Campus Edition
Version 3.8
WebCT (Web Course Tools)
• WebCT is the e-Learning platform used by
more than millions of students from over
2,500 universities in more than 80
• User institutions including Stanford,
Cornell, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Brown,
Johns Hopkins, Rice, Carnegie Mellon,
Purdue etc
• over half of top 50 universities in USA are
using WebCT
WebCT users in Hong Kong
All government funded universities in Hong Kong
The Open University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong CyberU
All institutions under Vocational Training Council the Institute of Vocational Education (IVE)
The Caritas Institute for Further and Adult
Civil Services Training and Development Institution
Hong Kong Police
The Hospital Authority
The Housing Authority
Information Technology Services Department
Major Publishers and WebCT
The following publishers are creating web
sites to support users of their textbooks:
Pearson Education, including its Addison Wesley
Longman, Allyn & Bacon, Prentice Hall and Pearson
Professional, Reference and Technology imprints;
Thomson Learning, including its publishing
companies Brooks/Cole, Course Technology, SouthWestern College Publishing, and Wadsworth
Publishing; Archipelago; Bedford, Freeman & Worth
Publishing Group; Cambridge Physics Outlet;
Harcourt College; John Wiley & Sons; McGraw-Hill
Ryerson and W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.
Compliance with IMS Standard
• WebCT provides support for compliance with
IMS standards - the most popular industrial
standard for e-Learning in higher education.
• The IMS Content Migration Utility of WebCT
allows importing or exporting of course content
and assessment information in XML files using
IMS Content Packaging 1.1 and Question & Test
Interoperability 1.1 format.
• It also gives institutions the flexibility of sharing
industrial standard compliant courses created by
publishers or sister institutions.
WebCT in PolyU
• PolyU adopted WebCT as common e-Learning
platform in summer 1999
• More than 1,200 colleagues had attended training
workshops on WebCT
• Over 4,000 web sites have been created on
WebCT server to enhance quality of teaching for
different subjects
• SAO is also using WebCT for online counselling
(weCARE net)
WebCT in PolyU (cont’d)
Information Technology Services Office provides
support in the following areas:
• provision of training workshops for users
• web site creation, fully functional but without
• account management
• integration with administrative systems
• technical support via email and hotline
Email: “ITwebct” via Groupwise (or
Tel: 2766 4948
One Stop Web Shop (MegaWeb)
• A joint effort of ITS, EDC and MIC
• with $4 million from UGC and $2.7 million from
PolyU central funding for recruiting full-time
staff and student helpers to provide multimedia
production and instructional design services for
• Colleagues might contact the following EDC staff
to acquire the service :
Paula Hodgson (Ext: 6297)
On-line Programme Development Unit
• PolyU has allocated 30 million to develop
online version of academic subjects
• The On-line Programme Development Unit
has been established to coordinate this
strategic plan initiative
• 35 projects have received funding for
development in the first round of invitation
for proposals
• Colleagues may contact Mr. Geoffrey
Wong (OPD) for details
Campus Edition Version 3.8
One the server side, the new version supports:
• Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
• Multiple servers clustering to balance loading for
high performance
• Auto failover for automatically switches to a standby
• Single sign-on from myPolyU portal
• Unicode (UTF-8) to display multiple languages on a
single page within a WebCT course
Campus Edition Version 3.8 (con’t)
Designer can now use Assignments Tool to do the
• return corrected assignments
• provide feedback to students
• manually override the grades for assignments in
Manage Students, even if the assignment has
not been submitted.
• For students, the process to submit assignments
has been simplified
Campus Edition Version 3.8 (con’t)
Designers can now use the Quiz Tool to:
• randomize the display of answers to multiple
choice questions.
• set the release of quiz answers to occur when
a quiz's availability period expires.
• manually override the grades for quizzes not
submitted using WebCT
Before students exit a quiz, they are now
reminded about answers they have changed
but not saved
Campus Edition Version 3.8 (con’t)
Designers can now use Student Presentation
Tool to:
• make presentations private, public, or
available at a specified time and date.
• set the default availability for all presentations.
Campus Edition Version 3.8 (con’t)
Support for Web-based Distributed Authoring
and Versioning (WebDAV) protocol:
• Drag-and-drop upload and retrieval of WebCT
course content using WEbDAV
• WebDAV protocol allows designers to rapidly
move content from their desktops into the
WebCT environment.
• Automatically update a web site by using
Dreamweaver, the software from Macromedia
Tranfer a web site from 3.6 SE server
• You may transfer the web site on the Standard
Edition Version 3.6 server to the new Campus
Edition server
• 1. Backup the subject web site on Version 3.6
server into a "zip" file and download to your
• 2. Upload the backup "zip" file to Campus
Edition Version 3.8 server and restore it by the
function "Restore but keep current student list"
Further information
Please visit the following web sites for
further information:
For enquiry, please contact
WebCT Help Desk of
Information Technology Services Office:
Tel: 2766 4948
Email: “ITwebct” via Groupwise or
Thank You
We look forward to
serving you in this
academic year