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Karmanos Cancer Center
Our Patient’s Rights
Understand ‘The Patient Bill of Rights’
 Ensure all staff members are
knowledgeable about our Interpreter
 Understand the Interpreter process
 List our resources for patients needing
communication assistance
The Patient Bill of Rights
‘Our patients have rights’
Informed upon admission to the hospital & at
registration for clinic appointments…
Brochures are available in our 3 most
frequently requested translator languages Arabic, Spanish & Polish
Wall mounted posters are placed at all entrances to KCC, in every Ambulatory Clinic & in
every In-patient Unit
Federal & State Laws
Federal & State Regulatory Agencies mandate
that patients are informed of their rights
It is our responsibility to inform patients and
uphold their rights
Major fines and penalties can result if strict
guidelines are not diligently maintained
The Law
Patients are provided with all
contact information necessary to initiate
a formal complaint to Regulatory
Agencies, in the event they perceive their
rights have been violated.
KCC Policy CLN 001 ~
‘Patient Rights and Responsibilities’ reflects
our commitment to these rights.
Summary of Patient Rights
1. Knowledge & Plan of Care
 Pain management
 Qualifications & identification of all persons
caring for them
 Information on all aspects of care & options for
care …. Their Choice
2. Consent
 Be informed & involved in all decisions
 Refuse treatment with full understanding of
Summary of Rights con’t
3. Dignity & Respect
 Treated the same as others & not denied care
based on race, creed, color, national origin, age,
religion, sexual preference, marital status, sex or
source of payment
4. Confidentiality
 Patient & medical record will be treated
 Request for a confidential admission to KCC will
be honored
Summary of Rights con’t
5. Advance Directive
 A written document providing authorization to
a person to direct all aspects of future care if
the patient can no longer do it.
6. Continued Course of Care
 Discharge planning
7. General Information
 Ask for protective services
 All hospital policies & procedures regarding
complaint resolution
Summary of rights con’t.
8. Complaint Process
 Contact information for Customer Service
Department, Compliance Hotline, and the
State level Regulatory Agencies
9. Medicare Rights
 All decisions that the hospital, MD or plan
make for your care
 Discharge plans
 Second opinion on discharge readiness
Your Responsibility
To know that our patients have rights
To respect and uphold their rights
Location of resources:
 * Brochures in Registration
 * Posted on walls throughout campus
 * Customer Service Department
Interpreter Program
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 – “Title VI”
requires that all healthcare providers offer oral
and written language assistance to limited English
proficiency (LEP) individuals.
Title VI prohibits discrimination based on race,
color or national origin.
The State of Michigan, Office of Civil Rights
mandates that healthcare providers ensure
effective communication for all patients.
LEP individuals are knowledgeable about their rights, and we must
respect our diverse language communities by facilitating effective
Patients are not financially responsible for interpreter services or
communication assistance—this is a free service.
Non-compliance to this law may result in major penalties, loss of federal
funding and costly legal fines.
Our top 2 language requests are Spanish & Arabic.
Certified interpreters and translations services
must be provided to Non-English or LEP
patients and their families.
Sign language interpreters for deaf patients and
the hearing impaired must also be
Hard of hearing individuals must be supported
with the proper resources.
Visually impaired patients must be
supported with appropriate resources
Resources & Support
It is our responsibility to assess patients’
language needs – providing support and
resources to ensure effective communication.
It is the law & every team member must be able
to initiate the process assuring language is
presented in an understandable manner.
Assessment is key
It is our responsibility to assess the patient’s
understanding of English, and if there is a deficiency,
immediate support must be provided.
When a KCC staff member recognizes the need for an
interpreter, a 3-step assessment takes place:
What type of interpreter service is needed
When the interpreter service needs to be provided
Who should be present during the scheduled
interpreter session
Tele-Interpreters 1st
Tele-Interpreters should be the first choice for interpreter support.
Virtual Interpreter Services are also available as needed in many of
our Outpatient Clinics and may be initiated to support LEP
Spanish & Arabic languages are available
‘on demand’ via clinic based mobile laptop
computers. Other languages can be
pre-scheduled for patient’s appointment.
Tele-Interpreters is a telephone service that provides access to over
150 languages in minutes
Just call 1-800-822-5552 * enter Client #14086
Conference telephone are available to facilitate
multiple participants conversing thru the Interpreter. Refer to Policy
ADM 304
Face to Face Interpretation
There may be specific individuals or circumstances require
face to face interpreter services.
This may include: explanation of surgical procedures, initial
appointments in Radiology Oncology or the Infusion
Center, special procedures, or upon Physician request.
Discharge instructions should always have a face to face
interpreter to ensure understanding of plan and optimize
Discharge teaching may be done
throughout the patient’s entire hospitalization,
and validated during the final discharge phase with a face
to face interpreter.
Face to Face Interpretation
The process to request a face to face interpreter
1. Determine the time, place and persons that
should be present for this scheduled meeting.
(a 24 hour advance notice is required.)
2. Complete an ‘Request for Interpreter ‘Form –
located in Policy ADM 304
3. Fax completed form to Customer Service
Department @ 576-8268
Interpreter Request Form
Interpreter Request Form
Monday to Friday, 0800 to 1700
Email form to &
(All requests must be emailed to BOTH email address’s)
(Please provide 24 hours notice)
Today’s Date: ________________________
[ ] Sign Language
[ ] Other Language (specify) _________________
Patient’s Name (please print):_________________________________________________________
Patient’s Date of Birth: _______________________________________________________________
Requested Service Date: ___________________________ Time of Service: __________________
Name of Clinic/Area of Service:_________________________________________________________
KCC Employee Requesting Service & Phone Number: ______________________________________
Will be Completed after Services are Confirmed
Confirmation of Services will be sent back to Requester
Name of Interpreter:_________________________________________________________________
Scheduled Start Time:_______________________________________________________________
Confirmed By:_________________________________________ Date/Time:___________________
Monday to Friday, 0800 to 1600
Fax form to: Customer Service Department @ 576-8268
Vital Documents
Numerous ‘vital documents’ have been translated
into our 2 most frequently requested
languages – Arabic & Spanish
These are:
1. General Consent … Available in Braille
2. Consent for Surgery, Anesthesia, Invasive
and/or Diagnostic Procedures …Available in Braille
3. Complaint Forms
4. Waiver of Rights
Vital Documents
The ‘Waiver of Rights’ document gives our
patients the right to refuse the use of our
interpreters. There may be specific
patients that do not want this service,
and they have the right to refuse.
In this case, we must obtain their signature
of the ‘Waiver of Rights’ indicating that
it was their decision not to have the
interpreter support we offered to them.
Waiver of Rights
Waiver of Rights
Acknowledgement of Risk and Refusal of Interpreter Services
Patient Name: __________________ Patient ID: ____________________________
Karmanos Cancer Center has a commitment to ensure all patients
understand the language being spoken during their experience at our center. All
Limited English Proficiency (LEP) individuals have the federal right to language
assistance. We provide free interpreter services to assist all patients in effective
An individual may choose to have a friend or relative interpret for them
instead of the interpreter service provided by the Karmanos Cancer Center. If an
individual chooses to voluntarily use their own interpreter, our center waives the
right to ensure your understanding of the communications.
By signing this form below, I hereby acknowledge and assume the risks
associated with refusing the assistance of qualified medical interpreters offered
free of charge at the Karmanos Cancer Center. This waiver has been orally
explained to you by a Karmanos Cancer Center representative proficient in the
patient’s own language, and your signature indicates full acknowledgement of
your refusal of this service and the risks taken by not accepting our interpreter
Patient’s Signature:____________________________ Date: __________________
Vital Documents
These ‘vital documents’ are available on all
units and clinics. Brail documents are
available in the Customer Service
If additional support or resources are
needed to assist with the use of these
documents – please call the Customer
Service Department @ 576-9286
Title VI mandates that in healthcare settings, LEP
receive medical information through a Certified
Medical Interpreter.
A staff member that indicates they are proficient in
another language cannot be utilized for important
medical information interpretation – they must be
Certified as a Medical Interpreter.
There is a medical certification examination that can be
Interested candidates can call the Customer Service
Department for more information.
Tele-Interpreters ~ 24 hour availability to over 150 languages.
Virtual Interpreter Services available in several Outpatient Clinics
Face to face interpreters ~ through external agencies or by staff
members that have obtained certification as a medical interpreter.
Translated vital documents into the LEP's first language, including
Telecommunication device for the deaf (TDD)
Amplified phone handsets for hearing impaired patients
Picture boards, write on/ wipe off slates,
Multi-language Pain Scale
Resources for the Visually Impaired
Karmanos is committed to meeting the
communication needs of all our patients.
 Visually Impaired Patients may request that
additional medical documents be translated
into Braille. There is about a 5 day turnaround-time on this service.
 This is a free, off-site service, conducted at the
patient’s request.
Your Responsibility
Policy ADM 304: Translator/Interpreter Policy outlines
our commitment to effective
communication with LEP,
deaf and hard of hearing individuals.
It is every team members responsibility to assess
our patients for their language skills,
identify gaps and support them with the
resources to ensure effective communication.
Patient Bill of Rights, Bill of 2001,United
States Congress
 State of Michigan, Patient Rights and
 Civil Rights Act of 1964, United Stated
Federal Legislation
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Respecting Patient Rights - Karmanos Cancer Institute