wear a glove.
4. I wear a uniform.
5. I am a player of favorite sport
in Korea.
< 24 >
1. I live in the sea.
2. I have thorns on my back.
3. My body is a turtle but my
head is a dragon.
4. I am the world first invention.
5. My master is the greatest
admiral Yi Sun-sin.
Turtle boat
< 25 >
1. I am a girl.
2. I am wearing a crown but I am
not a princess.
3. My crown is made of white
cloth, not a gold.
4. My uniform is white, too.
5. I am working in a hospital.
< 26 >
I like windy days.
I have no wings but I can fly.
I have ears and a long tail.
I am a good friend to children.
I am made of paper and
bamboo sticks.
< 27 >
1. I have no face.
2. I have no legs and no arms,
either, but I am alive.
3. The color of my round body is
white or light brown.
4. You can eat me fried or boiled.
5. My mother is a hen.
< 28 >
1. I am black and tall.
2. I am a giant with three eyes.
3. My eyes have all different
4. I am standing on a street.
5. People and cars have to follow
my direction.
Traffic light
< 29 >
1. I was born on the first day of a
2. I have twelve children.
3. I only live one year and die.
4. I tell you what day is today.
5. I am made of paper, and hung
on your wall.
< 30 >
I work during the night.
I have a long neck but no face.
I have a bold head.
My bold head is so bright.
Turn the switch on if you want
to have a light.
Electic bulb
< 31 >
I have no mouth but I can talk.
I have no ears but I can hear.
I have numbers on my body.
I let you talk with your friend
without going to her.
5. I let you know when your
friend calls you.
< 32 >
1. I am tall like a basketball
2. I like hot weather very much.
3. I love the sun.
4. So, I am looking up the sun all
day long.
5. I am a flower with golden face
standing in your garden.
< 33 >
1. I have no home to stay.
2. But I like cold winter days.
3. I don't like the warm spring.
4. I was born by children on a
snowy day.
5. I am a white man standing
< 34 >
I was made of clay.
I was dried up with fire.
I have one ear on my body.
You need me to drink water or
5. You can see me in your
< 35 >
1. I have two hands, one hand
and fork.
2. My fork is so expensive that
people want to steal it from me.
3. I live in jungle.
4. I am the heaviest animal on the land.
5. Oh, I have to go. Tarzan is
calling me.
< 36 >
1. Everybody knows me by my name.
2. I tried to find a shortcut to India.
3. I believed the fact that the
earth was round.
4. I made a great discovery for
human history.
5. I discovered the new land,
< 37 >
1. My skin is as rough as a turtle's back.
2.My hair is as sharp as needle point.
3. You can find my name in the
Korean Anthem.
4. I am so handsome that I am
an object in an Oriental painting.
5. I am a tree that lives in every
pine tree
< 38 >
1. I am a prince on the land.
2. I am made of iron.
3. I roll on the ground.
4. I carry a big gun.
5. I am important equipment in
the army.
< 39 >
1. I am light brown now but I was
a green vegetable before.
2. I know that I am harmful for
human's health.
3. People love my smell.
4.They burn me in a pipe or in a piece
of thin paper to make me smell.
5. Children are not allowed to use me.
< 40 >
1. I have no wings but I can fly.
2. Nothing can stand with my
strong punch.
3. I fly to the target what my
master orders me to.
4. I am a flying bomb.
5. some of my friends are armed
with atomic bombs.
< 41 >
1. I sell juice.
2. I store juice under the ground.
3. My customers drink juice
through a hose.
4. My customers drink juice
5. I am a restaurant for cars.
gas station
< 42 >
1. I have keys named "A" through "Z".
2. I also have keys named ”1”
through ”0” and some codes.
3. I can write a letter.
4. I can write faster and prettier
than you.
5. My sound is like a machine
gun, "ta! ta! ta! ...".
< 43 >
1.My country is cold all year round.
2. My country is divided into three states.
3. The north state is the coldest,
the middle is less cold and lowest
state is the least cold.
4. The people in the north state live on meat,
the middle state people on ordinary food and
beverages, and the people of the south state
on only vegetables.
< 44 >
1. I am as round as a full moon.
2. My skin is green with black
stripes on it.
3. My heart, however, is as red
as an apple.
4. You enjoy my sweet juice.
5. I am your favorite summer fruit.
Water melon
< 45 >
1. I can walk.
2. I can jump, too.
3. I can swim.
4. I am afraid of a snake.
5. I am a good hunter catching
flies or bugs with my tongue.
< 46 >
1. I am smart and handsome.
2. You sang about me when you
entered the elementary school.
3. I can run very fast.
4. But I lost in the race with a
5. I am an animal with beautiful
long ears.
< 47 >
1. You may think that a rock
cannot be burned.
2. But I am different. I am a
burning rock.
3. I am black.
4. I came from underground.
5. I am an important energy for
< 48 >
1. Look at my beautiful black
coat. Isn't it nice?
2. I like people so I built my
house in people's home.
3. I am a symbol of the spring season.
4. No animal can travel as fast as I can.
5. I am a bird who gave a prize to
the good Hungboo.
< 49 >
1. I am tall.
2. I have a "U" shaped long neck.
3. I have a bump on my back.
4. Once I traveled along the silk
road between East and West.
5. I have been known as a vessel
of the desert.
< 50 >
1. My name represents power.
2. I have attended all wars in
world history.
3. I give rides to the people.
4. I wear "U" shaped iron shoes.
5. I pull carts or wagons.
< 51 >
1. I show you where the lands
and oceans are.
2. I show you where the
mountains and rivers are.
3. I also tell you where the cities are.
4. I am made of a piece of paper.
5. You need me when you travel
to unfamiliar place to you.
< 52 >
1. I carry a heavy bag.
2. I sneak in your house in the
dark night.
3. When your doors or windows are locked, I
come your house through the chimney.
4. I wear red clothes and a hat.
5. I only visit your home on
Christmas Eve.
Santta Claus
< 53 >
1. I am very honest.
2. I tell you whether you are
pretty or ugly.
3. If you smile at me, I will smile
at you.
4. If you are angry with me, I will
be angry with you too.
5. I am more loved by girls than boys.
< 54 >
1. You need me mostly during
the night.
2. You cannot have a nice sleep
without me.
3. But I don't keep your body warm.
4. I am very soft.
5. I support your head while you
< 55 >
1. I began to live in Korea when
Western culture was introduced.
2. I wear clothes.
3. I am made of plastic or wire.
4. I look like a triangle.
5. Find me in your closet.
< 56 >
1. Are you sad because you are short?
2. I am short but I am a hero in
world history.
3. I conquered almost all Europe
with my armies.
4. I was born in France.
5. The British army defeated me
at Waterloo.
< 57 >
1. I don't understand why do
people call me another Satan.
2. I tried to build the Garden of
Eden on the earth.
3. I had to pluck the weed out of the garden.
4. The Jew was the weed.
5. I sent millions of Jew to the
gas rooms.
< 58 >
1. I have four younger brothers.
2. Among them I am the fattest
and shortest.
3. I am known as the least talented.
4. But I am the strongest among
my brothers.
5. Who am I? Please look at your
< 59 >
1. I can not walk fast.
2. I carry my house wherever I go.
3. But I am not a gypsy or
4. I like rainy days.
5. I live in the grass or trees.
< 60 >
I like night rather than day.
I live in a cave.
I like Sir Dracula.
I am not a bird but I can fly.
Find me in a horror movie.
< 61 >
1. I can make you see while you
close your eyes.
2. I can make you run and fly
while you lie down.
3. I can make you a king or a beggar.
4. I also can make you cry or
shiver with fear.
5. You can get me only when you sleep.
< 62 >
1. Once I was an angel in heaven
according to the Bible.
2. I have no arms and no legs
but I can travel.
3. I am sad because most people hate me.
4. I live on frogs and rats.
5. Be careful My cousin, cobra.
He is very poisonous.
< 63 >
1. I travel between earth and sky.
2. All living creature cannot
survive without me.
3. If I don't come to you, you miss me.
4. If I come to you often, you
don't like me.
5. My mother is the black cloud
in the sky.
< 64 >
1. I live in your house.
2. I share food with you.
3. A thief is my enemy.
4. I have been a friend to
humans for millions of years.
5. I am an animal helping people
in my ways.
< 65 >
1. I can make you sing or cry.
2. I can make you braver than
ever before.
3. I am a magic water.
4. I am light brown.
5. I am made with barley.
< 66 >
1. I am very tall.
2. I stand mostly by the side of the road.
3. My friends and I are standing
in a row.
4. Our mission is to supply you
with energy.
5. The energy what I name is the
Electric pole
< 67 >
1. I am a young man to a noble
2. I fell in love with a girl.
3. Her parents and mind were
4. The end of our love was death.
5. I was created by Shakespeare.
< 68 >
1. I am very clear.
2. You can see outside through me.
3. I am a kind of door but cannot
come through me.
4. You can keep yourself warm or
cool by closing or opening me.
5. I am a part of your house.
< 69 >
1. I have no family.
2. I live alone in a jungle.
3. I protect the nature from the
bad people.
4. I am justice in the jungle.
5. My friends are a chimpanzee
and elephants.
< 70 >
1. I can make you happy or sad.
2. I can make you laugh or cry.
3. I show you the incidents
happening outside.
4. I show you another world while
you sit your room.
5. I am a small movie theater in
your home.
< 71 >
1. People think of me as black,
but I am not.
2. Actually I am dark green.
3. You can find me in your
4. The teacher likes me very much.
5. The teachers write on me with
a white chalk.
< 72 >
1. I am one-eyed creature.
2. But I have good memory.
3. I never forget a person or
scene I have seen.
4. I record the scenes on a
special paper.
5. Don't forget to feed me with
film before you use me.
< 73 >
1. I can stand with my feet.
2. I can leap as you do.
3. I have a tail but you don't.
4. I carry my baby in a pocket of
my body.
5. My hometown is Australia.
< 74 >
1. I am in a city.
2. Many people use me when
they cross the street.
3. I am here because a city has
too many traffic.
4. There are many stores in me.
5. I am a road underground.
underground passage
< 75 >
1. I am a grass even though you
have known me as a tree.
2. I am a ever-green plant.
3. I am a symbol of unchanging
love and spirit.
4. My body is empty inside.
5. You can see me in Oriental
< 76 >
1. My home was land though I
am living in an ocean now.
2. I am in an ocean but I am not a fish.
3. I have my nose on my back.
4. I have to float up to the water
surface to breathe.
5. I am the largest animal in the
< 77 >
1. I have two sets of wings.
2. I have two round and large eyes.
3. When I was a baby, I was a
good swimmer.
4. I dip my tail into the water to
lay my eggs.
5. I eat flies and mosquitos
which are harmful to you.
< 78 >
1. Sometimes I am described as
a gentleman in a comic book.
2. I wear an orange coat with
brown patterns.
3. I am the tallest animal in the world.
4. I am the animal who has the
longest neck.
5. I live on African prairie.
< 79 >
1. I traveled to outer space
earlier than humans.
2. I am known as a smart animal.
3. I can mimic your gesture.
4. I can walk well but I am good
at playing among the trees.
5. Tarzan is my human friend.
< 80 >
1. I am important book to you.
2. You may start to use me when
you enter a middle school.
3. I am a key book for learning
foreign languages.
4. Ask me if you have any question
on vocabularies and idioms.
5. Ask me if you have any
question on pronunciation.
< 81 >
1. I was born in Germany.
2. I devoted all my life to the
3. I lost my hearing ability in later
4. I have been known to the
world as a saint of music.
5. I left my death mask.
< 82 >
1. I twist my whole body when I
2. I am a driver.
3. I am not driving a car.
4. When you fix some furniture or
machines you need me.
5. I drive a screw.
screw driver
< 83 >
1. I am made of steel.
2. I am very sharp and keen.
3. I am a kind of knife.
4. I make gentleman younger
and more handsome.
5. I remove your hair on your
razor blade
< 84 >
1. I work in a dark room.
2. If you want to see me more
clearly, please turn the light off.
3. I can make you feel happy,
sad, excited and angry.
4. My work place is a large room
with many chairs.
5. I am a motion picture.
< 85 >
1. I am round like a full moon.
2. I have cows, vegetables and
tomatoes in me.
3. I was born in America but now
I am popular with young Koreans.
4. I am one of the fast food.
5. You can get me at a western
restaurant or at a snack bar.
< 86 >
1. I am an unhappy prince.
2. People think that I am insane
but that is not true.
3. People say that I have no
courage but that is not true.
4. That's because the enemy I
want to kill is my uncle.
5. I was created by Shakespeare.
< 87 >
Ten plus ten is ten for me.
Ten minus ten is still ten for me.
I am made of yarn or leather.
You need me in cold seasons.
I keep your hands warm.
< 88 >
1. I am from plant juice.
2. I am as white as snow.
3. A fat person should not like me
4. I am known bad to your teeth if
you eat me too much.
5. I am as sweet as honey.
< 89 >
I am stronger than the sun.
But I am afraid of the wind.
Usually I am white.
I travel around world.
I produce the water named rain.
< 90 >
1. Do I like butter? No, I don't.
2. I like honey the most.
3. I am an insect.
4. I have long tube-type mouth.
5. I have the most beautiful
wings in the world.
< 91 >
1. I stand by the roadside.
2. I am a red box.
3. Everybody feeds me but one
in uniform.
4. The man opens me and takes
the food out of my stomach.
5. What do I eat? I live on your
Mail box
< 92 >
1. I have six brothers.
2. I am the oldest among my
3. My cousin and I are red while
my brothers are black or blue.
4. I am a day that you don't have
to go to school.
5. I am a day that you go to the church.
< 93 >
1. I am made of iron or plastic.
2. I run on a track.
3. I can only travel up and down.
4. You let me work when you put
your dress on or take it off.
5. I do a better job than the
buttons on your clothes.
< 94 >
1. You have to take your hat off in
front of me.
2. I command you to sit up or lie down.
3. I put a sharp knife on your neck
and face.
4. But you pay me saying "Thank you".
5. I cut the hair on your head and
< 95 >
1. I have many wives.
2. I am proud of my beautiful tail.
3. I have wings but I cannot fly
4. I tell you the time in early
5. I am a male bird living with you.
< 96 >
1. have a beak but no wings.
2. I nest your pocket.
3. I wear a hat on my head when
I sleep.
4. I wear the hat on my foot
when I work.
5. I write letters for you with my
juice "ink".
fountain pen
< 97 >
1. We are the symbol of bravery.
2. We lost our land to whitemen.
3. We have red skin.
4. We are the real owner of
5. We were there before
Columbus come to this land.
< 98 >
1. I am a good hunter.
2. I don't have gun but only a net.
3. I make my net by myself.
4. The only game I hunt is insects.
5. I am not an insect because I
have eight legs.
< 99 >
1. I look like an umbrella.
2. I had to wait for the airplanes
being invented.
3. I was designed for the pilots
and crews of an airplane.
4. Today people use as a sport, too.
5. I save your life when you jump
from an airplane.
< 100 >
1. I run with my six legs.
2. I am very busy during the rush
3. People are waiting for me in a line.
4. I am a long moving house with
many chairs in me.
5. I like tokens better than money.

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