What is GTI?
Created in January 16th 2001, by Resolution 10/2001of the
Minister of Computing and Communications of the Republic of
Cuba, the Information Technologies Group (GTI) is an state
economic organization, with independent legal personality and a
patrimony of its own.
Its Main Missions are:
 To take part actively in the program for computerizing the
Cuban society.
 To produce and commercialize both, at national and
international level, projects associated to Computing,
Automation, Telematics and Connectivity, as well as, products
and services related with them.
GTI’s Entrepreneurial System:
 National coverage:
GTI’s direct, supervise, evaluate and control the 24 enterprises
subordinated to it, and represent and acts on behalf of them at national
and international level.
GTI’s companies are located all around Cuba, at least one in each
province, and some of them have delegations in the most important
municipalities, thus becoming one of the biggest chain of distribution of
products and IT services in our country.
More than 15 years of sustained work
More than 4,000 employees
More than 2,500 with University Certificate
2001 Annual sales: 69,9 MMP
Area: Computing and related services:
Marketing of already-made applications
 Development of information / control systems and applications
 Programming services
 Specialized technical services to SW
 Technical services for digital publishing
 Data Capture and Data Processing
 Representation of foreign SW
 Design & Visual Communication
 Information security
Area: Automation:
 Development of projects. High experience
in energy saving; power efficiency; sugar
mills, rum and tobacco factories, among others.
 Design, installation and assembling of
control boards:
 Qualified high-technology technical
services: develop of SCADA systems,
industrial communication networks, etc
 Specialized technical services for automation
and control equipment
 Representation of products for automation
Area: Specialized technical services for HW:
• Assembling
• Commercialization
• Technical services
Computers and related equipment
Office equipment
Amusement equipment
Communication equipment
Air-conditioning and refrigeration systems
Electro domestic appliances
GTI’s Business Statement:
GTI is interested in doing mutually
beneficial business with national or
international, governmental or nongovernmental, companies and entities,
thus increasing the commercial
relationship between our countries
General Business Lines Offered:
 Technical and professional high-level skilled personnel
capable of undertaking integral projects and rendering
IT specialized services as: consulting and advisory
activities; modification / fitting of SW already made;
project management / administration; local representation
of foreign SW in Cuba or third countries, among others
 Programming services either for INTERNET and for
using different operating systems and programming
languages, either in Cuba or abroad
General Business Lines Offered:
Sale / Commercialization of already made
mainly for the medicine sector
 Investing possibilities in Cuba
for the development / commercialization /
introduction of new products and specialized
GTI is seeking for:
Companies interested in:
Contracting our services
Buying our products (end-users)
Distributing / commercialize our products
Financing Projects development
(either for the national market or for
third countries)
 Investing in Cuba
Ave 5ta A No. 4417 e/ 44 y 60, Miramar, Playa
Ciudad de La Habana
Phones: (537) 204-5630, 204-5631, 202-4124, 202-1463
Fax: (537) 204-3617
Web: www.gti.cu
E-mail: presidencia@gti.cu ; gti@gti.cu