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Marked Assessments for Logic
Constructs in Level 1 Computing
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Presentation Summary
Project Aims and Background
The Quizzes
Logical OR Analyses
Results and Student Views
Project Aims - summary
• Support students in their understanding of new and
difficult parts of M150 (in effect, Block 2)
• Confirm understanding prior to tma feedback
• Investigate extension to other computing courses
• Through better understanding, aid retention
• Students find getting to grips with programming difficult
• This leads to frustration and dropping out of M150 (and
therefore further computing courses)
Background - TMA02/03 Marks
On-Line Quizzes
• 6 Quizzes on 2008J and 2009B
Structured English
Conditions, truth and trace tables
Basic JavaScript
Selection - the if statement
Repetition - the while statement
Repetition - the for statement
Results following are from 2008J up to March
Example Question Quiz 4 Q2
• 71% correct at 1st attempt
• Only 4% wrong after 3rd
Note Feedback after
1st attempt
After 2nd attempt the
correct answers
remain, so student
concentrates on
incorrect answer(s)
Logical OR
CP5D A person with body temperature outside the range 35oC to 37oC is
viewed as requiring medical attention. Within this range the temperature
is considered normal. Write a compound condition that evaluates to
true for requiring medical attention, using temp for temperature (in oC)
(temp < 35) OR (temp > 37)
• 24% correct 1st attempt and 43% after 3rd attempt
• Some learning as earlier logical AND only 29% after 3rd attempt
Analysis of OR
(temp < 35) OR (temp > 37)
AND and
or ||
12 2
• 70% correct in principle with 56% absolutely correct
• 28% incorrectly go for AND etc
•12% of responses included unit (g mm nm oC)
Again an improvement on earlier logical AND question where 62%
and 19% are comparative results
No improvement in omitting unit (10% in logical AND) and no
difference between unit depending on familiarity or difficulty
Comparison Operator Analysis
The 5 variants are :
(age<17) OR (age>=60)
(mass<53) OR (mass>=63)
(len<=219) OR (len>=221)
(WL<=400) OR (WL>=700)
(temp<35) OR (temp>37)
• 49% chose < when correct but only 14% chose <= when correct
• 69% chose > when correct but only 28% chose >= when correct
• Some 3% chose =< and/or =>
Interpreting boundary value operators (and values) creates an
issue when having to apply from text –
“with body temperature outside the range 35oC to 37oC”
JavaScript Logical OR Example
SY6D A shop waives address evidence on credit card sales when
the customer's status is that of existing customer or when the
purchase amount is under £40.
In the following compound statement expressing this situation drag
in the symbols required.
< <= = == > >= != AND OR & && ||
( amount
40 )
( status
'existing' )
( amount < 40 ) || ( status == 'existing' )
Note that in JavaScript (as in other programming languages) many
symbols differ from the pseudocode symbols eg || for OR and == for =
JavaScript Logical OR Conclusions
This was the last question in this JavaScript quiz and all JavaScript
symbols had featured in earlier questions
• 74% chose “OR” with 65% correct with || and 4% with ¦¦
• not a great improvement on 70% earlier
• 25% chose && (and)
• thus virtually everyone used a logical operator
• < selected by 94%
• == correctly selected by 71% but 22% selected = which is the
assignment operator
Are the Quizzes valuable for
• Student Feedback says yes
• Many students attempted more than once
– Quiz 2: 304 attempts by 211 students
– Quiz 4: 195 attempts by 171 students
• As indicated there is improvement as students progress
through question tries and through quizzes
• Ultimate proof in retention and throughput to further
computing courses
Student Responses – Pilot 1
• 96% of students found the quiz enjoyable
• 91% found the quiz useful
• The majority of students didn’t suggest improvements or
make any other comment, however some useful
suggestions and observations were made and one or
two errors were identified
Student Views – feedback sample
• makes it clear where to use capitals and put spaces in compound
• Excellent
• ..quite short, but long enough to see if I had principles sorted
• Very useful especially with the trace tables
• It seemed to work very well
• Question 7 does not work
• Make question 3 less ambiguous
• Should include more difficult questions – stage 1 and stage 2
• Questions about repetition and selection could be less ambiguous
if construct – Q2 cont
if constructs – Q3
•75% of responses correct
at 1st attempt
• 3% wrong after 3rd
The majority of the
errors were at the
boundary, as here,
though several
students reversed
After a 2nd attempt, the correct answers were retained, as shown, for
the final attempt.
if constructs – Q6
On 1st attempt the number of wrong answers is given along with a
reminder of the OR (||) operator's effect. The 2nd attempt has feedback as
above and the 3rd attempt starts with all the correct responses retained.
A Vision for Student
“Pod” +
Ppt (IC)
Tutor Advice

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