El Nacimiento De Jose Marti
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About Jose Marti
• José Marti was a Cuban poet, journalist, freedom fighter
and revolutionary philosopher born in Havana in 1853.
• He became a national Cuban hero in the struggle for
independence against the Spanish Empire. Marti died in
a military operation in 1895.
• José Marti is one of the great Latin American
intellectuals, he wrote many poems, essays and
newspaper articles.
• Well known is his poem that later became the lyrics for
the song "Guantanamera". Marti is honored as a hero
and national hero in Cuba, every city and village has its
Marti street, square or statue.
Cubans Only!
• El nacimiento de Jose
Marti is a holiday
mainly celebrated by
Cubans since he played
an important part in the
independence to Cuba
from Spain.
• he is known as the
“Apostle” of Cuba
Donde Esta Fiesta???
• Although there is no set place
for celebrating Jose Marti
Cubans everywhere will show
their respect to the man that
drove them to independence
from Spain.
• Many Cubans will just normally
pay their respects to one of his
many statues placed all over
the world ( such as the one
shown here in New York) some
will head to the Jose Marti
airport to celebrate.
Facts about Marti
• Marti was born in Havana, Cuba to Spanish parents .
• At age 16 wrote about the tens years war and opposed Spanish rule
in cuba, he was convicted of treason and sedition sentenced to 6
years of labor his sentenced did get reduced however he was exiled
to Spain.
• He then studied law then traveled to Mexico where he met up with
his family he then married and returned to cuba but was then
accused of conspiring with other to over throw the Spanish
government and was exiled again but he didn’t stay long he moved
to New York City where he worked as a very important foreign
• After a failed attempt to make their way back to cuba and a year of
re- planning Jose and a handful of exiles led by military strategists
Maximo Gomez and Antonio Maceo Grajales
• Marti didn’t last very long he was killed in one of the early
confrontations of the uprising cuba would not be free of spain till
after the Spanish – American War of 1898.
El memorial de Jose Marti
of Jose
Marti is 18
meter high
(59 feet)
statue of
him in
The Building behind
the monument is the
Jose Marti museum the
museum is dedicated
to the life of the cuban
National Hero and
exhibits photos, letters,
and documents it is
139 meters ( 456 feet)
In His Honor
• The festivities of El
nacimiento de Jose Marti
began on his day of birth
January 28th they arrange
from locations all over cuba
many Cubans will throw
parties and parades in his
honor with games and food
from all over cuba.
• Other places will celebrate his
ideas by treating him as a
military hero complete with
the 21 one gun salute as they
fire in the sky looking over
the Cuban sea.
He was a poet and you didn’t know it
• Jose Marti was many
things a scholar,
freedom fighter,
journalist, and
revolutionary thinker
but he also was a well
accomplished poet to
the right is one of his
famous verses from the
volume Versos Libros.
• “Cultivo una rosa
blanca, En Julio como
Enero para el amigo
sincero Que me da su
mano franca. Y para el
cruel que me arranca El
corazon con que vivio,
Cardo ni orgula cultivo,
Cultivo la rosa blanca”.
Who do we have?
• The only person that can come close to being
the incarnate of this man is Dr. Martin Luther
King Jr he was the fire under the belly of the
Civil Rights movement his dream was to be
free of segregation while Jose’s dream was to
be free of Spanish rule and let cuba be
independent while their tactics may have
been different they both suffered and lost
their life's defending what they believed in.
• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sTSpr7lv
• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl9XO7G
Franca - Frankly
Arranca - Tears
Cultivo - I cultivate
Libertad - Freedom
Palmas - Palm trees
Rebelde – Rebel
Ejercito – Army
Exilio - Exile
Mas Volcabulario
Cadena – Chains
Poeta – Poet
Honra – Honor
Nacimiento – Birth
Heroe – Hero
Independencia – Independence
Viente Uno Canonazos – 21 Gun Salute
Las Preguntas
1. What would happen if you decided to go against your
own government in todays time?
2. What would you have done differently if put in the
situation Jose Marti was in?
3. What figure in American history was similar to Jose
Marti to you?
4. At age 16 Jose was forced into Exile from his beloved
country what would you do if you were exiled?
5. Jose Marti died in battle and is remembered for his
passion against spanish oppression what would you
like to be remembered for when you die?
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