This article is meant to show the effectiveness
of using high-end, advanced technology to
teach ELL students
The main piece of equipment mentioned is the
interactive whiteboard---or “Smart Board” as
we called it in my highschool
The students will enjoy it more because it is
hands on.
The students will enjoy it more because it is
They will be willing to accept more
responsibility because they will want a chance
to use the board.
It will make the classroom more “learnedcentered” where the teachers and students can
learn together
Empirical evidence was taken and there were
very strong indicators that the students in the
ELL classes who implemented the Smart Board
technology made more significant
improvements than the classes that did not.
The evidence also showed that the disparity
between the ELL students and regular students
in both reading and math classes was

The Digital Learning Classroom: Improving English …