Scholarship Workshop
Esther Choi, M.Ed
Cerritos College
Re-Entry Resource Specialist
Cerritos College:
The Re-Entry Resource Program
~Education is the Avenue to Change~
The Re-Entry Resource Program
provides students who are
returning to school after a break
in education with the tools and
support they need to successfully
re-enter and thrive in school.
Cerritos College:
The Re-Entry Resource Program
• Mission Statement:
The Re-Entry Resource Program
is committed to helping
students recapture their
dreams by using education as
an avenue to change. We strive
to empower students by
connecting them with the
resources and services they
need to proactively resolve
obstacles and facilitate the
attainment of their
educational and professional
~Our mission statement is
modeled on the Cerritos
College mission to serve the
community by building futures
through learning~
Getting Started
"The self is not something readymade, but something in continuous
formation through choice of action.
~Choose to Act."
• To learn some basic
strategies to complete
all components of a
Workshop Agenda
• Scholarship Search Strategies
• Basic Application Tips
• Resume
• Personal Statement
• Interviews
• Follow-Up
• Personal Experience-Cecilia Morales
Scholarship Search Strategies
• Check the “Scholarships” link on the
Re-Entry website:
• Visit the “Scholarship One-Stop Center” located
in the Re-Entry Resource Center for scholarship
listings, applications, and scholarship tips.
• The Cerritos College Foundation Office awards
six scholarships exclusively to Re-Entry Student
each year. Look for applications in early August
and September.
Scholarship Search Strategies
Cerritos College Re-Entry Scholarships:
Jean O. Michael Scholarship: $1,000 annual award
Deadline-August 19
E. Maude West Scholarship: $500 annual award;
Deadline-September 15
Norwalk Women's Club Scholarship: $500 annual award;
Deadline-September 15
Women's Club of Artesia-Cerritos Scholarship: $500
annual award; Deadline-September 15
Carmen Solis-Pratt Scholarship: $1,000-$1,200 annual
award; Deadline-September 15
Ellen Carver Scholarship
Scholarship Search Strategies:
-Lists on-campus and off-campus scholarships
-Lists scholarships by major
-Scholarship Tips
-Scholarships Links
-Scholarship Directory
Basic Application Tips
Verify deadlines.
Print or type responses in black ink.
Respond to ALL questions.
Provide current contact information.
Highlight your strengths and achievements.
Be specific.
Include a professional resume.
Proofread your application for spelling and
grammar mistakes.
Basic Application Tips
Community Involvement
Financial Need
Educational Goals
Basic Scholarship Tips
• Read eligibility requirements CAREFULLY and
• Keep extra official transcripts.
• Request letters of recommendation at least one
month in advance.
• Make several copies of the application so you
can start fresh if you make mistakes.
• Check spelling and grammar.
• Answer all questions.
• Be concise
• Make at least 2 copies of your application for
your personal file.
Resume 101
Resumes: Powerful Marketing
Summarizes your education and experience,
highlighting most relevant qualifications
• Prepares you mentally to present a strong
and focused interview
• Helps structure the interview in your favor
• Reminds the interviewer of your best points
Before Starting
• Review the requirements (e.g. job description)
of the position you are applying for
• Ensure your resume demonstrates you have the
skills, abilities, and knowledge defined in the job
• Use action words (verbs) before the task you
include for each position
• Include a cover letter to link your skills to those
in the job description
Resume: Step by Step
• Personal Data
– Name, address, phone, and email
• Objective
– Brief and related to the job title
• Educational Information
– Colleges attended, major, degree earned or expected
• Experience
– Full and part-time, internships, and volunteer work
• Skills
– Computer, languages spoken
• Honors and Activities
– College activities, Dean’s list, other academic honors
Resume Layout – Personal
• Name, address, phone, and email
– Professional email address
– Professional voice mail on cell phone
• Tailor header for visual appeal
Lorena N. Ochoa
1250 Bellflower Blvd.
(562) 985-0000
Long Beach, CA 90840
Resume Layout Objective
• Make it specific to the job or general
(especially if passing out multiple resumes)
• Brief, simple, and related to the job title
you are applying for
Objective: Internship in Advertising
Resume Layout – Experience
• Full and part-time, paid/unpaid internships, and
volunteer work
• Reverse chronological order
• Use key “action verbs” from job description;
emphasize achievements while on the job
Academic Advisor (Intern), Center for Student Athlete
12/04 – Present
Services CSULB
 Advise student athletes on college majors and appropriate courses
 Monitor academic progress to insure compliance with NCAA regulations
 Make appropriate referrals to academic and student services
 Consult with career counselor regarding selection of major
Camp Counselor, City of Long Beach, Long Beach, CA
 Directed and participated in activities for campers ages 5 – 11
 Planned and supervised field trips
 Enforced camp rules and regulations
Tutor (Volunteer), Cities and Schools Program, Long Beach
Unified School District
 Tutored high school students in math and English
 Critiqued homework assignments
Summer 2004
9/03 – 6/04
Resume Layout – Special Skills
• Computer skills
• Use proper names for software skills – include
those specific to the profession (e.g.
engineering, computer science, etc.)
• Indicate languages in which you are fluent
Special Skills
Knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet search tools
Fluent in English and Spanish; Conversational French
Resume Layout –
Honors and Activities
• College activities, Scholarships, Dean’s list,
Recognition, Certificates, Leadership roles,
• Include item if it supports your candidacy
for position identified in your objective
Dean’s List
Ronald McDonald Scholarship Recipient
- of the Month Certificate
Organizations Peer Mentor, Cerritos College
Scholars Honors Program Participant
English Tutor, Learning Resource Center
Secretary, Project- Hope
Resume Basic Checklist
• Length & Materials:
• One letter size page preferred (second
page accepted for those with extensive
• 1” margins
• White, cream, light gray paper
• Font & Size Type:
• Arial, Bookman, Helvetica, and Times are
• 10 - 14 point font acceptable (12 point
font suggested)
Resume Do’s
Research the company beforehand
Proofread your resume
Put your name on top of page
Keep your objective simple
Provide a neat and visually
appearing resume
• Use key words as shown on job
• Add volunteer, internships, and
extracurricular work
Resume Do’s
– Have several resumes for different jobs you
are considering
• Market your skills:
– Highlight skills, knowledge, and abilities
– Quantify (e.g. increased sales by 20%)
– Show leadership/organizational skills
Resume Don’ts
• List an objective that has nothing
to do with the job in question
• Make your resumes too long
• Never lie or over exaggerate
• No grammatical errors; no clutter
• State your age, ethnicity, marital
status, sexual orientation, birth
place, etc.
Chronological Resume
• Most commonly used format for
students and recent graduates
• Experience is listed
chronologically beginning with the
most recent position
• Practical for individuals with jobs
in the same field
Personal Statement: Do’s and
• Just Do It!
• Start brainstorming ideas. Focus on gathering
ideas rather than trying to find the perfect
• Create a list of achievements-both academic and
professional (organize them chronologically or
by specific categories).
• Have your resume on hand to refer to.
• Read several sample personal statements to
gather ideas for themes, beginnings, and
• Make sure to answer the prompt/essay topic.
Personal Statement
• Include a descriptions of specific achievements.
• Keep the focus on your but give credit to
resources-Eg: Professors, mentors, family
• Rely on letters for praise
• Create a unique opening paragraph.
• Highlight qualities/skills that you don’t mention
ion your application.
• Don’t criticize others or reveal too many
personal details. Use careful judgment.
• Don’t be vague.
• Don’t begin with “Hello my name is . . .”
Personal Statement
• Have someone else read your paper (preferable a
professors and a trusted friend/family member).
• Ask them if the paper sounds like you. Your
essay should sound natural.
• Set aside your essay for a few days and read in
again with a “fresh” perspective.
• Set aside 2-3 days to prepare for the interview.
• Review your application, resume, and personal
statement prior to the interview.
• Craft some sample responses to commonly
asked questions. Write them out and rehearse
saying them out loud.
• Arrive 10-15 minutes.
• Dress professionally.
• Shake hands firmly and greet everyone you meet
in a professional and friendly manner.
• Smile and sit up straight during the interview.
• Make eye contact with all interviewers.
• Be confident, enthusiastic, and poised.
• Send a handwritten thank-you note to the
scholarship committee.
• Mention specific details from the interview.
• Be gracious, sincere, and brief in your note.
Personal Experience:
Special Guest-Cecilia Morales
• Cecilia Morales is the recipient of
the 2006 Carmen Solis Pratt
scholarship and the Soroptimist
Women’s Opportunity Award.
Contact Information
Thank you for joining us!
For additional help, please contact Esther Choi,
Re-Entry Resource Specialist
Direct Line: 562-860-2451 Ext. 2362
The Re-Entry Resource Center is located in the
Career Center (Administration Building)
• Website:
• Hours of Operation:
Monday 10:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
Tuesday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Good Luck!
We wish you the best of luck in your
scholarship search 

Scholarship Workshop