Amy Auker and Elizabeth Riley
Longwood University
Literacy & Culture Program
Just Talk is Cheap: Supporting the English Language
Learning Community
Interviews of ELL teachers, students, and parents in Central Virginia
Most parents…
Most teachers…
Feel like their child is
receiving a quality education.
Most students…
Speak only their first
language at home.
Have a hard time receiving help
from their mothers because
they don’t speak English.
Have the hardest time when
students are reading to learn.
Find science and social studies
are the hardest subjects.
Do not know how to figure out
what the student is
Have good communication
with teachers.
We moved here looking for a
better education and more
opportunities for our children.
Liked when the teacher really
explained difficult concepts.
Sometimes when my dad and I do
homework, I speak Spanish
because he is more comfortable.
Have not received any ELL
I have received no formal training
in ELL and have not been offered
any training in staff development
from my county.
French  Icelandic  Urdu  Afrikaans  German  Spanish  Vietnamese  Khmer  Hindi  Swahili  Chinese  Farsi  Portuguese

Just Talk is Cheap: Supporting the English Language