Begin to Understand
Qur’an & Salah
The Easy Way
Basic Course
Lesson - 10
Lesson Plan
Motivational tip
- Al-Ikhlas
- Imperfect Tense
- book of
`Abdullah bin `Umar bin Al-Khattab (May Allah be pleased with
them) reported that
The Prophet (PBUH) said,
"Allah accepts a slave's repentance as
long as the latter is not on his death bed
(that is, before the soul of the dying
person reaches the throat)".
[At-Tirmidhi, who categorised it as Hadith Hasan].
Surah Al-Ikhlas
Open your notes &
Take out your pencil
Let us study it verse by verse.
Keep looking at your notes for
writing imp. Points…
‫هللا الرَّ حْ م ِن الرَّ ِح ِمم‬
‫ِبسْ ِم ِ‬
‫هللا ُ‬
‫أحد )‪(1‬‬
‫]‪[who is‬‬
(2) ‫الصمد‬
ُ ‫اهلل‬
the Self-Sufficient
َ‫الصَّ َم َّد‬
He needs
no one
Every one
needs Him
(3) ‫يولد‬
ْ‫لم ي ِلد‬
He did not
is He born and nor
give birth
No, no
No, no
Did not
Will not
begets, gives birth;
(active voice)
He did not give birth;
one who is given birth
(passive voice)
He is not born/ begotten
:‫ي ِلد‬
:‫لم يْ ِلد‬
:‫لم يولد‬
(4) ‫أحد‬
ً‫ُك ُفوا‬
‫و لم ي ْكن‬
(there) is
Two meanings of ‫حد‬
َ ‫أ‬
ََ ُ
Allah is one and only َّ‫هللا أحد‬
ٌْ‫ولم ي ُكن َّله ُك ُف ًوا أحد‬
Recite it in Salah…
Not because it is a small Surah
But because it has lot of virtues
 is 1/3 rd of the Qur’an
 Prescribed in important Salahs (In the
Sunnah of Fajr, Last Rakah of Witr; Salahs
after wearing Ihram; After Tawaaf; etc.)
‫إِال َّ هللا‬
‫ال َ إل َه‬
Negating any
with false
Why called Ikhlaas?
 If
we understand it and believe in
Allah as described in this Surah, our
faith will be purified. Ikhlaas means
 4 Criteria in 4 verses to use for
anyone who claims to be ‘God’. If
they are not met, he can not be God.
Recite it with Love
Hadith: There was a companion (R) who
used to recite this Surah in every Raka’ah.
When the Prophet pbuh asked him about
this, he said that he loves this Surah. At
this the Prophet pbuh said: You love of
this Surah has entered you the Paradise.
How can we develop this love?
If one of your near or dear ones is AN
will surely love to mention it to everyone!!!
 Won’t you then love to mention again and again
who ‘my Allah’ is! Be happy to the maximum to
How Great He is to whom I worship!!!
How unique He is – the one who created me
How powerful is the one who regularly takes care of
And of course recite to Allah Himself!!!
Bringing Verse No 1 into life!
Convey the Tawheed to
humanity; the main
message of all the Prophets
Know about the Greatness
of Allah! Ponder His
creations. Develop His
O Allah! Help me to
worship and obey You
How many times do I obey
my desire and the Shaitaan?
Silent Study for 2 min.
in Silence
Use your pencil to mark or
underline new words.
And now translate…
‫ُ َُ ْ َ‬
‫سورۃ اإلخالص‬
‫و الله أحد {‪ }1‬الله الصَّمد {‪}2‬‬
‫قل ه َّ‬
‫َ ْ َ ْ ََ ْ ُ َ‬
‫د {‪}3‬‬
‫لم ي ِلد ول َّم يول َّ‬
‫‪ََ ُ ُ ،‬‬
‫ََ ْ َ ُ‬
‫وا أحد {‪}4‬‬
‫ولم يكن له كف َّ‬
– ‫قواعد‬
Let us Revise
the last class
Perfect Tense ‫ف ِْعل َماضِ ي‬
He did
They did
Almost 5000 words
have come in the
Qur’an on this pattern
You did
You all did
I did
We did
ََ َ‫فَع‬
َ َ‫فَعَل‬
‫ وا تْ تمْ ت نا‬-ُ َْ
Today’s Lesson
Arabic has only Two Tenses
(That is easier than other languages!!!)
‫اض ي‬
ِ ‫ ِفعل م‬: That which is done
Perfect tense
‫ ِفعل مض ِارع‬: That which is not done yet.
Imperfect tense
- It is being done
- Or will be done
Imperfect Tense ‫ارع‬
َ ‫ُم‬
ِ ‫ض‬
Almost 5000 words
have come in the Qur’an
on these patterns
‫ف ِْعل‬
‫يَف ََع َل‬
They do َ
َ ‫يَف ََعلو‬
You do
َ‫تَ ف ََعل‬
You all do َ
َ ‫تَ ف ََعلو‬
I do
َ‫أَف ََعل‬
We do
َ‫نَف ََعل‬
He does
Almost 10,000 words
have come in the Qur’an
on these patterns
When practicing in
Arabic, say it as if you
are talking to Arabs
‫يَف َع َل‬
ََ ‫يَف َعلَو‬
َ‫تَ ف ََعل‬
ََ ‫تَ ف َعلَو‬
َ‫أَف َعل‬
َ‫نَف َعل‬
ْ‫يْ تْ أْ ن‬
َ ‫فَعَل‬
‫فَعَلَت َم‬
‫وا تْ تمْ ت نا‬-
Why are planes flying?
If you are standing near the middle of an
You can see only the ending part of the plane
that has gone. Similarly for past tense (‫)ماضي‬, the
ending part changes.
You see only the front part of the plane that is
coming. Similarly for the present tense(‫ )مضارع‬and
future tenses, the beginning part changes.
Learning tip
Use your pen
(and all resources)
ََْ َ َ
‫ال ِذي عل َّم َِّبالَل ِ َّم‬
by the pen
the one who
Use Your Pen
ALLAH says it that He taught it by Pen.
 Pray to Allah that He helps you to use
your pen /hand to learn Qur’an!
 And then pick up a pen and use it (fill up
worksheets; write down the meanings in
margins; prepare word lists etc.).
 If you pick up a pen, you need a note
book too. So, maintain notebooks, files,
etc. for Qur’an.
Remember Dua
7 Home Works
5 Min Study at the Start of the Day
5 Min Recitation without Translation
5 Min Recitation from Memory
30 seconds study @ 5 times (preferably before or
after Salah) from the pocket book/POSTERS
1 Min Discussion about the lesson with someone
Recite different Surahs in the Salah
Listen to the Cassettes
Pray to Allah after almost every Salah that Allah give
you & your friends to continue this work.
Be ready for the next lesson!
Allah has chosen you to learn Qur’an this
Ramadan. Thank Him & don’t reject his
selection by walking away!
Don’t give up!
َ ‫ُس ْب َح‬
َ‫ح ْمدك‬
َ‫ان هللا َوب َح ْمده ُس َّْب َح َانك‬
ََّ ‫اللهم َوب‬
َِ ِ َ ِ َ
َِ ِ
ْ َ
ََ َ ُ ْ َ ْ َ َ ْ
َّ ‫ت نستغ ِفرك ون َّتوب ِإلي‬
َّ ‫نشهد أن ال ِإله ِإال أن‬

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