English Language Centre
In addition to credit-bearing subjects…
English Language Enhancement Programme (ELEP)
• requirements based upon AS level grades
• choice of modules
Centre for Independent Language Learning (CILL)
• drop-in, self-access centre
Speaking Assistance Programme (SAP)
• small-group speaking sessions with a teacher
Writing Assistance Programme (WAP)
• one-to-one help with your writing
English Language Enhancement Programme
• enhance your English in areas of weakness
• develop your English for university study and the
professional workplace
• focus on key areas: e.g. grammar, vocabulary, oral
presentations and report writing
• blended delivery approach: in the classroom, in the CILL
and on the web
• website: http://lep.polyu.edu.hk
• enrolment period: 1-7 September 2010
Centre for Independent Language Learning (CILL)
self-access language learning
help from experienced English teachers
variety of learning materials
GSLPA and IELTS preparation materials
Gold, Silver and Bronze membership scheme
• ELC - Room A305
• Monday to Friday: 8:30 - 20:30
• Saturday: 9:00 - 12:00
Speaking Assistance Programme (SAP)
• small-group speaking practice: 4 to 5 students - 1 teacher
• ELC teacher helps you to:
> decide what, when and how to study
> set learning objectives and select appropriate topics and
• ELC, Room A305
Writing Assistance Programme (WAP)
• one-to-one writing help, e.g. out-of-class writing assignments,
projects, job and scholarship applications
• ELC teacher helps you:
> develop and organise your ideas
> use and cite sources
> learn how to edit and proof-read
• ELC, Room A305
Extra-Curricular Activities
English Club
social club run by students for students
use real English
meet international students
activities include: Big Mouth Corner, study tours and
lots more…
• http://elc.polyu.edu.hk/EnglishClub/
English Drama Club
• gain confidence and learn to communicate more
effectively through drama
• http://elc.polyu.edu.hk/EngDrama/
PolyU International Film Society (PIFS)
• watch a range of international films
• participate in a post-viewing discussion
• http://elc.polyu.edu.hk/PIFS/
Reading Group
• improve your English, enrich your general knowledge
through reading and discussion
• small groups each with one ELC teacher
• http://elc.polyu.edu.hk/ReadGroup/
That’s it for now!

English Language Centre